A Braque Du Bourbonnaise on a Kuranda Bed
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Braque Du Bourbonnais Dog Beds

Braque Du Bourbonnaise’ are a naturally skilled gun dog and companion; reward them with a Kuranda dog bed. The raised feature keeps them from lying directly on the ground, which will cause elbow and knee calluses and possibly hip dysplasia. The Braque Du Bourbonnaise is a dog that spends a lot of time outdoors whether it’s hunting or playing, so why not reward this active dog with a sturdy, comfortable refuge? The Vinyl Weave fabric for the Kuranda dog bed is perfect for keeping the conditions consistent for the Braque Du Bourbonnaise, a truly elegant hunting companion.

Which Kuranda bed is best for my Braque Du Bourbonnais?

Standard Dog Bed

$58.95 - $134.95

Aluminum Dog Bed

$104.95 - $164.95

Warranty 1 year warranty 1 year warranty
Application Home Use Home or Kennel
Durability Years of home use Lasts a lifetime in a kennel
Indoor Use
Outdoor Use Yes, with Almond frame. Will not rust. Will not rust.
Chew proof? Better Best
For aggressive chewers
Weight Capacity Up to 125 lbs. Up to 250 lbs.
Sleep Easy? If your dog doesn't love it,
return it for a full refund!
If your dog doesn't love it,
return it for a full refund!
Build my Standard Bed Build my Aluminum Bed

What Braque Du Bourbonnais owners say about Kuranda Beds:

I'm a Braque owner... Very nice design, great for keeping the dogs comfortable and off the concrete floors. Braque Du Borbonnias
Northern Colorado

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Braque Du Bourbonnais Dog Beds
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Your dog sleeps better with Kuranda's firm even support
Other beds are not supportive. Pressure points make joints sore.
Kuranda beds keep your dog cozy and comfy off the cold or hot floor.
Your dog will be healthy and happy with a Kuranda bed that’s easy for you to clean
Add a machine washable fleece pad for extra coziness
Patented Kuranda rails and corners keep your dog from chewing the fabric
Don't let this happen to you!