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I have several Kuranda beds (upwards of 25) around my home, kennel, dog yard, and puppy playpen. The beds are used primarily by my retrievers, who also enjoy frequent car trips, so I recently replaced the mats in my car crates with mesh fabric Kuranda crate beds. The mesh fabric is great for dripping wet and muddy retrievers since the water and dirt falls through the bed to the crate pan below, so the dogs aren't sitting in a muddy puddle. Cleaning is a breeze - just hose the beds off and wash the crate pan. The quality of materials are consistent with Kuranda's high standards. The new and improved feet caps are great because they no longer slip off when moving the bed.

the crazy dog lady
Davis, CA

Great Addition For My Retrievers

Everything about my product purchase was excellent. I am using the beds for my kennel
and will be adding more shortly. I wish I had these five years ago. Cleans easily and is liked by the dogs who use them.

Retriever Man
Milton, Delawarie

Kuranda All Metal Bed is Outstanding

Outstanding! My Springer Spaniel loves the bed.

Madison, AL

Great beds time for an upgrade.

We have our setters sleep on them at night or whenever they want they are comfortable on them. Because of the way they are made we will never use any other ones that are not made as well. Been there and these are the only ones for us.

Jim and Brenda
Vermilion, Ohio
Photo of Kuranda Bed- Love it

Kuranda Bed- Love it

I bought the XXL Kuranda with the name stiched into the fabric. Not only does it look great, but it is so sturdy- It is for my sister's 150lb Bull Mastiff. I would highly recommend these beds.

Bull Mastiff Aunt
Ringwood, NJ


We LOVE these beds! We have two bullmastiffs and it is very hard to find a large enough/comfortable enough bed for them. The XL are true to size and our dogs enjoy them side by side!

New Jersey

Best Beds For Bullies!

We use these beds for our Bullmastiffs. We have been in the breed for over 25 years and have tried every bed out there. So far none of my dogs have been able to chew your bed! Finally a product that will last. No more covers or parts to replace. We couldn't be happier and neither could the dogs.

Arrowhead Bullmastiffs
Chiefland, Florida

My mastiff can't destroy his Kuranda!

Easy to assemble and extremley durable for my 165 pound Mastiff puppy. I was sceptical after trying several sturdy dog beds but so far he hasn't even attempted to try and rip or tear this one. He really seems to love it!

Milton's mom
Chicago, IL

The Girls Are Sharing!!!!

I have long back dogs; a 2 year old basset hound and a 16 yes you read it right a 16 year old corgi. At different times durning the day you will find one of them on it. They like to be in the rooms where we are, but are willing to leave us in the living room so they can sleep on the Kuranda in the bedroom!

Penny & Queeine
Clarksburg, MD

Best money I've spent on my dog!!!

My dog has chewed up about 6 beds in his 5 years of life. They all ended up looking like swiss cheese and once he reached the filler that was it. Plus the smell of pillows beds after even just a few days of use is terrible, especially having a Cocker Spaniel. I was a little worried the Kuranda bed wouldn't comfy and cozy enough for my dog but he loves it and it doesn't hold odors!!


Dog Bed

Didn't know if this would work for me or my 5lb Maltese. It is great. Small,attractive, durable and she loves it. Best dog bed I've had.


Smart buy

I bought 2 of these for my recently-adopted dogs because the rescue agency (atlanta pet rescue) had them. My dogs love their beds and, because we live in a warm climate, they get air circulation from the elevation of their sleeping space.

Kermit & Mimie's Mom
Atlanta, GA


My 65 lb German Wire Hair Pointer sleeps in the closet in our hallway next to our bedroom. I used to just have a thick blanket in there, because I won't have any traditional dog beds, because they end up stinking, and you can't wash the stuffing. I guess he wasn't comfortable enough, because he would get on the Sofas once we fell asleep ;-). I used to have a tiny exercise trampoline that I made into his bed. He loved it, and it was so easy to clean! So I began looking at the Kuranda beds for a while now. The large fits perfectly in the closet (we leave the doors open ;-) ) and now he stays on his cott all night! Hallelujah!

Little Linds
Fairfax, California

Living Up To Expectations & Beyond!!

Receive this as a Christmas gift or our aging rescued pointer seemed to have difficulty getting up on his favorite sofa to sleep. This perfectly raised, durable bed is absolutely perfect; and we move it out in the garage during the day while we are at work, and then back inside for the night. Seem so 'comfy' to him!

Long Time Dog Lover & Owner
Derby, Kansas

My Afghans love their beds!

I use the beds in my 10 by 10 inside kennel. They cannot pull the stuffing out of this bed! And, if they choose to pee on the bed, it is so easy to clean.

Springfield, Ohio

I and the dogs enjoy the Kuranda Beds.

I have three Afghan Hounds and I have two beds for each hound. One outside and the other inside. They use them all the time which I like having them off the ground. Thanks!

Boones Mill, VA

Best dog bed there is

These are the best beds I've found. Dogs don't
tear them up hence no mess to clean up ever. The frame is in perfect condintion, I finally had to buy new vinyl for them to lay on. It took about
3 years for my shorthair to scratch his way through the bed, which sure beats a few months.
Great product!

Aurora, CO

My dogs seem to like them!

My dogs took to them very quickly. So far, its the only bed my lab has not chewed and destroyed. My german shorthair has a hip problem and she took to it very quickly.

Hank and Stazi Owner
Marietta, GA

Great product, well design, exceptional

I bought this bed for my German Shorthair's indoor / outdoor kennel. After having it for one day I bought a second one for his crate that we keep inside of the house. The quality is outstanding. It provides a comfortable place for him to sleep. It is easy to clean and looks like it will last for many years to come.

Plymouth, MN

Most destruction resistant dog bed.

The main feature that I like about this bed is its durability. There is nothing for the average dog to get a hold of and tear up. Every other bed that I have used over the years for (mainly Italian Greyhounds) my dogs, they have found a way to destroy. This bed does not offer them the temptation.

Indianapolis, IN