They love it, so we need another

We keep the Kuranda outdoors for the dogs' use when not inside with us. …it keeps them up off of the concrete. I kept reading reviews that said the dogs couldn't wait for it to even be put together to use it, but I found that unbelievable. Well... I had to see it for myself. I was in the midst of assembling the Kuranda and the boxers couldn't get enough of it!

Cindy, owned by boxers
Fresno, CA

Truck Tested

…We have diligently been searching for a bed that would work well for (our dogs) outside.  This purchase is my second bed.  The first is still in use…  We are in fact considering another if there is enough space in the yard to allow it.  I am completely, 110% satisfied with your product.  The first bed is two years old and survived not only my dogs, but I ran it over with my F250 truck and it lived to tell the tale.

Canon, Duke, Zac, Marley, and Julie's Mom
Antioch, CA

Wonderful solution for aging Dogs!

Great way to get aging dogs up off the deck so they can lie in the sun!

Mokena, IL

Best cat bed we've tried!

We are a large cat rescue organization. We have tried a variety of items to use as a combination bed and shelf in our cat cages, and the Kuranda cat bed is by far the best product we've ever used. We place it in the back of a cage with s small blanket folded under it so the cats can either sit on top or under the bed. it increases the space in the cage and is really sturdy to it does not topple over no matter what. Its is also very easy to clean and sanitize which is so important for feline health. If you are a cat owner, a rescue group or a shelter looking for a comfortable, well designed cat bed, this is it!

Community Cats
Bedford, NY

One Can't Have Too Many

We are a no-kill, free-roam cat shelter. We find the Kuranda bed to be a purrfect fit for a shelter. As long as each cat has it's purrsonal space, there is really limited friction. In this frigid cold weather we set them in front of the pellet stove and they all have their own space and relax. In the summer, next to a cool wall or outside in the pen for a little r & r. Smaller ones fit under tables and shelves to utilize limited space. They are so easy to clean and completely disassemble and totally disinfect for disease control. They move easily for cleaning.

Kitty Keepers
Havre, MT

Great Space creators

I foster for the Humane Society and these beds really help add space in crates.

Wichita, KS

Fabulous Product!

I purchased the 9 tier cat tower for my semi-feral cats in an outdoor/indoor enclosure. I put it together in my living room and I can't tear my indoor cats away from it. They absolutely love it! I am a very pleased that it is strong and sturdy enough to hold several cats as they jump from level to level; even my biggest Maine Coon boys! What a wonderful product! Now I guess I have to buy another one because I don't think my indoor cats are going to give this one up.

Douglaston, NY

Great bed - ordering more.

Used in cat boarding facility (a really nice one) - I love it because I can cover the bed with a fleece blanket and make it into a "tent" for the cats. One cat can be on top, another in the tent - the cats love to sleep inside - I put a fleece pillow inside the "tent" to make a cozy bed/sleeping area. They are a cinch to clean up between guests.

Bonnie - Innkeeper for Cats
New Richland, Minnesota

The cats love their new beds!

The Humane Society of Amherst County in Virginia recently bought beds for our cat cages. They are a huge success. The cats love them, have more room and they are a happy addition to our shelter. We will be buying more very shortly. Thank you Kuranda!!

Andrea - Vice President
Amherst Humane Soc, Amherst, VA

Kitties love it!

At the animal shelter we found that the cat bed gave the cat more room! The upper bunk provided the best place for the cat or kittens to sleep. The added fleece top is a perfect blanket for them to sleep on. Fleece is secured well so that it does not slip. Will eventually buy cat beds for all the kennels!

Volunteer at an Animal Shelter
Joshua Tree, CA

Dump the specialist vet visits

I would never have believed this, it's simply incredible. I called the president of Kuranda a few months back and reported this... My two 2 year old Irish Setters each have an unusual issue. One has the big lumps on his front leg elbows and the other has large areas of soreness and hair loss on the side of the hip. Neither tolerates any soft padding, as they are chewers and diggers. My back yard is a moonscape. It's totally incredible how both conditions, the elbows and the skin irritation, have disappeared after having the beds for a couple months, and the change started within a couple weeks of having them.

SkyJack Setters
North Georgia

I would definitely buy another one

Our dog had calluses on his elbows and this bed really helped to eliminate them. We also have the sheepskin cover, and he really enjoys that. Now there is never any movement or circling around in his crate, he lays down and goes right to sleep!

Gus’s Mom
Crofton, MD

Best idea since the original Kuranda Bed

I bought the bunk bed for the occasional times we have two dogs in an outdoor kennel. After assembling the bed in the living room, our Brittany (10-yr old Kandy) immediately jumped up. All of our dogs love sleeping in the sun AND looking out the window, and have made this bed a favorite. Guess I need to order another one for the outdoor kennel, since this one is staying right here.

True Brittanys
San Dimas, CA

Pricey? Perhaps, but worth every penny!

I have the bunk beds in my kitchen, in front of the sliding patio doors, where my rough and tumble rescue dogs can play and snooze. This product is attractive, yet indestructible -- a play ground and a comfy bed that gives each dog their space. They ruined other beds I purchased and this one barely shows the wear and tear! We all love it!

Trish the Rescue Mom
Carson, CA

Perfect Bed

The best bed that we have ever purchased. Our dog loves it. It is built very well and should last a long time. Perfect for our dogs kennel in our garage, keeps her off of the cold concrete floor.

Airdrie, Alberta

Finally! my dogs can rest in comfort!

Because I have 5 dogs, all but one a rescue, I have tile floors. I am not able to put nice, fluffy beds on the floor because one likes to pee on bedding on the floor, and two others like to chew the stuffing out of anything fluffy. I had to find a solution where they could be up off of the cold tile, and still have the comfort of a soft bed. The Kuranda bed does just this. There is no stuffing to pull out, but it supports them and keeps them comfortable. As soon as I had assembled the first one, they jumped onto it and started chewing their toys. So, guess what? I had to order one more! My husband likes the look, and it keeps us from having to constantly wash bedding. I have already told several of my friends who have also rescued dogs. Also, one of my dogs is a dachsund, which are prone to back injuries (a lot of times from jumping onto living room furniture), so this allows her to get up onto a bed that is still low to the ground. I am so happy I purchased the beds! Thank you very much!

Animal Lover
New Smyrna Beach, FL

Both of my Lab mixes love it!

The classic cot bed is beautiful, sturdy, looks like it will last a long time, and most importantly comfortable for my old, arthritic dog. I originally bought this for my 6 year old black lab mix, but my 15 year old yellow lab mix decided he loved it too. I went ahead and ordered a second one so they don't have to share. The bed was easy to put together. (It took maybe ten minutes.) As soon as I put the fleece cover over it, my black lab hopped on and made himself at home. An hour later my yellow lab tried it out as well. They both seem to prefer this bed to their old pillow beds.

Mama to Two Labs
Chewelah, WA

The best dog bed

As the owner of 5 large breed dogs I have purchased many dog beds over the years. I've had my Kuranda Heavy Duty Dog bed for a couple of years now. It is as fabulous as the first day we set it up - unlike the other dog beds I purchased. Our arthritic 16 year old German Short-haired pointer sleeps on it throughout the night without needing to get up to adjust his aching bones. Our cats like to lounge on it too! I highly recommend this bed.

Luv my pets
Alberta, Canada

Kuranda Bed

Great support for older dog joints. Easier to keep clean. Great product and fantastic service!

Ottawa, Canada

Our Boys LOVE their Kuranda Bed!

Our Senior dogs LOVE their Kuranda beds! We have two dogs (12 and 13) and initially we only bought one bed to make sure our boys liked it. Well, once we received the first bed, put it together and they discovered how comfortable it was, they would race to the bedroom in order to secure the "comfy bed" for the night. Needless to say I was online the next morning purchasing another one! Thanks for a wonderful, clean and easy to maintain bed.

Chicago, IL