Testimonials: Professionals

Know from Experience

I work in a boarding kennel and about two years ago we switched to the Kuranda beds. In two years, we have not had a dog that has been able to destroy a Kuranda and that includes the canine police dogs who sometimes stay with us. I have 3 dogs who have destroyed every bed and blanket they have ever had so finally decided to purchase a Kuranda since they are used to them from boarding at the kennel. I think it will well be worth the investment.

Pooper Scooper
Hastings, MN.

Favorite Pet Beds!!! Durable too!

We are a dog hotel/kennel and have used Kuranda Pet Beds since we opened 7 yrs ago. They are the best in the industry, I recommend to everyone (especially if they have a chewer). If by chance a pet does manage to chew thru something, you don't replace the whole bed just the one piece they chewed or broke. Extremely hard to chew thru the metal, but you never know with a Marley! :) Great investment for your pet.

Happy Dog Hotel
Lafayette, LA

Only Kuranda

We have used Kuranda beds for over 7 years now--and our original bed is still in use. When people complain that their dog eats his bed, we say "Kuranda." When they say their dog won't stay out of their way, we say "Kuranda." When they say my dog pees in his bed, we say "Kuranda." Most dogs gravitate to a Kuranda bed as the best place to relax around here. My biggest problem with assembly was trying to keep a huge lab off the bed while I was trying to attach the corners! We keep one in the house, on the patio, and in the kennel for our own dogs and guest dogs. A Kuranda might seem expensive, but it's probably the last bed you'll ever have to buy.

Dog Gone Good Pet Training
Brazoria County, Texas


Recently started Campbell Boarding Kennels in Mount Vernon, Ohio. This is what I've discovered about Kuranda beds: 1. Couldn't be easier to assemble. 2. Couldn't be easier to clean. 3. Dogs love them. 4. Customer service is awesome. Will continue to buy these beds and be the only ones used in my kennel. Thanks!

Campbell Boarding Kennels
Mount Vernon, Ohio

I've used Kuranda beds in my boarding kennel for 15 years...

I've used Kuranda beds in my boarding kennel for 15 years... they are the best bed I have ever found and I some of my original beds from my first purchase are still in use.

Central Wisconsin

Simply the Best

We have used Kuranda beds at our boarding facility & I bought some for at home also. I love the new frame colors.


Dogs love this bed

Beds are easy to clean, do not hold odors, and are very chew resistant. Dogs loves to lay on them, inside and outdoors. Bed will not hold rain if outdoors.

Canton, OH

Dogs love this bed

Beds are easy to clean, do not hold odors, and are very chew resistant. Dogs loves to lay on them, inside and outdoors. Bed will not hold rain if outdoors.

Canton, OH

Won't buy any other brand!!!

I have bought and have been given several different "brands" of PVC beds before, but with the "exposed" corners, they never last long. My Chesapeakes (especially my puppies) would chew the corners and suddenly I would have to replace the whole fabric portion of the bed. My ONLY complaint with these beds is that I wish they had more size options. The XXL seems too big and the XL doesn't seem big enough for my dogs. But the SIZE is the ONLY complaint I have! I REALLY like these beds and so do my dogs!

Editor's note:  We'll be happy to make custom sized beds for our Professional Customers.

Whiskey Creek Chesapeakes
Pisgah Forest, NC

The Beds Are Awesome!!!

I run a 501c3 non profit Mastiff Rescue, and some of our dogs are 250lbs. The beds not only hold all the giant breed dogs, but they hold up really well. I have some beds as old as 8 yrs and they are still like new. We prefer these beds to any of the other beds you can buy that are out there for the rescues and the pros are they last and so easy to clean and they keep the dog from getting pressure sores on the elbows or anywhere else for that matter,and well worth there money. I have tried the cheaper metal beds and the dogs within 2 days have them destroyed. I can put these beds with the worst and most destructive dog I get into rescue and know the bed will be fine.

Mastiff Rescue


I own a boarding kennel for dogs, and have puchased aluminium Kuranda beds with vinyl weave for each kennel. They are easy to clean, all the dogs love them. The best part is if the dogs are wet and muddy, the air circulates through the vinyl weave, the dogs dry and the mud filters through the bed as sand and you just vacuum it up. The first two beds I purchased were ordered with the strongest 40oz vinyl, but I discovered that with the combination of a blanket on the bed and the dogs body heat, the vinyl would condensate resulting in a wet bed. I have since replaced the 40oz vinyl inserts for the vinyl weave inserts and now the beds are perfect. My customers love the fact that their fur babies are not sleeping on a concrete floor especially the older dogs that have ailments or mobility issues. I would HIGHLY recommend the Kuranda beds to anyone that loves their pet. Sincerely Christina

Christina leader of the pack
Ontario, Canada

Love Kuranda beds!

Use Kuranda beds exclusively in our kennel. Really LOVE the 40 oz vinyl, and just tried the ballistic. Wasn't as crazy about the ballistic; seems to have a little more give than the vinyl, but we'll see in time how it wears. Kuranda is the ONLY bed I would use!!!

Wag&Purr owner
Holly, MI

Kuranda beds in New Hampshire

Thanks for making Kuranda beds! We love them! We've listed them on our website.

Cynthia Eliason
Cherry Mountain Kennel, Whitefield NH

Papillons think they are the BEST

My beds arrived today. Thank you very much. This now gives me 8 of your beds. I only have 10 adult dogs and they are all very small. I have two beds in each run. One on the inside of each run and one on the outside under the shade canopy. They are the BEST and I have recommended them to everyone I know.

Karen Byrd
Silkwings Papillons, Cumming, GA

Happy Customers

A friend who used to run a kennel told me about Kuranda beds. We purchased several in 3 sizes and have been totally delighted, as are our clients (the dogs). The dogs love to sun themselves and take “cat” naps. I’m impressed with their durability since they receive very hard use. Thanks for making a product that is as durable as advertised.

Sue Ann
Central Bark Doggy Day Care

Watching the world from a Kuranda bed

When we first opened our kennel 6 years ago, we purchased Kuranda beds for each run. Those same beds are in use today! They have held up like nothing else! We have now expanded & also breed German Shepherd Dogs. Our dogs enjoy dog door access to a fenced yard. They love to lounge out there, watching our horses and overseeing the farm from a Kuranda bed. The beds have even been great outside! We now added an indoor playroom to our kennel, for bad weather, so we want to purchase a couple more beds for lounging in the "Dog Den".

Dogs Dream Inn

Now that is some bed, Mike!

It arrived this morning and I got it together in about 20 minutes. It is STURDY. This is a biggish bullmastiff bitch and she is stretched out on it as I write. I was a bit apprehensive that she would not get on it, but she stepped right up when she went in her pen. I am just so pleased. Mike, this bitch has destroyed and/or eaten every sort of bedding. We finally gave up on bedding since she has come close to obstructing a time or two when she has ingested wads of fleece. A handler friend mentioned your beds and said he has found them indestructible. I figured I have nothing to lose. I don't like my dogs lying on the cold floors in winter and hate the callouses they get. Thanks for everything.

Lindy Whyte
Tryumphe Bullmastiffs

The old and original fabric lasted almost 6 years

Just wanted to thank you for being so speedy in shipping the new bed cover. I arrived today and I will be putting it on the metal frame shortly. The old and original fabric lasted almost 6 years, and I was so impressed, that I just had to have another. Dogs love these beds, and I do to. Thanks for a wonderful product. I will gladly tell everyone what a great product the Kuranda beds are.

Barbara J. Tompsett
Glenwood Golden Retrievers

Chihuahuas love to pile up together and this bed

I want to thank you Kuranda for the opportunity as a Petfinder member to purchase a Kuranda Bed. Chihuahuas love to pile up together and this bed is perfect! They love it! It took them less than 10 minutes on the floor to figure out what this was for! Thank you Kuranda!

Charlene White

Your beds are the best thing to happen to our kennel.

Having recently ordered and received 8 Kuranda beds for our small 8 run rescue I and the rest of the volunteers are amazed at how they have changed the dogs dispositions. All they want to do is lie around! No more dog fights, just a bunch of lazy dogs hanging out on their beds. At feeding time one of the dogs hangs her head over the side of the bed to eat her food! I was a doubting Thomas for awhile but your beds are the best thing to happen to our kennel.

Jane Galvin
Big Canoe Animal Rescue