great product

Only bed/bedding we've had for our sheltie that he hasn't chewed. Worth every penny. AND he loves it!!!

Sheltie Owner
Photo of Awesome!


I bought 2 beds to put in the kennels/crates I use at night for my 2 goldendoodle puppies.They love them. In fact - the younger puppy used to wake us up at 5:30 am but starting with the first night he slept until 7:00 am. It does not get better than that!!!

AZ Gal
Sedon, AZ
Photo of First Dog Bed that Hasn't been Destroyed

First Dog Bed that Hasn't been Destroyed

We got 2 puppies in one year, a french bulldog and bullmastiff. We went through a ridiculous amount of dog beds and spent so much money trying to find the right one. Every single one we bought they destroyed within a month. We've had our Kuranda bed for a few months now and they haven't been able to put a dent in it...and they have tried :) We got the largest model and it fits both my frenchie

Baltimore MD

Great Dog Bed

Very sturdy bed. We have 2 Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs and they love to lay on the bed.

Seattle, WA

Odyn loves his Kuranda!

My Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Odyn loves his Kuranda bed! We got it for him when he was about 6 months old and he loved it from day 1. We use the bed outside to keep him off of the cold concrete in the winter and to keep him cool in the summer. I also love that it is protecting his joints. He lays on it all year round. We take it with us when we go camping and all of the other dogs lay on it as well! We got the poly-resin frame and it has held up well to his now 115 pounds - no bending or cracking. The bed hoses off easily and dries quickly. Overall, this bed is top quality and SO worth it!

Leah and her Swissy.
San Diego, CA

Sturdy Construction

Your product was recommended to me by my favorite kennel owner. My dog is a shredder and arthritic. She was able to stay at his kennel in comfort and safety because he had your bed. When it was necessary for her to stay at a different kennel I had to buy your bed for her stay to assure she'd be comfortable and safe in her old age. Your product was the best for her. She's a Greater Swiss Mountain dog and your dimensions, strength of materials and construction all added up to a bed strong enough to support her as well as durable for many uses.

Thank you for thinking through your design.

Swissy Owner

It is great

I am a French bulldog breeder and have been looking for beds that are easy to take care of. All blankets and beds hold mites which is very bad for your pet. I just purchased two and my dogs love them. Just hose them down to clean. No doggie odors. Very easy to assemble. I should of purchased these long ago.

Long Island

Just what we were looking for!

We got our first bed for our then 9 year old 72 lb. Basset Hound with bad shoulders. We got "crate' legs for him as we weren't sure he'd be able to get up onto the bed with higher legs. He LOVES it! We have since gotten a second, mixed breed, much smaller dog and the two of them did a dance as to who got the "good" bed. We quickly got her her own. Now she spends most of her time on his bed and he shoehorns himself onto her bed. By the way, he has no trouble getting up onto her bed ;o)

the lady with the silly Basset Hound
Stamford, CT

Love it!

I bought this for my Anatolian Shepherd. She absolutely loves it. Quality is excellent and easy to assemble. I also purchased the fleece pad & love how it stays in place & is easy to clean. Best dog beds out there!


I recommend this product

We have a 45 lb collie mix and bought the large bed. We recommend the large for dogs as small as 35 lbs. to give them room.

We liked how light it is. We can move it room to room so that our pup has a bed to lie on and hang out.

Mom and Dad
Bay Area, Calif


Very nice bed! I have two large Labs and a Cocker Spaniel who love to sunbathe on the bed. Highly recommed!

Springfield, MA

bed is six years old, still great

I have three Kuranda standard beds, our Wirehaired Pointing Griffons are hard on the beds,wrestling and jumping on them, many times two dogs sleep on one bed-130lbs., they come in from the field with mud,debris,etc on them, hose the beds off and they are dry in a couple of hours.They keep the dog off the cold floor and provide excellent support and comfort. One of my beds is six years old and still looks great, very durable, it appears that this bed will make it to ten years of service easily. Kuranda value is many,many times more than a poly or filled bed.

New Castle,PA

My Greyhounds Love It

I purchased Kuranda beds for my two greyhounds, Athena and Bart. Athena usually sleeps on the couch, so I was surprised to see that she now sleeps on her bed instead. Bart is afraid of things like tile or jumping on the couch, so I was worried that he wouldn't use his bed. But he jumped right on when I put his favorite blanket on the bed, and he is not afraid of the bed.

Fort Myers, FL

Last Pet Bed You Will Ever Need!

We bought this bed about a year ago and it looks just like it did when I put it together. Our 130lb Newfoundland loves it and sleeps on it no mater the weather, hot or cold. Its lightweight frame is great so we can use it inside and outside easily. Its the best thing we have ever bought for him, hands down.

Photo of Kuranda makes my Newfie happy!!!

Kuranda makes my Newfie happy!!!

My 4 year old Newfoundland (Bailey) LOVES his Kuranda bed! Every night he jumps onto the bed and has a little shake and waddle routine so he can get into his favorite cradle position. I recently purchased the largest bed available so he can stretch out better. I purchased a smaller one when he was a puppy - so it was time! I recommend Kuranda to all family & friends and those who have purchased have had great results too. Bailey look forward to bed time and I know I'm looking out for his joints too. Thanks for delivering what you promise in your material! Bailey thanks you too!!!!

Newfie Lover
Roanoke, VA

These really are chewproof!

My dogs have not been able to destroy this. There are no weak points to chew through. Every other so called "tough bed" (Orvis,K9 Ballistics,etc) has not lasted more than a week with my one year old Ridgeback. Great design!

Croton on Hudson NY.

Awesome chew and dig-proof bed!

We have two Large Rhodesian Ridgebacks, one was a chewer, and one was a digger. We started using the Aluminum beds with 40oz vinyl... no more chewing and even though it was tested, the bed could be dug through. These are great beds, and keeps the dogs off the floor, and is an all around great product. I suggest these beds for anyone who has a Large Breed dog.

Semper Fi Ridgebacks
Northern, Maryland

Best Raised Bed

Not only does our dog love this bed, it works so well with the "place" training that we are working on. Our Toy Fox Terrier fits perfectly on the x-small.

Charlotte NC

Back for the second bed!

We got our first bed for our elderly greyhound. We were having trouble keeping her bed clean and it just smelled all of the time. We wanted something that would be supportive for her, wouldn't hold odors, and was easy to clean. The Kuranda Bed fit the bill.

Gulf Breeze, FL
Photo of I would buy again

I would buy again

Our whippet and greyhound love them. When they were puppies they did have a couple accidents on them but they cleaned up perfectly by just hosing them off. They would hate the crate if we did not have them.

Joliet, IL