Testimonials: Dog Lovers

Finally! my dogs can rest in comfort!

Because I have 5 dogs, all but one a rescue, I have tile floors. I am not able to put nice, fluffy beds on the floor because one likes to pee on bedding on the floor, and two others like to chew the stuffing out of anything fluffy. I had to find a solution where they could be up off of the cold tile, and still have the comfort of a soft bed. The Kuranda bed does just this. There is no stuffing to pull out, but it supports them and keeps them comfortable. As soon as I had assembled the first one, they jumped onto it and started chewing their toys. So, guess what? I had to order one more! My husband likes the look, and it keeps us from having to constantly wash bedding. I have already told several of my friends who have also rescued dogs. Also, one of my dogs is a dachsund, which are prone to back injuries (a lot of times from jumping onto living room furniture), so this allows her to get up onto a bed that is still low to the ground. I am so happy I purchased the beds! Thank you very much!

Animal Lover
New Smyrna Beach, FL

Love It!

We now own both a poly resin and an aluminum Kuranda bed. Both are equally GREAT. Our aging Rotti is able to get up and down from the Kuranda beds much easier then the floor. And they've proven to withstand the constant testing of our 2 young Tibetan Masstiff X's. We're looking forward to ordering the Kuranda outdoor version this Spring.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

She really likes it!

I've got a dalmatian mix- it's nice and lightweight so I can move it easily into the bathroom where my dog stays when I'm away from the house, and she likes sleeping on it much better than her old foam bed. I can lift it from the bottom so that I don't get dog hair all over my clean clothes, and I've yet to wash the cover but I'm sure it probably cleans up well. I'm thinking about putting it in the back of my car so that she'll be extra cozy on long drives.

Austin, TX

Awesome Bed for My Dog

Niko, my Siberian Husky absolutely loves to sun in his new bed....it’s large enough for him, very ergonomically sound for his body and he's enjoying it. I know it's going to be cool for him during the spring/ summer months with airflow underneath the bed. It's awesome and I'm satisfied!!

Willies Style
Bentonville, AR

Excellent product, happy dog!

This bed was easy to assemble and my dog was on it as soon as I finished. He seems to enjoy being up off the chilly floor and zonks out pretty hard when we come in from runs in the snow. Living in eastern MT we get big temperature swings, so I am sure he will appreciate the air flow underneath come summer.

MT dog lover
Billings, MT

The perfect bed

This bed is great for keeping my dog off the concrete The day I put it together she slept on it

Fort Worth, TX

Great bed for older dogs

This bed is wonderful especially for large older dogs who find it difficult to rise from a floor level bed. They can safely step out of this bed and be almost upright. It must be very comfortable too for the dogs as our greyhound rarely leaves it!

Suzie Q
Clearwater, FL

Thank You

I have a partially paralyzed Pit Bull Terrier. This bed is the best product that I have bought for him hands down. Since he can't jump or climb well, I purchased a crate bed. He can't control his bladder and I hate to keep him in diaper wraps, I put piddle pads under his vinyl weave bed and it works great. Thank you so much for this product that finally keeps my best friend comfortable and dry!!!

Reidsville, NC

Our Boys LOVE their Kuranda Bed!

Our Senior dogs LOVE their Kuranda beds! We have two dogs (12 and 13) and initially we only bought one bed to make sure our boys liked it. Well, once we received the first bed, put it together and they discovered how comfortable it was, they would race to the bedroom in order to secure the "comfy bed" for the night. Needless to say I was online the next morning purchasing another one! Thanks for a wonderful, clean and easy to maintain bed.

Chicago, IL

Kuranda Bed

Great support for older dog joints. Easier to keep clean. Great product and fantastic service!

Ottawa, Canada

The best dog bed

As the owner of 5 large breed dogs I have purchased many dog beds over the years. I've had my Kuranda Heavy Duty Dog bed for a couple of years now. It is as fabulous as the first day we set it up - unlike the other dog beds I purchased. Our arthritic 16 year old German Short-haired pointer sleeps on it throughout the night without needing to get up to adjust his aching bones. Our cats like to lounge on it too! I highly recommend this bed.

Luv my pets
Alberta, Canada

Both of my Lab mixes love it!

The classic cot bed is beautiful, sturdy, looks like it will last a long time, and most importantly comfortable for my old, arthritic dog. I originally bought this for my 6 year old black lab mix, but my 15 year old yellow lab mix decided he loved it too. I went ahead and ordered a second one so they don't have to share. The bed was easy to put together. (It took maybe ten minutes.) As soon as I put the fleece cover over it, my black lab hopped on and made himself at home. An hour later my yellow lab tried it out as well. They both seem to prefer this bed to their old pillow beds.

Mama to Two Labs
Chewelah, WA

The beds are wonderful

We ordered our first Kuranda bed for our AmStaff, Tony in 1998. Prior to that purchase our strong jawed darling had eatin several dog beds as well as a dining room table and a chair. I was assured that he COULD NOT eat or get hold of the fabric on this bed. Got to tell ya...we ordered a 2nd in '2000 so he'd have one & our Westie would have one. The beds are wonderful. I don't have to worry about them laying on cement or ingesting any fabric like they would have had they been using regular dog beds. I'm now ordering replacement fabric for the orginal bed. After 5 years of sun and weather it has finally started to wear. With a 75 pound AmStaff on it, it's needing replacement. So happy that we can order the fabric for the frame is perfect. I recommened the product to everyone I know that has pets. Thank you.

Gail C.

...he's quite content to snooze upon it!

Just wanted to let you know that Tug's fleece arrived yesterday. I put it on his Kuranda bed and he absolutely LOVES it! I had thought that he might try and shred it (or at the least, take it off the bed) but so far, he's quite content to snooze upon it!

Nancy Spice

..the 'Kuranda Experience'

I just thought I would write and thank you for making such a wonderful bed! It was so easy to put together, it took me no time at all, and before I had even tied the lambs wool bed pad in place, Harrison had climbed on and made himself comfortable! He is sleeping, (and for the first time not snoring!) as I write this. I've been looking forward to being able to give Harrison a warm, comfortable and supportive bed. He is extremely happy with the real thing! I just wish I had heard of the Kuranda bed when I had my last Great Dane, as she was a demolition expert from the day she came home, and the number of beds she destroyed in her short four years, cost a small fortune, and were never very comfortable. She died from cancer in her shoulder joints, and would have found this bed much easier to get up and down from then the ground, or the couch! Thank you again Kuranda,

Emma Evans
Vancouver BC Canada

We felt terrible having him sleep on the floor...

I just had to let you know what a miracle your bed has been to us. We have a Doberman who is almost a year and a half. We ordered the bed for his first birthday thinking we'd be rid of it the very next day like all the rest of the beds we'd bought. We lost count somewhere after bed 5....or was it 6... I don't really know but as soon as we'd bring it thru the door he'd destroy it in seconds...no matter what it was made of. Even other "chew proof" beds. Never took him more than a day to destroy a bed..not even as a teeny puppy. We felt terrible having him sleep on the floor when he loves to curl up and be cuddly and warm but every time we'd put something down for him he'd eat it! He didn't just maul things to death... he actually ate them as well...even w/bitter apple or that hot pepper spray stuff..whatever, he'd eat it. I didn't want to jump the gun in saying how wonderful this bed is untill we'd lived w/it for a while and now we have and it's the BEST!!! He has never! even attempted to eat it...

Jennifer (Jen)
Shamong, NJ

We bought each of our three girls, Dobes one of these beds.

I e-mailed the following to my brother, in Alabama......"We bought each of our three girls, Dobes one of these beds. They are the greatest. They can be scrubbed and hosed off,the girls can't chew on them or tear them up. They keep the girls off the cold floor or ground about four inches. They use them all the time. We even take them to Arizona with us. All the other dog beds we've ever had never lasted very long. We've had these for over a year now. You might want to consider one for Roca."

Placentia, California

Thanks for such a great product....

It's HOT here in S.E. Washington State in the summer. Our thick coated dogs love to lay on the air conditioning vents to cool off but then the air is blocked from getting all around their bodies as well as into the room. Here is a picture of my plush coated King Shepherd, Sally Bear on her Extra Large Poly Weave Kuranda Bed. My husband calls it her 'Air-Bed'. Its over the AC vent so all the cold air flows up around her body and cools her off. She loves it!! I have two beds now for my Shepherds and will be getting a third for my older Boxer.

Catherine B.

It comforts him when he's alone...

This is Kirby,wWhile we are away at work, this is his favorite place to be. I believe it actually comforts him while he's alone. This bed has done wonders for our house, he no longer wanders around looking for things to destroy. Thank you so much Kuranda!

Jeff and Valerie
St. Cloud, Minnesota

It comforts him while he's alone...

This is Kirby, while we are away at work, this is his favorite place to be. I believe it actually comforts him while he's alone. This bed has done wonders for our house, he no longer wanders around looking for things to destroy. Thank you so much Kuranda!

Jeff and Valerie
St. Cloud, Minnesota