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Australian Shepherd Dog Beds

This remarkably intelligent dog will absolutely appreciate a comfortable place to rest after a long day of herding you, your kids, your other pets or just about anything else. Giving your Australian Shepherd an elevated Kuranda bed will provide them with a safe, sturdy, orthopedic place to hang out and snooze.

What Australian Shepherd owners say about Kuranda Beds:

If you want the best, buy a Kuranda!

We have four Kuranda beds. We have 3 Aussies and 1 Great Pyr. The most significant fact is that our 13 year old Aussie with hip dysplasia, is now running around like a 2 year old! Using the Kuranda has given him the comfort and support he needs to improve his quality of life. The beds are easy to maintain, durable and made with unsurpassed quality and workmanship. More importantly our dogs love them. Additionally, the Kuranda beds have proven to be quite economical for us. We used to buy new foam beds every few months (only the covers could be washed, but not the foam, itself), however, the Kuranda beds are very easy to keep clean and fresh and are seemingly indestructible!

Brad & Nan
San Antonio, TX

The only puppy proof bed I could find.

I bought this bed because my Aussie puppy (now 10 months old) chews everything and had destroyed all other beds offered her. She likes the bed but has not been able to do it any serious harm despite her attempts.

Keene, NH

Great bed for Hampton

Our 5 month old Aussie Shepherd\Lab is a pretty devoted chewer. This bed has been great. Not only is the structure of the bed withstanding his chewing, but the cover purchased has also been durable. The cover is also very easy to clean.

Fort Wayne, Indiana

What size Kuranda bed should I get for my Australian Shepherd?

We recommend:
35 x 23 Medium
40 x 25 Large

Which Kuranda bed is best for my Australian Shepherd?

Warranty 1 year warranty 1 year warranty
Application Home Use Home or Kennel
Durability Years of home use Lasts a lifetime
Indoor Use
Indoor Use Yes Yes
Outdoor Use
Outdoor Use Yes, with Almond frame. Will not rust. Yes, Will not rust.
Chew proof?
Chew proof? Better Best
For aggressive chewers
Weight Capacity
Weight Capacity Up to 100 lbs. Up to 250 lbs.
Sleep Easy?
Sleep Easy? If your dog doesn't love it,
return it for a full refund!
If your dog doesn't love it,
return it for a full refund!
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