American Bulldog Dog Beds

American Bulldog

Kuranda Dog Beds suit American Bulldog’s energetic and bouncy personality beautifully because of our highly durable fabric and frame styles. These indestructible dog beds can withstand quite a beating for many years and are very easy to clean, keeping them attractive indoors and out. The elevated feature keeps your American Bulldog from laying directly on the hard ground, allowing for a long, comfortable, and happy life.

Which Kuranda bed is best for my American Bulldog?

Standard Dog Bed

$64.95 - $129.95 4.73 2764 Reviews.
Average 4.73 out of 5.

Aluminum Dog Bed

$104.95 - $169.95 4.75 1388 Reviews.
Average 4.75 out of 5.
Warranty 1 year warranty 1 year warranty
Application Home Use Home or Kennel
Durability Years of home use Lasts a lifetime in a kennel
Indoor Use
Outdoor Use Yes, with Almond frame. Will not rust. Will not rust.
Chew proof? Better Best
For aggressive chewers
Weight Capacity Up to 100 lbs. Up to 250 lbs.
Sleep Easy? If your dog doesn't love it,
return it for a full refund!
If your dog doesn't love it,
return it for a full refund!
Build my Standard Bed Build my Aluminum Bed

What American Bulldog owners say about Kuranda Beds:

This bed held up to my 90 pound American Bulldog, who is an extremely aggressive chewer. He eats furniture, walls, everything. The Kuranda bed held up to his chewing. I'm so thankful because otherwise he has to sleep on the cold floor, nothing else could possibly hold up against his chewing. Petey
Shirley, NY

Roxie, my American Bulldog, chewed through every bed we have gotten her, including the sofa. This worked wonderfully! It really is "indestructable"! Bulldogmom
South San Francisco, CA

Our American bulldog was a chewer, so leaving her at home with a regular dog bed just didn't work out. I noticed the Kuranda beds at the doggie daycare that we use once a week. It didn't take any time for her to get used to the bed. She stared at it and sniffed it a lot the first day, but by the next day, she was sleeping soundly on her new bed. It's easy to clean, easy to move and she hasn't tried to tear it apart. Thank you for a great bed! Satisifed customer
Sammamish, WA

For the past year, my 2 year old, 74 lb. Am. Bulldog/Pit Mix had instantly destroyed every bed I put in his crate (only took him 2 hours to shred another well known "chew proof" bed), but I think he finally met his match. I purchased the aluminum bed with ballistic nylon sling and have been using it for about 2 weeks. Jake loves it. He has not tried to chew or destroy any part of it. I even find him in the crate laying down on it with the door open. The bed may be a little expensive, but I think it is worth it. Overall I am VERY happy with this bed.

Sunrise, FL

What size Kuranda bed should I get for my American Bulldog

We recommend:
40 x 25 Large
44 x 27 X-Large

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Your dog can’t chew the fabric because we’ve hidden the edges inside the rails.
Lumpy pillow beds are not supportive and create pressure points. Ouch!
The even support of a Kuranda bed is better for your dog’s joints.
Air can flow under the bed, keeping your dog cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
Our beds are easy to clean! Just wipe them off or hose them down.
Why not add a fleece pad for extra coziness?
Get your dog a chew proof Kuranda bed and you won’t come home to explosions like this: