Great design, the dogs love it!

We use this product primarily for training. It is durable, looks great and the puppies seem very comfortable on it.

St. Louis, MIssouri

Won't buy any other brand!!!

I have bought and have been given several different "brands" of PVC beds before, but with the "exposed" corners, they never last long. My Chesapeakes (especially my puppies) would chew the corners and suddenly I would have to replace the whole fabric portion of the bed. My ONLY complaint with these beds is that I wish they had more size options. The XXL seems too big and the XL doesn't seem big enough for my dogs. But the SIZE is the ONLY complaint I have! I REALLY like these beds and so do my dogs!

Editor's note:  We'll be happy to make custom sized beds for our Professional Customers.

Whiskey Creek Chesapeakes
Pisgah Forest, NC

GREAT bed for outdoors!

Got this bed to use outside on our deck for the dogs - they are getting older and thought this would make it a bit easier on them. They love it - started lying on it right away!

Gaylord, MI

No more vet bills!

Our dog was eating her bedding and ending up at the vet, so we were forcing her to sleep on the hard bottom of the crate. With this bed I don't worry about her being uncomfortable or about her eating something which will make her sick!

Washington, DC

The Beds Are Awesome!!!

I run a 501c3 non profit Mastiff Rescue, and some of our dogs are 250lbs. The beds not only hold all the giant breed dogs, but they hold up really well. I have some beds as old as 8 yrs and they are still like new. We prefer these beds to any of the other beds you can buy that are out there for the rescues and the pros are they last and so easy to clean and they keep the dog from getting pressure sores on the elbows or anywhere else for that matter,and well worth there money. I have tried the cheaper metal beds and the dogs within 2 days have them destroyed. I can put these beds with the worst and most destructive dog I get into rescue and know the bed will be fine.

Mastiff Rescue

Great bed!

I had originally purchased this bed with the thought that it would be an outdoor bed so my dog didn't have to lay on a hard surface while hanging out by the pool with us. I ended up using it in his indoor pen that we have in the basement for days when the weather is not good enough for him to be outside while we are at work. He loves it!! I noticed an almost immediate improvement in those marks he gets on his elbows, even though he had a "theraputic" bed in there previously. I am now going to have to get another one for outside!!

Watertown, CT



German Shepherd Owner

Just Amazing - The Beds and the Service!

We ordered a Kuranda bed about a year ago and it was the only bed that our dogs didn't destroy in less than a day. Recently one of our pets has been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, so we have had to separate them in case the other jumps on her back (as he loves to do) and hurts her. We promptly ordered two more Kuranda beds. Unfortunately I didn't measure properly and had to send them back. NO PROBLEM!!! I then placed another order and didn't order the type of material I wanted. NO PROBLEM!!! I have never received such wonderful customer service and have recommended these beds and this company to everyone I know!!

Oshawa, Ontario

This is a great bed. My dogs love it

We have purchased 3 of these beds for our golden retriever and doberman. They are virtually indestructable. My golden is quite a chewer and she has destroyed all of her other outdoor beds except this one.

Molly's Mom
Huntington Beach, CA


I own a boarding kennel for dogs, and have puchased aluminium Kuranda beds with vinyl weave for each kennel. They are easy to clean, all the dogs love them. The best part is if the dogs are wet and muddy, the air circulates through the vinyl weave, the dogs dry and the mud filters through the bed as sand and you just vacuum it up. The first two beds I purchased were ordered with the strongest 40oz vinyl, but I discovered that with the combination of a blanket on the bed and the dogs body heat, the vinyl would condensate resulting in a wet bed. I have since replaced the 40oz vinyl inserts for the vinyl weave inserts and now the beds are perfect. My customers love the fact that their fur babies are not sleeping on a concrete floor especially the older dogs that have ailments or mobility issues. I would HIGHLY recommend the Kuranda beds to anyone that loves their pet. Sincerely Christina

Christina leader of the pack
Ontario, Canada

Great bed for incontinent dogs

I work at a luxury pet boarding facility, and we have been considering the purchase of these beds for our boarding pets. To "test-drive" the Kuranda beds, I ordered a crate bed with a special fabric for my 50lb lab mix with an incontinence issue. She is well house-trained, but has a problem with wetting her crate on accident and leaking urine. At 7 months pregnant, I became desperate for a better option than bathing her and washing her crate daily. We decided to invest in a Kuranda bed, and I'm so glad we did!After placing our order, I received a call from one of the Kuranda associates who suggested a special fabric option (he said it was currently not listed on the website) that may be even better for my dog's incontinence problem. The loose-weave fabric makes it easy for liquid to fall through, but is still fairly durable. We place piddle pads underneath the Kuranda bed in the crate at night, and have been so pleased with how clean and dry she stays every night! She seems perfectly comfortable on her new bed. The bed's design also makes it difficult to chew on, which was a concern as my dog likes to chew fabric. So far so good![...] I will definitely be recommending this product to others.

Erica from Hilltop Pet Resort
Mount Juliet, TN

I love the product.

I bought the kuranda beds in size large for my two wheaten terriers. I wanted it extra big for comfort. Both dogs required surgery one for a ligament tear in the knee the other for a mass on the eye. I knew the beds would be a great "hospital" bed for them. They are resting and recooperating happily on their Kurandas.

Ian and Kelly
Cudahy, WI

My Service Dog just loves her bed!!!!

This is the perfect bed for my service dog. I have had Liberty for a year and have bought 4 different beds. The minute this arrived, I put it together and Liberty hopped right on it. She is absolutely in love with her Kuranda Bed. Thank you so much for providing a great quality bed for our dogs.

Service Dog Liberty
Westminster, MA.

Love Kuranda beds!

Use Kuranda beds exclusively in our kennel. Really LOVE the 40 oz vinyl, and just tried the ballistic. Wasn't as crazy about the ballistic; seems to have a little more give than the vinyl, but we'll see in time how it wears. Kuranda is the ONLY bed I would use!!!

Wag&Purr owner
Holly, MI

Great Bed!

This was recommended to us by a behavioral specialist as a training tool. We have used it to provide a safe and comfortable area for our lab. It has made a huge difference in both our lives and his life!

Concord, NC

A great bed at a great price!

My dog, Zoey, loves this bed. It's big enough for her to stretch out on.  I really love that it's sturdy enough to support her weight. She's a big, 68 pound girl! I also love that with the cover, it blends with our bedroom decor and doesn't look like the typical dog bed.  I'm so happy to have found your product and have already started spreading the word!

Grammie K
Metairie, LA

Fabulous idea!!

We placed the cat tower on our screened in porch for my six cats to lay in the sun and watch the birds. Fabulous design (easy to climb) and very weather proof! Everyone has their own bed which is great for keeping peace in the family!

Sandie & Kevin (cat parents)
Thompsonville, MI

Last dog bed you will ever purchase

These beds are the BEST! I am a breeder and I have 17 large breed (over 100 lbs)dogs. I have used these beds outdoors for 8 years now. I have purchased the all aluminum beds and they will outlast any dog. Every part is replaceable but never necessary. In the summertime, I fill the bed with water for a refreshing 'pool'. I cannot say enough about how great these beds are.

Montebello, New York

This is the greatest!

This is a great bed for my older English Mastiff. It raises her off the floor so that she is warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Sturdy enough to hold 130 plus pounds. It also is easy to put together and a great design. Thanks!

Macon, GA

Basenji Proof!

My dog has Fanconis disease and needs to be elevated in his crate. This has been an answer to my prayers.

Wrentham, MA