Most destruction resistant dog bed.

The main feature that I like about this bed is its durability. There is nothing for the average dog to get a hold of and tear up. Every other bed that I have used over the years for (mainly Italian Greyhounds) my dogs, they have found a way to destroy. This bed does not offer them the temptation.

Indianapolis, IN

Excellent dog bed.

Prompt delivery, easy to put together, outstanding product warranty. English Setter was on it within a few minutes and now sleeps comfortably there daily.

Leeds AL

Great for Dogs with Arthritis

My English Bulldog loves this bed with the soft bedcover. We rescued Dozer and he has arthritic hips and an old ACL injury. Although he loves sprawling out on the ceramic tile, the kuranda bed lets him rest without putting pressure on his achy joints. The bedcover is very well made and I love that I can just throw it in the wash. Love this bed!!!

San Antonio, TX

Kuranda dog bed

We have three border collies that spend time during the day outside in kennel runs. Each dog has a Kuranda dog bed. Two of these beds are at least 6 years old & our dogs use them every day. Our female prefers her Kuranda dog bed over being inside her dog box. We also purchased two more Kuranda dog beds for one of our sons that has two Labs. We got the heavy duty beds since they are both bigger.

Sudlersville MD


Had a stray Border Collie show up at Christmas and of course my kids fell in love with it. The only problem is the dog LOVES TO CHEW.

We went through 5 blankets in her kennel before I tried this bed.

The dog loves it. She goes in there to take naps now with the door open and after the first couple days doesn't even try to tear it anymore.

Great bed, worth the money.


Best dog bed ever!!!

I have two collies and they love their Kuranda beds. My collies are 81 lbs and 101 lbs. The fleece pads are great and wash well. This will be the only brand of dog bed we will ever buy.

Ms. Midco
Tinley Park, IL

Dogs would mutiny if beds removed

I run a cocker spaniel rescue and small boarding kennel. We have Kuranda beds in all our runs. The dogs have not destroyed the Kuranda beds, as they have done to some of the less expensive styles that are on the market. Over the years, dogs have ranged from new born up to 16+ years. Have had dogs with paralysis, disc problems and other assorted health problems related to old age and such. Every dog who has ever been here loves the Kuranda beds. They are easy to clean, durable and pretty much indestructible. We own close to 14 kuranda beds and some of them are probably close to 7 years old. I've only ever had to replace one corner piece, in all these years.

York, PA

Sammie Loves It

Sammie is a 13 year old Cocker Spaniel. He is getting a little slower and needed a bed that would support his old bones. After researching MANY beds, we decided on the Kuranda bed. Sammie took to it right away. We have it in our living room right next to our sofa, so he still feels he is with the family in his own personal space.

Charlotte, NC
Photo of Four paws up in sunny SoCal!

Four paws up in sunny SoCal!

Great bed! Perfect for my chinese crested when he's lounging outside, it gets him up off the hard ground and protects his sensitive skin from grass & ground allergens. Easy to clean, and I love the vinyl mesh for its breathable, waterproof properties, which has a nice cooling effect on hot days.

Los Angeles, CA

Braque owner

I'm a Braque owner... Very nice design, great for keeping the dogs comfortable and off the concrete floors.

Braque Du Borbonnias
Northern Colorado


I have Kuranda beds in all of my dog runs. Inside and out. I have Labradors and they chew as a past time. The K. beds are the only things I can feel comfortable leaving them alone with. I love the mesh material, water goes right through them. The dirt also goes right through them. They also,can not be dragged outside through the dog doors!!!!! I like the fact the dogs cannot chew on the material, only the pipes.I also like how the beds keep them off of the ground, so they don't get callouses or drafts. The customer service is fantastic.

Happy dog owner
Washington, DC

Just right

[...] Beds were pretty easy to put together. My rescue Bernese Mountain Dogs were slow to use the beds. The older male now especially likes the beds out on the deck, so he can keep watch. Even with the dog door and soft beds inside, he prefers the K-bed outside.

Haines, Alaska

You can teach an old dog new tricks!

I must admit I was a skeptic. I wasn't sure if my 9 year old Bernese Mountain Dog would go for this. He is very set in his ways & has definite likes & dislikes, but after about 5 days of ignoring his new bed he decided to try it out. We were convinced the first few days that we would have to return the bed. It took him about 10 days to get use to the little noises it makes, the movement when he moves around & changes positions.
Now that he is use to it he gives it no thought at all & gets on it like he's had it forever.
I'm very pleased, I can clean my hardwood floors with my swiffer without even moving it.
Great product, & much easier for my 9 year old dog getting up & down.

Nova Scotia - Canada

2nd Purchase

We had one bed but when we got our second Bernese Mountain Dog we needed another one. Two Berners on one bed didn't fit. That is over 140 pounds on one bed! Love the beds. Very sturdy and easy to keep clean. Dogs love them too!

Rotterdam, NY

Durable and looks great!

We use this bed in our kennel of 5-7 Labradors. It has been very durable and looks great. We have only recently had to replace the fabric, which was easy to do.

Front Royal, VA

Best bed.

This the best bed my Boston T has ever had. He can't tear it up. Perfect!

Albuquerque NM

Excellent product

Best design, my Malamute recognized its design and purpose and decided to leave the cold outdoors and trade it in for the warmth and comfort of a kuranda.

albuquerque nm

Miniature Pinscher

Miniature Pinschers are compact in size but big in personality. I have spent tons of money on crate pads and plush beds only to watch them shredded before the end of the day. Hands down the Kuranda Beds have been the best investment I have ever made and all of my dogs own one. They are chew proof, sanitary and replacement parts are easy to obtain if you ever need anything! Most of all the dogs LOVE them!

Bonnie Woitas
Woitas Acres

Awesome Product

We learned of the Kuranda cots from another breeder when a beagle puppy destroyed 3 other cots. We began buying them and now have them in all our dog runs and have one in the crate of our Giant Schnauzer who tore up numerous beds. This product delivers comfort for the dog and is easy to clean and ultra sturdy for rugged daily use.

Kansas City, Missouri

Excellent [...]

I use the Kuranda beds in my kennel of 4 giant schnauzers. The dogs love their beds. They are durable, easy to clean and stand up quite well to the weight of the dogs. The company stands behind their product and has an excellent warranty. Anything that I have needed replaced was done so promptly and with courtesy. I appreciate a company that is everything that it claims to be... Because of this engineering, the beds last.