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July 2008 - Soooooo... Comfortable

july-2008 Sadie, my English Springer Spaniel, has recently been diagnosed with hip dysplasia. Thank goodness for her new Kuranda Bed which she just loves. Now she no longer limps when she gets up. Coco, my little Shih Tzu, loves the bed just as much... so now we have two (beds that is). Colleen, Coco and Sadie, Canada

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June 2008 - Bunk Beds

june-2008 MacNeill (11) is a yellow lab and Biscotti (6) a small beagle. They both enjoy Mac's Kuranda bed, even though Biscotti has her own. This past cleaning day Mac was frustrated by his bed being cleaned and stretched out on the carpet. He refused to move even after his bed was repositioned and Biscotti chose to join her pal. We've had their beds for 6 years now and have recommended them to many dog owners.

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May 2008 - Best view in town

may-2008 Heidi is a 3 month old Rottweiler puppy who enjoys the waterfront view of her lake from her favorite resting spot, her Kuranda bed! Janet and Heidi West Milford NJ

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April 2008 - Sleeping soundly

april-2008 Hanna (left) is Angus's mother. Both enjoy their beds so much that rarely they lay down anywhere else. Angus was born at our house and that is the only bed he has known. They sleep soundly...we can hear them snoring on the second level of our home even with the doors closed!!! The bed's design is excellent, making it durable and easy to keep clean. Your customer support is also excellent.

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March 2008 - Pretty 14 year old Storm smiles on her comfy bed

march-2008 I have an arthritic 14 year old German Shepherd that I purchased the bed for, "Storm" can no longer can get onto my bed or the couch. Storm's Kuranda bed arrived today and she got on it as soon as we were finished putting it together. She loves it, she "smiles" when she is in it. I'm sure it feels great to be off the floor again.

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February 2008 - Theres always room to share

february-2008 Thanks so much for a wonderful product, Maddie has enjoyed her bed for years and I am sure Doodle will love hers also. He was just adopted on Thursday decided there was in fact just enough room to rest with her new sister Maddie. Phyllis Marvel Ridgely, MD

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January 2008 - Parking for Two

january-2008 Here a few pictures of my cat BC and the doxies Bandit and Suzy on the bed. They have chewed up every bed I have bought for them. The cat loves to tease the dogs by playing under the bed and attacking them. They love to be warm and burrow under the blankets in the winter but they destroy them. I love the bed. I am going to order a extra large one next month for my golden retriever. Shasta Entiat, WA

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December 2007 - How to Enjoy the Snow!

december-2007 This is Lexi on her bed this morning. She is taking ownership of this despite the snow. She has one in our bedroom also, and loves them. She was first introduced to them at Yankee, a rescue shelter where we adopted her. Thanks for making such a nice product. Bob Maxcy

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November 2007 - Viewing the Word in Comfort

november-2007 This is Scarlet O'Hairy enjoying her bed. This Irish Setter has the perfect view of the world from her Kuranda bed on her front steps! Patricia , Willows, CA

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October 2007 - Big Kids know how to keep Cool

october-2007 Hi this is MeMe and Newton. Newfoundland's who love their Kuranda beds! During the summer every afternoon I would pile the beds with ice cubes and they had a ball!! Medelice

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