Non Chewable Dog Bed

I was looking for a dog bed for our Boxer Mix dog who chews up any dog bed that has stuffing or filling in it. This Kuranda Bed is just the right answer! HE loves it and so do we!

XL dog bed


These beds are the greatest thing I have found in years. My young Rottweiler and Boxer chewed up EVERYTHING and they do not even TRY to chew up their Kuranda bed! I can now have BEDS for my dogs when they are in the kennel--its a wonderful feeling.


I will never buy another type of dog bed

Awesome bed. My boxer now gets up from sitting or sleeping like he used to when he was a pup. No longer is he getting up all stiff and sore after having sat or slept on another bed or the floor.

Rocky and Lola's Mom
Manlius, NY

No More Torn Up Bedding

At night, my Brittany would tear up any bedding that I put in his crate. The Kuranda bed with the 3" legs fits right in his crate. There is no way that he can chew this bed. The assembly was easy, and I was very pleased with the quality. They both love sleeping in it.

Bullet's Mom
Carterville, IL

Great Product!!

The only bed I've found in the last 8 years that our chewer can't destroy!! It is also great for our older Brittany with arthritis. We have two--one is the aluminum model and one is the PVC version. Both are great. Clean-up is easy.


Chew-proof, no kidding!!

Perfect for our Brittanys in outdoor kennels 2-4 hours per day. The dogs love their Kuranda beds all year around, but especially in the winter when the concrete may be too cold for them. We love them because they're so durable and easy to clean!

Vicki, owned by 5 Brittanys
San Dimas, CA

Finally! A bed for our Bull Terrier!

We were at our wits end with trying to find a dog bed our bull terrier, "Dozer," wouldn't chew up and destroy. Not only did Dozer take to the bed immediately, he didn't have the instinct to rip it apart! We didn't have to worry about him wanting to rip open a bed filled with stuffing, and we were confident his muscles and joints were getting the relief they deserved after a hard day of bully-playing!
And the best part?? Before, many nights my husband and I would awake do our pup whining to come into bed with us, instead of staying on his own bed, but the FIRST night with the Kuranda bed he slept soundly the whole night! It really proved to us that he must be extremely comfortable or he wouldn't be sleeping the whole night!

The Parents of "Dozer" the Bull Terrier
Salt Lake City, UT

Kuranda Crate Bed is the best!!!

Purchasing the Kuranda bed ended a long search for a bed my English Bull Terrier couldn't destroy. I'll be purchasing another when I get my dog a playmate.

Theresa and Alice Princess Puppy-Butt
Chapel Hill, NC

Excellent Product

Best dog bed we ever bought. Our beagle chewed through every other bed. This bed is very durable and is still like new after a year of use.

Gibson, PA

My dogs love it!

My older dogs cannot climb up on the couch anymore and the floor is just too hard for an arthritic beagle. This dog bed is the perfect answer for an old arthritic dog who needs a comfortable supported bed to sleep on.

Five dogs mama

Stands up to a 70 pound Malinois!!

I am the owner of a 1 1/2 year old Belgian Malinois who is incredibly energetic. She has literally destroyed the previous five beds we have purchased for her. I discovered Kuranda beds at her boarding kennel, and the vet said she did not chew on the bed nor did she ever tear one to pieces! This was her Christmas present this year, and it is still in 100% condition!! She has intently studied the bed, and now does not hesitate to hop onto it to play, or to sleep.

Bella's Daddy
Brunswick, Georgia

Best bed EVER!!!

Honestly, the Kuranda bed exceeded my expectations. I have a year old Belgian Malinois and she absolutely loves her bed. Any other bed I have purchased she had destroyed in a matter of minutes. She has not even attempted to chew or bite at her Kuranda bed at all. As for me, I love that it is easy to clean and durable. I would recommend this bed to any pet owner.

Zyla's Mom
Summerville, SC

I would buy this bed again!

This is the best bed we ever bought our Border Collie. She has chewed apart all the other beds we have gotten her. She just loves this bed. It was definitely worth it.

Cami & Josh
West Wyoming, PA

This is the third bed I have puchased!

My Border Collie cannot rip this bed apart as she had done to two of the foam style beds. Both my Border Collie and Siberian Husky are comfortable and have enough room on their beds.

Bellingham, WA

Wonderful Dog Beds!

I purchased 4 of these beds and could not be happier. Two have been outside for the last 2 years now and still look new. My dogs love them. I have a 100 lb Shepherd mix and a 55 lb Border Collie mix both with SERIOUS orthopedic issues. I could not be more pleased with these beds and highly recommend them – for any dog!

Raleigh, NC

Beagle Proof Dog Bed!

This is my 3rd Kuranda dog bed. I've had my first 2 Kuranda beds for several years now and they are still going strong. They are the ONLY beds that have survived my 3 beagles...and cats love them too! Well worth the money.

Beagle Mom
Timonium, MD

The only puppy proof bed I could find.

I bought this bed because my Aussie puppy (now 10 months old) chews everything and had destroyed all other beds offered her. She likes the bed but has not been able to do it any serious harm despite her attempts.

Keene, NH

Great bed for Hampton

Our 5 month old Aussie Shepherd\Lab is a pretty devoted chewer. This bed has been great. Not only is the structure of the bed withstanding his chewing, but the cover purchased has also been durable. The cover is also very easy to clean.

Fort Wayne, Indiana


We have four Kuranda beds. We have 3 Aussies and 1 Great Pyr. The most significant fact is that our 13 year old Aussie with hip dysplasia, is now running around like a 2 year old! Using the Kuranda has given him the comfort and support he needs to improve his quality of life. The beds are easy to maintain, durable and made with unsurpassed quality and workmanship. More importantly our dogs love them. Additionally, the Kuranda beds have proven to be quite economical for us. We used to buy new foam beds every few months (only the covers could be washed, but not the foam, itself), however, the Kuranda beds are very easy to keep clean and fresh and are seemingly indestructible!

Brad & Nan
San Antonio, TX


We use this in a large crate for 2 Basenjis and they love getting on this bed and sleeping. Before they tore up everything we put in there but they don't even try to chew this. It is very well made and simple to assemble.

Cut n Shoot, Tx