100 Lb Labrador LOVES This Bed!

I happened upon these beds while doing a web search, and I am so glad I found Kuranda- our 9 year old lab loves this bed! I had been looking for a bed that was both durable and washable. The cover vacuums easily, and the bed looks like it will last forever, easily 5x longer than the typical foam-type beds I had been purchasing. The first night we had the bed, the dog did not get off of it to follow me into the bedroom until I had actually gotten into bed- he usually settles into the bedroom at the first sign that I'm headed there , ie turning off living room lights. After a week of use, I looked at my husband and asked if he thought another one for outside would be a good investment- our second is on the way! With the slipcover (in "cinnamon"), the bed is a lot more attractive than the other one we had.

Cheryl, mom to four dogs:)

Pain Relief, Happy Dogs

I was skeptical that a bed would bring relief to my arthritic dog. After several visits to the vet, and pain meds to control pain, we were greatly concerned about our dogs well being. We did have beds made from memory foam that we thought were thick and comfortable but we took a chance and ordered. The beds came and my husband and I hoped it would bring our dog some much needed relief. I was amazed to see after ONE NIGHT on this bed, she was not stiff in her back legs and she slept straight through the night. A few nights now and her mobility when getting up is 100% improved! So relieved to see it made such an enormous difference, I cannot even express what a relief it is for her and us! Our second dog, who has no health issues, runs to lay on her bed at every opportunity. She loves it! So glad we bought two. Thrilled with this purchase, well made, went together well. We bought the aluminum frame and the sheepskin covers. Highly recommend for dogs with arthritis!


Only Kuranda

We have used Kuranda beds for over 7 years now--and our original bed is still in use. When people complain that their dog eats his bed, we say "Kuranda." When they say their dog won't stay out of their way, we say "Kuranda." When they say my dog pees in his bed, we say "Kuranda." Most dogs gravitate to a Kuranda bed as the best place to relax around here. My biggest problem with assembly was trying to keep a huge lab off the bed while I was trying to attach the corners! We keep one in the house, on the patio, and in the kennel for our own dogs and guest dogs. A Kuranda might seem expensive, but it's probably the last bed you'll ever have to buy.

Dog Gone Good Pet Training
Brazoria County, Texas

Maggie Mae

... my Maggie can pretty much chew her way through anything. We paid $2000 last year for surgery to remove washrags, socks, and many many blanket bits from her digestive tract, so, we hadn't been able to put anything at the bottom of her crate. Unfortunately, this irritated her sensitive skin, which promptly got infected. So, I got online, did a bunch of research, and bought her a Kuranda bed for her crate. I got home...and there was only one tiny little scratch on the aluminum. No teeth marks. Nothing. Maggie loves it so much, I'm thinking about buying her another one (we can't get it out of her crate very easily...it's made out of welded one inch bars). I don't know what I would have done without it!

Maggie's Mom
Spokane, WA

His calluses are disappearing...

We adopted a very neglected 125lb Neopolitan Mastiff who had terrible calluses from never having something soft to sleep on. One month later, his calluses are disappearing and he just looks so comfy snoozing away in it by the fireplace! We bought two fleece covers so he will always have a clean one.

Bordentown, NJ


Recently started Campbell Boarding Kennels in Mount Vernon, Ohio. This is what I've discovered about Kuranda beds: 1. Couldn't be easier to assemble. 2. Couldn't be easier to clean. 3. Dogs love them. 4. Customer service is awesome. Will continue to buy these beds and be the only ones used in my kennel. Thanks!

Campbell Boarding Kennels
Mount Vernon, Ohio

They are sharp looking too!

I have a young Doberman(chewer) and a White Shepherd(shedder) and the XL fits them perfectly but I went for the XXL so they can choose to go solo or snuggle. Also I think the height is perfect for their sizes and didn't want anything shorter. Easy to assemble. So far the dogs love them and seem quite comfortable. Haven't had to wash, but after having orthepedic beds from Foster and Smith for years...these seem like they will be a cinch to clean and will not retain the smell and hold the hair that the F&S beds did. They are sharp looking too. Went with fleece covers (nicer and thicker than expected)for warmth in winter and will remove them for summer. New covers for my F&S beds were over $100 so replacing a fleece here and there will be cost effective. Nice and easy to vacuum under, trust me, with the Shepherd we are constantly vacuuming!!!

Ames, Iowa

30 Degrees below in Alberta Canada

It hit minus 30 at our home in Fort McMurray Alberta Canada early this year in October. Our 2 Rottis didn't like the cold floor no matter how many blankets we put down. So they both joined us in our bed until one night Zoey (78lbs) was pushed out by Barry (114lbs) onto the floor where it required a visit to the vet the next day. The day came the beds were delivered and set up and Zoey took to her's and slept like a baby but Barry stood his ground on our bed. ... The next night we again but him in his new bed and at 3:00 when I awoke to put another log on the fire there was Barry 4 paws straight up sound asleep on his new bed next to Zoey between our bed and the fire.

Fort McMurray Alberta Canada

Our dogs favorite napping place!

We bought four large beds in the dark green color over fifteen years ago at a dog show. We replaced the vinyl (minimal cost) last year after they became faded in the middle from use by over twenty dogs worth of daily use. All our dogs, big and small, love these beds--in fact, so do the cats! We love knowing we'll never have to buy new ones, only additional ones!

Dog Spoiler
Miami, Florida

Lexi Loves the Kuranda Dog Bed!

My 2-yr old American Bulldog Lexi loves her Kuranda dog bed! I like the sleek design of the aluminun dog bed with grey/ smoke cover!

Canadian Gir
Toronto, ON

I've used Kuranda beds in my boarding kennel for 15 years...

I've used Kuranda beds in my boarding kennel for 15 years... they are the best bed I have ever found and I some of my original beds from my first purchase are still in use.

Central Wisconsin

Simply the Best

We have used Kuranda beds at our boarding facility & I bought some for at home also. I love the new frame colors.


Love at first sight

I must say that our GSD Duke who is 8 yrs old fell in love with it as soon as we finished assembling it. We also have another GSD Mya who wants one too! The best part is that whenever I am gardening I take it out and Duke loves it outdoor too. We will be ordering 2 more since we need one for Mya and another one for upstairs. Thank you for such an excellent product.

Duke The Gardener
Orlando, FL

This is a great dog bed!

My dog loves the comfort of the bed. She can be found cuddled up in the bed whenever she is not underfoot! I love the look of the bed. This is far more attractive than the big dog pillow that I had been using. I found the bed easy to assemble with only a screwdriver and a small wrench.

Sophie's Mom
Charlotte, NC

Dogs love this bed

Beds are easy to clean, do not hold odors, and are very chew resistant. Dogs loves to lay on them, inside and outdoors. Bed will not hold rain if outdoors.

Canton, OH

Dogs love this bed

Beds are easy to clean, do not hold odors, and are very chew resistant. Dogs loves to lay on them, inside and outdoors. Bed will not hold rain if outdoors.

Canton, OH

Love this bed -- I bought a second

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. I have 2 dogs and a 7 month old baby. Now that she is starting to move around I need to make sure there is no dirty beds sitting around. I absolutely love this bed, I can clean under it daily without having to move it. All I have to do is pop the fleece pad in the wash and I'm done. I have to admit occasionally I do vacuum the fleece pad because not all the dog hair comes out in the wash. This would probably fix itself if I purchased the cover. I have had both beds for about 2 years now. They look brand new. The only thing that looks warn is the fleece pad -- because it gets washed often. I do not like the sound of the dogs feet on the bed material without the fleece pad on it, but this is only happens when we are washing the fleece. Dogs love it, I love it. Will not be getting a different kind of bed. I used to have a third dog and they all used this bed. I HATED the typical dog bed that stayed on the floor and just sat and gathered dirt, fur and smell. YUCK. I ended up always buying cheapies so I could just toss them. But that gets expensive and wasteful. I often get messages from friends saying they bought a new dog bed because the one they had was so stinky. You will not need to do that with this one. It is a bit more expensive but long term, you will actually save money. I haven't had to buy another one since. I did buy a second one for our basement, so the dogs are up off the cool floor when we are down watching tv/on the computer. What are you waiting for?! Get one! :)

Ontario, Canada

The cats are VERY happy!

The 5 nest cat tower was easy to assemble but I took my time and paid careful attention to each step. At first all the legs (two of the six) wouldn't sit evenly on an uncarpeted surface (minus one star) but I used rubber leg tips (available at hardware stores) inside the tubing to increase the height of the two "short" legs. I added washable fleece pads to each nest (tying the pads to the frame with string which the cats love to play with). Within two days all 5 of my cats began to try out the various positions. The cats use the tower a lot more than I had even expected when I ordered it.

Cincinnati, OH

Rocky loves his new bed

VERY pleased with the bed. My boy will chew anything put into his crate so I could not leave him on a bed or blanket. When I noticed a callous on each elbow from the crate bottom, I searched for ideas to deal with a dog that will not stop chewing on blankets, and discovered the kuranda bed. Very happy to report that in less than a month each callous is now gone and Rocky LOVES his new bed- and does not eat it! Customer Image # 1

Saskatchewan, Canada

Doberman Loves her new "second" Kuranda

Our Doberman has a bladder issue and the beds are so easy to keep clean. She also has joint issues that are much better using the Kuranda beds. They are easy to transport and it is easier for her to get on and off the beds. She especially enjoys it out in the sunshine!

Suzanne the well trained pet master
Columbus, MS