Provides the most Orthopedic Comfort

Unlike filled beds that can clump and become uneven, Kuranda dog beds are vet recommend to help prevent joint-related difficulties and eliminate ugly elbow calluses too.

Veterinarians recommend this bed as especially beneficial for pets who suffer from hip problems, arthritis or aging. Because the bed supports the dog up off the floor it is easier for elderly dogs to get up from the bed than from the floor or very low beds. It provides firm support and an elevated barrier from cold, drafty or hard floors. The hammock design provides orthopedic comfort good for healthy hips and joints for dogs of all ages and prevents ugly elbow calluses caused from laying on a hard floor. Your dog may even choose his own Kuranda bed over yours!

What our Customers say…

“These beds are also very helpful for the older pet that has trouble getting up...”

Dr Nancy Ruth

Veterinary Housecall Service

Many years of comfort for arthritic Rotti

I've had two of these beds for years. My old arthritic dogs love them and my year old Doberman puppy can't chew the fabric. I searched for a comfort bed for my two Rottie who had terrible hips from puppies on. My oldest and the one with the most malformed hips lived to 12 1/3 years and I do attribute that to swimming and your bed. So thank you!

Christine Brandt


Healthy place to sleep for dogs.....and cats too!

We ordered one of your beds for our older dog who has a hip disorder. The bed was an immediate hit. The only problem is that we now have an on-going
battle between the dog and our two cats as to who gets to sleep on the bed.
We had to order another one for our cats!

Sandy Lenga