Thank You

I have a partially paralyzed Pit Bull Terrier. This bed is the best product that I have bought for him hands down. Since he can't jump or climb well, I purchased a crate bed. He can't control his bladder and I hate to keep him in diaper wraps, I put piddle pads under his vinyl weave bed and it works great. Thank you so much for this product that finally keeps my best friend comfortable and dry!!!

Reidsville, NC

Great bed for older dogs

This bed is wonderful especially for large older dogs who find it difficult to rise from a floor level bed. They can safely step out of this bed and be almost upright. It must be very comfortable too for the dogs as our greyhound rarely leaves it!

Suzie Q
Clearwater, FL

The perfect bed

This bed is great for keeping my dog off the concrete The day I put it together she slept on it

Fort Worth, TX

Excellent product, happy dog!

This bed was easy to assemble and my dog was on it as soon as I finished. He seems to enjoy being up off the chilly floor and zonks out pretty hard when we come in from runs in the snow. Living in eastern MT we get big temperature swings, so I am sure he will appreciate the air flow underneath come summer.

MT dog lover
Billings, MT

Awesome Bed for My Dog

Niko, my Siberian Husky absolutely loves to sun in his new bed....it’s large enough for him, very ergonomically sound for his body and he's enjoying it. I know it's going to be cool for him during the spring/ summer months with airflow underneath the bed. It's awesome and I'm satisfied!!

Willies Style
Bentonville, AR

She really likes it!

I've got a dalmatian mix- it's nice and lightweight so I can move it easily into the bathroom where my dog stays when I'm away from the house, and she likes sleeping on it much better than her old foam bed. I can lift it from the bottom so that I don't get dog hair all over my clean clothes, and I've yet to wash the cover but I'm sure it probably cleans up well. I'm thinking about putting it in the back of my car so that she'll be extra cozy on long drives.

Austin, TX

Love It!

We now own both a poly resin and an aluminum Kuranda bed. Both are equally GREAT. Our aging Rotti is able to get up and down from the Kuranda beds much easier then the floor. And they've proven to withstand the constant testing of our 2 young Tibetan Masstiff X's. We're looking forward to ordering the Kuranda outdoor version this Spring.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Watching the world from a Kuranda bed

When we first opened our kennel 6 years ago, we purchased Kuranda beds for each run. Those same beds are in use today! They have held up like nothing else! We have now expanded & also breed German Shepherd Dogs. Our dogs enjoy dog door access to a fenced yard. They love to lounge out there, watching our horses and overseeing the farm from a Kuranda bed. The beds have even been great outside! We now added an indoor playroom to our kennel, for bad weather, so we want to purchase a couple more beds for lounging in the "Dog Den".

Dogs Dream Inn

Happy Customers

A friend who used to run a kennel told me about Kuranda beds. We purchased several in 3 sizes and have been totally delighted, as are our clients (the dogs). The dogs love to sun themselves and take “cat” naps. I’m impressed with their durability since they receive very hard use. Thanks for making a product that is as durable as advertised.

Sue Ann
Central Bark Doggy Day Care

Papillons think they are the BEST

My beds arrived today. Thank you very much. This now gives me 8 of your beds. I only have 10 adult dogs and they are all very small. I have two beds in each run. One on the inside of each run and one on the outside under the shade canopy. They are the BEST and I have recommended them to everyone I know.

Karen Byrd
Silkwings Papillons, Cumming, GA

Kuranda beds in New Hampshire

Thanks for making Kuranda beds! We love them! We've listed them on our website.

Cynthia Eliason
Cherry Mountain Kennel, Whitefield NH

Now that is some bed, Mike!

It arrived this morning and I got it together in about 20 minutes. It is STURDY. This is a biggish bullmastiff bitch and she is stretched out on it as I write. I was a bit apprehensive that she would not get on it, but she stepped right up when she went in her pen. I am just so pleased. Mike, this bitch has destroyed and/or eaten every sort of bedding. We finally gave up on bedding since she has come close to obstructing a time or two when she has ingested wads of fleece. A handler friend mentioned your beds and said he has found them indestructible. I figured I have nothing to lose. I don't like my dogs lying on the cold floors in winter and hate the callouses they get. Thanks for everything.

Lindy Whyte
Tryumphe Bullmastiffs

The old and original fabric lasted almost 6 years

Just wanted to thank you for being so speedy in shipping the new bed cover. I arrived today and I will be putting it on the metal frame shortly. The old and original fabric lasted almost 6 years, and I was so impressed, that I just had to have another. Dogs love these beds, and I do to. Thanks for a wonderful product. I will gladly tell everyone what a great product the Kuranda beds are.

Barbara J. Tompsett
Glenwood Golden Retrievers

Chihuahuas love to pile up together and this bed

I want to thank you Kuranda for the opportunity as a Petfinder member to purchase a Kuranda Bed. Chihuahuas love to pile up together and this bed is perfect! They love it! It took them less than 10 minutes on the floor to figure out what this was for! Thank you Kuranda!

Charlene White

Your beds are the best thing to happen to our kennel.

Having recently ordered and received 8 Kuranda beds for our small 8 run rescue I and the rest of the volunteers are amazed at how they have changed the dogs dispositions. All they want to do is lie around! No more dog fights, just a bunch of lazy dogs hanging out on their beds. At feeding time one of the dogs hangs her head over the side of the bed to eat her food! I was a doubting Thomas for awhile but your beds are the best thing to happen to our kennel.

Jane Galvin
Big Canoe Animal Rescue

The beds are wonderful

We ordered our first Kuranda bed for our AmStaff, Tony in 1998. Prior to that purchase our strong jawed darling had eatin several dog beds as well as a dining room table and a chair. I was assured that he COULD NOT eat or get hold of the fabric on this bed. Got to tell ya...we ordered a 2nd in '2000 so he'd have one & our Westie would have one. The beds are wonderful. I don't have to worry about them laying on cement or ingesting any fabric like they would have had they been using regular dog beds. I'm now ordering replacement fabric for the orginal bed. After 5 years of sun and weather it has finally started to wear. With a 75 pound AmStaff on it, it's needing replacement. So happy that we can order the fabric for the frame is perfect. I recommened the product to everyone I know that has pets. Thank you.

Gail C.

...sometimes, one hogs it...

I love your beds for my litter of pups. As you can see from this photo, they do too. Sometimes, they are ALL on the bed and sometimes, one hogs it and the rest are underneath. I'm very impressed with your non-chew feature which you really need with puppies. Thanks so much.

Barbara du Pree, Curig Pembroke Welsh Corgis
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

He loves it and stays in place all night long

This is our two-year old Shepard/Boxer/ (you fill in the blank) mix, 'Duane.' Our only complaint was his constant war and the eventual demise of his very costly bean-bag type bed. (WHAT A MESS!!!)  We found out about your product from our kennel and figured we'd give it a try. He loves it and stays in place all night long.

Elise Watkins
Charlotte, NC

20 minutes to build...

Greetings from Northern Ireland. This is SPIKE with his owner Peter (8) and his new Kuranda Dog Bed. It took Peter and I approx. 20 minutes to build and 30 seconds for Spike to jump up and lay down on his new bed!

Clive G.

Sweet senior loves his Kuranda bed

I have 5 foster dogs and when it's time to be crated, it never fails--two of the dogs always run into the same crate together because no one wants a crummy old blanket. These are much easier to clean than changing out blankets every day. Great product! My 8 year-old lab/chow mix, Doyle was found emaciated and with an arrow stuck in his back. We adopted him three years ago about two hours before he was going to be euthanized (animal control had just pulled the arrow out of him but didn't actually treat him for it). He's about 80 lbs and is a senior dog, he absolutely loves the Kuranda bed. After what he's been through, the Kuranda bed is just about the best investment we've made for our pets. Thank you for the shelter program and the opportunity for our perspective adopters to also donate beds. As a pet owner, dog foster, and rescue coordinator, I see on many levels the benefits of these beds and how much our dogs love them.

Griffith Animal Control