My dogs all LOVE the beds............

As a rescue foster, I have had hundreds of dogs pass through my home. There has hardly been a single dog that has not preferred lying on the Kuranda beds than even on a fluffy floor bed. Perhaps the best thing of all, nobody tries to chew then up! My 3 Kuranda beds have stood up to packs of pit bulls (who love to chew) without an ounce of damage. Other raised beds have been donated to my organization, but none match the quality and durability of the Kuranda beds.

Dowagiac MI

Dump the specialist vet visits

My two 2 year old Irish Setters each have an unusual issues. It's totally incredible how both conditions, the elbows and the skin irritation, have disappeared after having the beds for a couple months, and the change started within a couple weeks of having them. These beds are so well constructed, I'm sure they will outlive these two setters and they may even outlive us as well. Way to go Karanda!!

SkyJack Setters
North Georgia

Kuranda Beds - Look no further!

Each one of my dog runs has a Kuranda bed inside for my Irish Setters to lay on. I have tried other beds previously, and none of them lasted more than a few weeks. Kuranda beds have the bedding material inserted into the sides, so they are chew proof. I have two old girls in one run with two Kuranda beds; however, they like to sleep together in one bed, which is very durable.

Lucas, TX

Exactly as described

Our two Jack Russell Terriers now cuddle on it nearly all day. The best part, beside the fact that they don't/cannot chew it, is the ease of cleaning.

Portland, Oregon

This bed is the 1st to survive my JRT!

My 10 month old Jack Russell Terrier has destroyed many beds, blankets, pillows, and towels that I had previously given him to sleep on. He is comfortable on this bed and tried chewing it, but gave up when he had no success!! I definitely recommend this to owners of chew-prone dogs!



My backyard is primarily cement with few areas for my Jack Russells & Welsh Pemb Corgi to lay down comfortably. The Kuranda Beds provide healthy support; letting them nap, sit, & sunbathe. Lifting them off the ground also keeps them cool in the hot Southern California summers! Natural Air-Conditioning built right in! AMAZING!

San Diego, CA

Finally! A bed Tess can't destroy!!

We have an 8 year old lab that does not chew and a 3 year old labradoodle that has destroyed three "chew proof" beds. We decided to try the Kuranda because we had tried everything else. They both LOVE it - the extra large size is big enough for both of them. It is very easy to move and clean and looks great in our kitchen. I wish we'd bought this years ago - we would have saved a lot of money!!

Happy Dog Mom
Newark, OH

Double the fun!

We have a labradoodle and a golden retriever. They are cool on the beds in the summer. We are extremely happy with the beds.

Deb W

Excellent Purchace!

This bed is the 10th one we have tried with our dogs and the Kuranda is the only one that has lasted! Our Lab and Labradoodle love it! Actually, our two cats do too!

Dedicated Dog Lover
Calgary, Alberta


I breed and show Irish Setters & Miniature Dachshunds. These beds were recommended to me by other breeders as "chew-proof" and they really are! I have not yet had one bed destroyed and my multiple dogs have certainly put them to the test. Very well constructed!!

Windsor, Colorado

Excellent performance and quality

With tile floors throughout the house this is the perfect spot for our English Springer Spaniel to rest, relax, and enjoy a good chew. We got the various fleece toppers and the more fancy cover for the bed and all work, fit, and are loved by our dog, Yoti. Everything is washable and line dries quickly which is great for a dog that loves the outdoors. Sizing true to suggestions made on website and getting a real human answering the phone when we did call with a question resulted in a direct and complete answer.

Clarkdale, AZ

Highly recommended

I honestly believe that these beds were a contributing factor in the complete recovery of my English Springer's torn ligament knee injury. They kept her resting comfortably and off the hard floor. I have two of these beds and both my dogs ( and sometimes my cat ) love them. Thank you Kuranda!

Simply Col
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Great bed!

My German Shepherd is almost 2 years old and has destroyed all other beds I have purchased. Not this one! The ballistic nylon cleans really easily and the bed looks great. Best of all is that she likes the bed!

Lawrence, KS

Kuranda dog bed

We love our new Kuranda bed & so does our German Shepherd! We bought an XL so she would have plenty of comfy room to sprawl out. I would buy another Kuranda bed in a heartbeat. It is worth the money! We love how it's raised off the ground so it keeps our dog off of the cold or sometimes hot pavement. I would recommend this product that we purchased to my family & friends!

Mission Viejo, CA

First bed still standing

My 60 lbs - 5 month old German Shepard puppy can be pretty destructive & has torn every bed I have gotten her since I brought her home. This bed has no edges for her to get her teeth into & she loves to lay on it while she chews her toys instead of her bed! I love it!

Happy puppy owner
Norfolk, NE

Great dogbed!

No more doggy elbow calluses! I use my vacuum on it also. I have a German Shedder, so lots of fur!

Janesville, Wi

Still Standing!

Wonderful bed. I was concerned it would be uncomfortable for my 2 dachshunds, but they like it & I added the fleece pad. This is THE ONLY bed that they have not destroyed! I just ordered a second so they don't have to share.

"Hotdog Mom"

Wonderful Invention

I have spoiled dachshunds who chew up everything if given the opportunity. I was spending about $50 to $80 every 3 or 4 months on a new bed for my dogs. I was at my wits-end with them. I've had this Kuranda bed for 2 1/2 years now and it is still as good as new. So easy to clean, doesn't retain that dog smell, and has been chew proof thus far and my little brat chews on everything so that is saying a lot!

Nashville, TN

She really likes it

I've got a dalmatian mix-it's nice and lightweight so I can move it easily into the bathroom where my dog stays when I'm away from the house, and she likes sleeping on it much better than her old foam bed. I can lift it from the bottom so that I don't get dog hair all over my clean clothes.

Austin, TX


First dog bed that my dalmatian did not destroy. I had tried every dog bed I could find and this is the only one that has lasted.

A. Parks
Newcomerstown, OH