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November 2006 - Special Comfort

november-2006 Our dog Pete just got his Kuranda bed and he loves it. He was having some stiffness in his right rear hip when he got up from his regular dog bed. The vet said it was arthritis and gave us some pills that would help. A friend who's dog has the same problem told us about the Kuranda bed so we ordered one. Pete doesn't get up with the limp anymore. We can tell it made a big difference.

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October 2006 - Pleasant Dreams

october-2006 Our 2 1/2 year old Boxer, Lola has loved her Kuranda bed since the day we brought her home as a puppy. Last night while reading my book in bed I heard some pretty loud snoring coming from her side of the room, so I got up to see why she was louder than 'normal'. Well as you can see... I'm thinking the loudness may have to do with the comfortable position she assumed while sleeping.

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September 2006 - Happy Birthday to Me!

september-2006 Kid Kane a two year old Amstaff. This was his favorite birthday present,after trying a few other beds including a baby crib mattress, he LOVES this whether it is out on the deck or in the house. Whether he is curled up with a pillow or stretched out as if he worked hard all day. Thank you for making a product that shares happiness. And I love the fact it matches my patio furniture.

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August 2006 - We can't leave home without them!

august-2006 The comforts of home while camping. Our Weims love their Kuranda beds. Gail Vukos

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July 2006 - Who is the Boss?

july-2006 I just thought you might like to see how your Kuranda bed is also a hit with Cats. As you can see my cat Garbo rules the roost here. LOL! I bought this Kuranda bed two years ago and as you can see they both love it! Graham, Garbo and Micki Pappas

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June 2006 - Special bed for Special girl

june-2006 Cinder is my ten year old black Labrador Retriever who won Best In Veteran Sweepstakes for the past two years at our specialty here in Arizona. This past spring, Cinder had to have her eye removed due to cancer and is now retired from the show ring. Her Kuranda bed was her ONLY place she wanted to be after her difficult surgery. I have a Kuranda bed for her in different parts of the house and she loves it.

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May 2006 - A Happy Terrier

may-2006 This is Winston, our Wire Fox Terrier. This is the first day he had his bed! Obviously, he loved it right away! We are very excited to have it for him! Thanks for a great product! Sarah and Michael LeBreton Springfield, MI

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April 2006 - Welcome to Spring

april-2006 Cirra is an extremely happy sixteen month old Great Pyrenees. When she isn't playing in her yard, digging, barking, obedience classes, riding buses, riding ferry boats, lunch at outside restaurants, going on vacations and photo opportunities she enjoys relaxing on her Kuranda bed. She has had this wonderful bed for about a year and since she is a strong chewer this has been the perfect bed for her.

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March 2006 - A Bed of His Own

march-2006 "Elway" is a Golden Retriever rescue from Southern Indiana. After two surgeries on his back legs he enjoys the comfort of his very own Kuranda dog bed! Marianne Golden Retriever Rescue GRRAND

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February 2006 - Puppy Love

january-2006 Our American Bulldog pup, Dozer fell in love with the Kuranda bed after spending a few nights with his friends Roman and Lexi (Last February's dogs of the month) while my wife and I were in the hospital bringing our baby, James into the world. He enjoyed theirs so much that I obviously had to purchase one for him, which he loves immensely, and sleeps/ jumps around on every day.

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