Know from Experience

I work in a boarding kennel and about two years ago we switched to the Kuranda beds. In two years, we have not had a dog that has been able to destroy a Kuranda and that includes the canine police dogs who sometimes stay with us. I have 3 dogs who have destroyed every bed and blanket they have ever had so finally decided to purchase a Kuranda since they are used to them from boarding at the kennel. I think it will well be worth the investment.

Pooper Scooper
Hastings, MN.

Extremely Durable

I have 2 Rottweilers and a Lab and I have spent a lot of money in the past trying to buy the strongest outdoor beds for them and they destroyed them all, completely shredded them in days. Then I got the Kuranda beds and I have had them for 6 months and they are still as good as new. What a relief! Plus they wash off really easy and keep clean unlike other outdoor dog beds. I will not buy any other beds after owning these. They have been great!

Denver, CO

My dog loves it, and it's good for him!

When the Kuranda bed came, I showed it to my dog outside of his crate, sat on it myself, and my dog instantly climbed right on and made himself comfortable. It has been his favorite place ever since! He loves laying in his bed, it has been a wonderful experience for both dog and owner.

Lupin's Mama

I'm A Believer

I ordered two beds for my dogs (3 Weimaraners) The two youngest (3 1/2 and 11 months) have destroyed everything in their space so far. That is - until the Kuranda beds!! We are so pleased with everything about them - especially that they have not been able to destroy them.

Wallingford, CT

We have bought several Kuranda's.

We take in senior Weimaraners and the beds really seem to help them by easing their aching bones and joints. They are also chew proof -- most of our new rescues try chewing everything and cannot chew the Kurandas.

Buzz, Brenda & Kyle
Pierre, SD

Solved our problems!

This really helped my Weimaraner's swollen elbows. She doesn't chew or scratch at this bed, either. Well worth the investment.

Paula's Piper
Amarillo, TX

Great Bed for Senior and Arthritic Dogs!

I really like the fact that I can get my dogs off the floor. I have elderly Standard Poodles. My 14.5 year does not groan as much as she did when on a regular floor bed and I've been able to cut down on her pain meds. My 13 year old is frail and wobbly, but has taken to her new bed as if it were any of our sofas.

Gail DeMoura
Framingham, MA

Solution for dog that was chewing beds!

Our Standard Poodle had chewed up two blankets and pillow in his kennel before my brother gave me this bed as a Christmas gift. It fits perfectly in his oversized kennel and does not move around. Our dog is comfortable and has not chewed the bed or done any damage to it. In the summertime it will be a great bed to take outside because the dog can stay cool on it.

poodle pal
Denver, CO

Fabulous Bed!

The Kuranda bed does not collect any dust and is just a pleasure to keep clean. The support is fabulous!! There are no pillows that flatten up after time.

Poodle Mom
Orange County, California

At last.....

I have two of the naughtiest (adorable) pug puppies that have destroyed every bed i have given them so far...except this one!! They couldn't chew through it! I highly recommend for puppies that aren't crated but in need of comfort from being on a floor.

Long Island

My dogs love their Kuranda beds

My pug has arthritis, and he especially has taken to his bed with the fluffy cover. They are very easy to keep clean, too; and are so lightweight to move around. I am very pleased with my purchase!

Palatine, IL

One large bed for 4 dogs

During the day, there is always one pug sitting with me in my office chair and the others sleep on their bed, and since it is elevated, they are very comfortable. They have not even tried chewing it. Timbit (a pug) will dig furiously on the fleece pad occasionally but it has not worn at all. Needless to say I am extremely pleased. Although it is a relatively expensive purchase, it is an investment as it is cheaper than replacing multiple inferior beds every year.

Ontario, Canada

Very nice bed!

Purchased the XL bed for our 9 month old Golden Retriever/Lab mix. He was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia and we wanted a bed that was "better" for him in regards to comfort with getting up. He fully lays out on this bed and sleeps the entire night on it.

Grand Forks, ND

Worth every penny and then some

This bed was a god send! I cant tell you how many beds my Yellow Labrador went through. After all the money I wasted on them I could have bought him 2 of these. Amazing build quality and durability! I Got aluminum rails with 40oz material and it has lasted amazing. My Yellow lab is about 80 lbs of sheer muscle at 9 1/2 months and he hasn't wrecked it yet and trust me if he could he would! Great bed, you wont be disappointed.



I have 5 destructive dogs, all girls, all Labs. My youngest who is 2 years old cannot destroy this bed. I used another brand and she ruined the corners because they were open. This is completely sealed and she can't sink her teeth into them. Love it love it, Love it. Extremely durable for even the toughest dog scratches. Thanks for such a great product. I should have come to you first. I would have saved a lot of money.

Wayne, NJ

Recommended to every dog buyer!

I am a breeder, and I own 12 Tibetan Mastiffs, 100-160 pounds, who prefer the Kuranda bed to all other beds. These beds cannot be destroyed, and are easily cleaned with just a broom or soap and water. My dogs have been using Kuranda beds for 8 years, and the beds look as good now as they did when I bought them. I recommend them to my puppy buyers and to anyone else who is tired of spending hundreds of dollars on stuffed cloth dog beds. And I highly recommend using the double-sided fleece cover. They endure puppies' teeth, dirt and wet dogs, and last quite a few years.

McMinnville, OR

My rescue dog loves it =)

We adopted a very neglected 125lb Neopolitan Mastiff who had terrible calluses from never having something soft to sleep on. One month later, his calluses are disappearing and he just looks so comfy snoozing away in it by the fireplace!
We have personally fostered over 350 dogs over the years and this is by far the best dog bed ever!

Bordentown, NJ

VERY durable and comfortable

We use two Extra Large Kuranda beds in our home for or 110-pound Bull Mastiff and our 175-pound English Mastiff. They're elevated, so I can clean underneath without moving the beds. They're easy to clean and when used alone, they don't smell "doggy". Our big girls seem to love them and, in fact, each has a favorite bed.

El Reno, OK

I would buy this product again and again

I bought 3 of the metal frame ones for crates. So far, they appear very sturdy. We have a pitbull that has destroyed every bed and she hasn't even tried to eat this. I don't see how she could hurt it.

Pitbull Grandma

My dogs and I love them!

My three year old pit bull mix would shred every bed or blanket I put in her crate. I needed something to keep her comfy and off of the metal crate pan, yet strong and durable. The Kuranda bed that I ordered is PERFECT!

Wallingford, CT