Saint Bernard Strong!!

My Saint Bernard loves her bed. I highly recommend this bed to anyone who lives in a hot climate like Florida. It keeps the dog cool with air flow under the bed.

Jacksonville Florida

Big Dog in Love

My St. Bernard gets great support and comfort from this bed. A big plus is that all slobber and dirty footprints wash right off.

Solo's Mom
Buchanan, Mi

Kuranda Beds for St. Bernards!

We've tried over the years to find sturdy, durable beds for our Saint Bernards to no avail until we came across yours. They are terrific! My dogs love them so much that I often find two huge Saints on one dog bed at a time. I need more of them so each can have their own. I highly recommend them for these giants of the dog world.

Joan at Stoan's Saints
Auburn, WA

Irish Wolfhound w/bad leg loves it! Nice

My wolfhound has a puppyhood injury that makes her back leg somewhat awkward. She can get on the bed, slide to sleep, then pull herself off in the am, getting a good stretch in the process. It's easy to flip it up against the wall, AND it's big enough for a Wolfhound, a rarity. A local quality breeder uses them in all her runs.

Wolfhound Rescue Mama
Savannah, GA

My Irish Wolfhounds LOVE their beds!!!

These beds keep my dogs comfortable, dry, clean and away from ground dwelling bugs. I LOVE this product, and so do my dogs.

Emeraldisle Irish Wolfhounds
Howell, Michigan

Destruction-proof bed!

Our Irish Wolfhound has had a mission to eat and destroy every bed we've tried. This has lasted!! It looks great in our living room and is light weight and easily moved for cleaning.

Stamford, Ct

Best Bed Ever

Our Great Pyrenees prefer to be outside in all weathers - snow, rain, mud season. Before we had the Kuranda's they would lie out in the mud etc. for hours - now they lie on these and are at least elevated. It makes us feel much better about them being out in the inclement weather.

Sue the big white dog lady
Monticello, Maine

Love it!

I have a Great Pyrenees that sleeps outdoors year round. I keep his bed on our covered deck and he sleeps on it year round. I put a pad on top of the bed to make it more comforable. I have owned dogs for many years and will never be without one of these beds.

Happy in Montana
Columbia Falls, MT

Nanuq is so happy on her new bed!!

My 8-year old dog is extremely happy and comfy on her Kuranda dog bed. She is a large, 85 lb., Great Pyrenees mix, and she sleeps in it every night. During the day I easily slide it under my own bed so it is out of the way, then I quickly pull it out in the evening and she climbs right up. She hasn't even been trying to go on the furniture now...she just goes to bed. The bed has a clean, simple look that fits right in with the rest of my home decor, and with the slip cover is very easy to clean. We are very happy with this product...it is very durable and well-built. Definitely worth it.

Big White Dog
Cleveland, OH

Simply The BEST!

I have been breeding and showing English Setters for almost 40 years and have spent thousands of dollars buying different dog beds, cots, pads, etc... and ALL have been destroyed by the dogs. Since purchasing my first, of many now, Kuranda Beds, I can say that unless I need additional beds, I probably will never have to buy another one. These beds stay looking new and the dogs love them. They are perfect for starting 6 wk old puppies on as well. I just take the legs off until they are tall enough to jump up on the beds. I recommend these beds to all my clients.

Spanaway, WA

Kuranda is best - look no further

We have an English Bulldog that can destroy a bone in 20 minutes. This bed is so durable and she LOVES it. We bought a second one for another room in the house and it is her favorite spot. The bed is really worth it. So easy to clean and the most durable I have seen. No need to look any further this is your bed!

Themis the Bulldog
Joliet, IL

Great Bed

My English Bulldog rips beds to shreds while we are at work. He immediately jumped on his new Kuranda (aluminum w/vinyl) and so far, no chewing. He snuggles with his fleece blanket on top. Just ordered a second bed for the family room so we don't have to move around. Also very easy to clean which is great with his sensitive stomach.

Spotsylvania, VA

Great bed!

Our English bulldog was very excited about the bed, It was easy to assemble - took about 15-20 minutes. After I put the cover on it, both dogs love it! They were used to sleeping on the plush dog beds, but our dogs get really smelly from those. The Kuranda helps with the odor a lot.

Dallas, Texas


Our English Bulldog Fiona, truly appreciates this bed. It is her favorite thing to lay on in the entire house. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

Evansville, IN

He loves it!

We have an Anatolian Shepherd--32 inches at the shoulder and 130lbs. He was getting sores on his elbows so we bought this bed (though he already had access to several others). He loves it, prefers it, and his elbows have healed perfectly.


so many dogs
Louisville KY

It was just what my Cairn needed.

We have 3 Cairns. They each take turns using it.
Sometimes more than 1 at a time. We had been looking for a bed like this for sometime. It was just what we needed.

Moscow, ID

great investment

Purchased this bed for use in the kennel for my Cairns-- they LOVE it! Added the fleece cover for additional comfort. Well-designed and sturdy-- easily accepted by the dogs. I have other sizes of this style currently in use for the past several years: they are holding up beautifully!


great investment

Purchased this bed for use in the kennel for my Cairns-- they LOVE it! Added the fleece cover for additional comfort. Well-designed and sturdy-- easily accepted by the dogs. I have other sizes of this style currently in use for the past several years: they are holding up beautifully!


Great Product, well worth the investment

My great dane loved his kuranda bed! It easily supported his 140 pounds and even held my 185 pounds when I stood on it several times. I'd say it's pretty much indestructible. Very chewproof. Before the kuranda, we went through MANY of those pillowy beds, and Caleb was not what you would consider a big chewer. We've had the Kuranda bed for 5 years it still is in great shape. Bottom line - Kuranda dog beds are great and I would highly recommend to any large dog owner. They make great donations to dog shelters and rescues.

Orlando, FL

Perfect! A+

Our Great Dane (Chewbacca) loves his bed and, at night, it keeps him off of ours! Thanks! During the day, we find the Dane on our bed and our shepherd mix (Rocket) on the Kuranda bed. It works for everyone!

Chicago, IL