Belgian Sheep Dog Dog Beds

Find a Kuranda Bed sized for your Belgian Sheep Dog today; they will have a comfortable spot to relax indoors or out. Off the ground build gives your dog firm, orthopedic support while remaining much easier to clean compared to inferior cushion beds.

What Belgian Sheep Dog owners say about Kuranda Beds:

Stands up to a 70 pound Malinois!!

I am the owner of a 1 1/2 year old Belgian Malinois who is incredibly energetic. She has literally destroyed the previous five beds we have purchased for her. I discovered Kuranda beds at her boarding kennel, and the vet said she did not chew on the bed nor did she ever tear one to pieces! This was her Christmas present this year, and it is still in 100% condition!! She has intently studied the bed, and now does not hesitate to hop onto it to play, or to sleep.

Bella's Daddy
Brunswick, Georgia

Best bed EVER!!!

Honestly, the Kuranda bed exceeded my expectations. I have a year old Belgian Malinois and she absolutely loves her bed. Any other bed I have purchased she had destroyed in a matter of minutes. She has not even attempted to chew or bite at her Kuranda bed at all. As for me, I love that it is easy to clean and durable. I would recommend this bed to any pet owner.

Zyla's Mom
Summerville, SC

What size Kuranda bed should I get for my Belgian Sheep Dog?

We recommend:
44 x 27 X-Large

Which Kuranda bed is best for my Belgian Sheep Dog?

Warranty 1 year warranty 1 year warranty
Application Home Use Home or Kennel
Durability Years of home use Lasts a lifetime
Indoor Use
Indoor Use
Outdoor Use
Outdoor Use Yes, with Almond frame. Will not rust. Yes, Will not rust.
Chew proof?
Chew proof? Better Best
For aggressive chewers
Weight Capacity
Weight Capacity Up to 100 lbs. Up to 250 lbs.
Sleep Easy?
Sleep Easy? If your dog doesn't love it,
return it for a full refund!
If your dog doesn't love it,
return it for a full refund!
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