Testimonials: Dog Lovers

Best option out there for chewers!

This is a great bed for Homer, who chews everything that isn't nailed down (and he'll chew the nails, too). He can't get at the fabric and the PVC frame--even at the corners--is too hard and slick for him to be interested in. We love this bed for crate time, and even Homer readily goes in whenever we say "Crate!"

Saint Louis, MO

Back for the second bed!

We got our first bed for our elderly greyhound. We were having trouble keeping her bed clean and it just smelled all of the time. We wanted something that would be supportive for her, wouldn't hold odors, and was easy to clean. The Kuranda Bed fit the bill. Then I saw a picture and review of two mastiffs in a XX-large bed, so we just ordered out second Kurunda Bed for our 2 boys(a goldendoodle and a golden retriever) who like to sleep together.

Gulf Breeze, FL

One you won't have to replace next year

My beds have been in use for 5 years and 3 years. I just ordered an XXL and am real tempted to try that bunk version. The bed is available at home for my large dog all the time, brought to class for training other dogs, and is available for dogs that board with me. I haven't found a dog yet that doesn't love the Kuranda! Biggest problem we have in class is that a dog gets so comfy up there that we have to persuade him to get off so we can teach him to get ON the bed on cue! The bed has been peed on a couple of times. I spray with a cleaner, hose it down, and stand against the fence to dry in the sun. Back into service. Color has not faded; no rips or tears. Save yourself a lot of money replacing cheaper and smellier alternatives every few months (or days). Get a Kuranda and be done with it.

Dog Gone Good Trainer
Sweeny, TX

LOVE these beds!

I use these beds for training as down/stay stations when training multiple dogs at once and for beds in kennels. They are light weight enough to move around yet sturdy. They work best outside where they have some grip on the ground so they don't slide when the dog enthusiastically gets on them. They are easy to clean and keep the dogs dry in winter and cool in summer. This is a great long lasting dog product with multiple uses.


Best Dog Bed I Know Of!!

This bed is perfect for training a "place" stay, as the elevation helps the dog perceive the boundary and the cozy design makes it a comfortable place to be. It's also great that it's lightweight and easy to move from place to place. Also easy to clean.

Ontario, Canada

Had to buy another!

I bought a bed with a fleece pad to teach my dog "place" in the kitchen, since she's always underfoot. My 18 year old kitty immediately decided it was hers and has completely claimed it. I had to buy another (this time to the two tier kitty bed) for her and the other cats, so that my dog can have her place bed back!

Eden Prairie, MN

Wish I had discovered Kuranda bed sooner

I purchased it for my large breed, senior dog to help relieve pressure on her joints and hips. We can leave her outside to dry after swimming with her bed (loves the sun)…  This is a great product, very durable, easy to assemble and clean and most important my dog loves it.

West Porters Lae, Nova Scotia, Canada

The Kuranda bed saved my sofa!

Our Dane hogged the couch and now prefers his new bed!! He weighs 155 lbs. proving the new bed is strong! I am delighted.

Napoleon’s Mom
Centralia, MO

Big Dog in Love

My St. Bernard gets great support and comfort from this bed. A big plus is that all slobber and dirty footprints wash right off.

Solo’s Mom
Buchanan, Mi

Our 2nd Kuranda Bed

We just purchased our 2nd Kuranda Bed. The first one I bought for my last Great Dane as an outside bed. The 2nd one I just purchased for my 2nd Great Dane. She has destroyed two thick foam beds, but she cannot destroy the Kuranda Bed…  It is easy to clean, just scrub with a brush and hose it off…  She loves it!

Orange County, CA

Durable and beautiful

We have an English Mastiff that is 9 months old and 165 lbs. We tried a different brand and design that lasted only 2 weeks. I am very pleased with the durability. … Overall, very satisfied!

Brutus the English Mastiff
Antioch, CA

Fur Kids Opinion is 10 PAWS

The crate bed is for my older arthritic dog and she is not as stiff after sleeping on this bed. The house bed is for my meduim guy that likes to sleep out in the family room (wood floors). Keeps him more comfortable and he loves it.

Pecatonica, Illinois

This bed was just what we needed

Dog has back hip and knee problems coupled with arthritis. Keeps the dog off the wood and tiled floors. The Dog no longer paces around the room but sleeps quietly on its Kuranda bed.

Windsor, Ontario

Simply Amazing

I have seen these beds in the many shelters I work with and decided to buy one for my 7 year old arthritic Akita mix. She immediately took to the bed and after just one week of use is limping much less.

Spring, TX

Best Christmas gifts we gave!

Our eldest lab has arthritis, but he can easily get off and on the bed, and he sleeps so comfortably. It is wonderful to see him happy with his bed! Our youngest lab has quickly destroyed any stuffed bed we've bought, but she hasn't even attempted a nibble at this bed. She loves it. The beds are warm, as they lift the dogs off the floor, and they have just enough flexibility to give a little with the dogs' weight, but not too much. These beds are worth the money without a doubt.

The Thomases
Mineral Bluff, GA

Kuranda is the real deal!

I am a long time pet owner. I wish that I had discovered the Kuranda dog beds years ago. They are absolutely wonderful! My dogs love them. I love them.

Since I was concerned about my large lab lying on his hips, I decided to try the Kuranda bed. It worked so well that I purchased a second somewhat smaller Kuranda for my wire hair terrier. Now both my dogs benefit from the comfort of the Kuranda beds, and what is more important to me, there is far less pressure on my dogs hips. Their hips will be healthier as a result of their beds! THANK YOU, KURANDA BEDS!

Texarkana, Texas

Great Dog bed to help with sore hip!

I got a Kuranda bed (for) one year old German Shephard  Koda. The vet said Koda limped due to a slight dysplasia in her hip, it was always worse when she got up from sleeping all night. They tried a foam doggy bed, but that didn't help her. I did some research and discovered Kuranda beds, and read the customer reviews about how the beds helped dogs with arthritis. I got them the Kuranda crate bed; Koda likes the Kuranda so much, she goes into her kennel (which is left open) anytime she wants to sleep. After only a couple of days use, Koda no longer wakes with a limp, and she doesn't constantly shift while she's sleeping to find a way to get comfortable.

Sonny loves Koda
Alexandria, VA

I will never buy another type of dog bed

Awesome bed. My boxer now gets up from sitting or sleeping like he used to when he was a pup. No longer is he getting up all stiff and sore after having sat or slept on another bed or the floor.

Rocky and Lola's Mom
Manlius, NY

Our dog loves it!!!

Zeke Loves his new bed...he used to dread going into his crate when it was time for us to go away for the day, now he goes in on his own even when we are home just to relax rather than plopping down on the couch. His hips thank you too, he was starting to show signs of hip dysplasia and now he is up and moving around like a puppy again.

Zeke's mom
Columbus, Ohio

Better than the cushion dog beds

I have large, active, outdoors dogs that come in wet, dirty and smelly…  I look forward to the easy maintenance of the Kuranda beds!

Bolton, Ontario, Canada