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Vote for your favorite dog in the contest and the winners will have dog beds donated to their local shelter on their behalf.

July 2009 - What are these cats doing on our bed?


This contest’s winner:

What are these cats doing on our bed? - This bed is the 10th one we have tried with our dogs and the only one that has lasted! Our lab and labradoodle love it! Actually, our two cats do too! They have been many times all four of them curl up together.

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June 2009 Relaxing in the yard

jun09We first bought our kuranda bed when our chocolate lab, Mason, was only 4 months old.  He is now 15 months and we have added another addition to our family a yellow lab, Finn, who is now 5 months old.  They LOVE to sit in our front yard together on their kuranda.  All we have to do is say - go to your "place" and they run and jump on!  They sit there and watch us do our yard work, etc.  totally content!!  Tha

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May 2009 - Australian Cattle Dogs race to their Kuranda bed

may09Originally, I donated 2 large beds to our local SPCA but thought it'd be nice to get rid of the heap of blankets on the floor in our bedroom and ordered one for us.

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April 2009 - My safe place


Wylie is a sweet boy who loves his Kuranda bed. He has one indoors, and another one outside. He is generally found napping on one of his beds. Wylie is blind and uses his bed as his safe and familiar place to go to. Thank you Kuranda for giving him a comfortable place of his own.

Wylie's Mom

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January 2009 - Soft place for a senior to relax


Thank you Kuranda for giving my sweet old boy Jake a soft and comfortable place to relax. He can get himself up much easier from this bed than from the floor or any other bed. It is his favorite napping spot!

Jake's mom
Estell Manor, NJ

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December 2008 - Holiday time out

december-2008 Thanks Kuranda for the soft place to relax -- I'm exhausted just waiting for Christmas! Peppa Beth, Maryland

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November 2008 - A bed even Dexter Poindexter can't chew!

november-2008 Dex, aka Dexter Poindexter is a 1 year old Beagle/Labrador mix. We adopted him 2 months ago and he chewed his crate liner to bits. Now with his new Kuranda bed, he sleeps soundly, and can't chew a thing except his chewie! He's hoping for a lambswool bed pad for the cold Chicago winter! Thank you for making a bed Dex can't chew!! Dex, Oscar & Jackie Nalls Richton Park, IL

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October 2008 - Comfy time out for active senior

october-2008 Jacob Henry is LOVING his new Kuranda Bed! He weighs 89 lbs, and broke through every other bed we've tried. He's a senior now, helping his Mom run her Cincinnati Doggy Daycare. Because he's so active and older, the Kuranda Bed allows him to enjoy some rest time off the ground, which is so important at his age, and it's SO easy to clean! Thanks! Mary and Jacob Henry, Ohio

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September 2008 - Room to share

september-2008 Mason is a 3 year old Terrier X. We adopted him from the Brooks Humane Society when he was 10 weeks old. After ripping apart his 5th foam bed in 1 year - I decided that I had to find an alternative! That is when I discovered the Kuranda beds. I ordered one for him about 2 years ago. It is awesome!! Although it is Mason's bed - he sometimes has to share with one of our cats, who also loves to sleep in it.

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August 2008 - Great place to recooperate

august-2008 Thank you so much for such wonderful products. I first learned about your company from the animal shelter where I volunteer...all the dogs there love your beds! I recently ordered one for my bull terrier mix with hip dysplasia and a recent ACL repair. He loves his bed and I am so happy that he is no longer limping when he gets up. He also likes to share the bed with my whippet mix!

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