Discount Coupons and Promos

Kuranda almost never offers discounts our dog and cat beds but we do offer monthly discounts on accessories.
You don't need a discount code for those specials, just visit our page for items on sale:

Monthly Specials

While competitors artificially inflate their prices to be able to later include discounts, our strategy is always to set our prices as reasonable as possible right from the start.
Some third party sites will list "Kuranda promo codes" or advertise sale prices but these are never authorized by Kuranda Dog & Cat Beds and will not be applied to any Kuranda Bed orders.

We are a family owned company of 45 employees from sewing & production to shipping & customer service to website development & marketing and we've been in business for 31 (mostly) wonderful years.

We do our absolute best to source all our materials domestically and everything is manufactured and shipped from Glen Burnie, MD.

When you call us with questions or to check on or make a change to an order, the person who answers the phone is very likely to have played a role in the production of your bed and there's a good chance they'll be the one to ship it.

We believe that the best customer service comes from a deep understanding of our product. That's why everyone at Kuranda is or has been involved production, shipping and customer service. This is how we are able to constantly evolve our products based on customer needs and it's how we can help you find the best bed for your dog.

So when you're shopping for a new dog bed, think of us and the care we take in making your dog's new bed.

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