Works great for both dogs

Previously, my terrier had destroyed anything that was in the crate, but now he is comfortable and he has not been able to shred the bed! I also purchased a bed for my schnauzer, who is older, and added a fleece layer for him.

Westchester, NY

Awesome Product

We learned of the Kuranda cots from another breeder when a beagle puppy destroyed 3 other cots. We began buying them and now have them in all our dog runs and have one in the crate of our Giant Schnauzer who tore up numerous beds. This product delivers comfort for the dog and is easy to clean and ultra sturdy for rugged daily use.

Kansas City, Missouri

Excellent [...]

I use the Kuranda beds in my kennel of 4 giant schnauzers. The dogs love their beds. They are durable, easy to clean and stand up quite well to the weight of the dogs. The company stands behind their product and has an excellent warranty. Anything that I have needed replaced was done so promptly and with courtesy. I appreciate a company that is everything that it claims to be... Because of this engineering, the beds last.


Dog Bed Serves Large and small

Very practical product. Works for our large Chow Chow and Smaller Keeshond.

Jonesborough, Tennessee

Ingenious design!

Bed chewing problem solved - an ingenious design that provides orthopedic support, keeps dog off of floor, and fits crate perfectly.

Jack's dad
York, PA

The only dog bed I would ever buy!

Each of my dogs has a Kuranda bed in its inside run. The beds are sturdy, easy to clean and I would recommend them to anyone.

Hermitage, PA

We and our dogs LOVE Kuranda beds

We and our dogs have loved Kuranda beds for almost 20 years when we first started using them. They have survived many litters of puppies and grown dogs in the house, in the kennel and outside. We routinely take Kuranda beds with us in the Motorhome to set up at dog shows so our dogs are as comfortable on the road as they are at home. And as a veterinarian I use them in the clinic as well.

Asheboro, NC

Perfect for Pippin's Outdoor Enjoyment!

Our poodle-dachshund-papillon mix (12 lb) LOVES his new toy size bed! It's just right out next to the deck rail, enabling him to maintain his constant squirrel watch over the surrounding woods in cool comfort.
We've only had the bed for a few weeks, so cannot comment on its durability. But it was a pleasure to assemble, is lightweight yet sturdy, and the nylon weave fabric allows the rain water to run right through. We are all very pleased with our Kuranda Bed.

Grandmuzzy in Cartoogechaye
Franklin, NC

Suri's bed

I had always wanted a bed like this one for my dogs. My beautiful Nala passed away without one. When my new girl came home, I decided to simply buy it. Suri simply climbed into her bed. This bed has two owners, Suri and a chihuahua named Papillon. Sometimes I envy them.


Gotta get another one...

While it was still cool enough, all three of the other dogs- a Papillon, a Rat Terrier, and a mutt- would pile on the bed for naps. Now that it's getting warmer, TOD the mutt sleeps there solo. I'll definitely order the next size up for Daisy. This product is wonderful. I love that it's light-weight enough to move easily for cleaning around it or if company's coming yet still sturdy enough to take the "flying leap" maneuver during impromptu indoor agility runs by the three smaller dogs!

Miss Mindy
West Lake Hills, TX


My two miniature Schnauzer/LhasaPoos are chewing machines. They systematically ate their way through over $400 of dog beds in their first year. We even bought a chew resistant dog bed that we were assured was almost indestructible...it took them less than three hours to rip it apart. The Kuranda bed has beaten them, and they LOVE it!! They happily jump into their crate now and settle down. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Oshawa, Ontario

Kbed and the 3 Dogs-It's Juussst Right!

I bought your product for my 13 yr old arthritic cocker spaniel and thought our 2 year old border collie might use it too. The cocker loved it and used it all the time. Now we have a Havanese and he sleeps in it every night. I have put a couple of pillows on it for company as its a pretty big bed for such a little dog. So I would have to say your Kuranda bed is very versatile -not too hard, not too soft, but
juuuusssst RIGHT for all my dogs. Thanks for inventing such a great bed.

Rufus the Dog
Paris, Ontario CANADA

Dogs love it!

This is the second Kuranda bed I've purchased - first was one for my Golden Retriever. He loves his so much, I got one for my two small dogs - a Chihuahua and a Havanese.

I got the Crate bed for them so it would be lower to the floor to minimize how far they have to jump up and down. It could stand to be even lower for them...
They were using a big pillow-type bed, but the Havanese has terrible allergies, so I'm removing every possible trigger. Love the Kurandas - easy to keep clean, nice cover fits with decor.

Best of all - I know it's the last bed I'll ever have to buy them!

Count me as Very pleased!

Memphis, TN

Wonderful product

We donated this bed to a husky rescue and they just go on and on how great these beds are. In fact the rescue group wanted a Kuranda bed because they were comfortable and lasted a long time. Great product [...]

Evansville, Indiana

Exactly what we wanted.

Our husky enjoyed curling up in the sling seat deck chairs, so we were looking for bed with similiar fabric. She willing gave up the chair for her own bed.
Our bed stays on the deck all the time. Survived the first winter snow and ice and looks like new. The vinyl weave fabric drains easily. The bed is really stable.

Emily's people
Mullica Hill NJ

love this bed!

My dog absolutely loves his new bed! I have a husky who spends his nights outside. He hates to be kept inside on rainy nights, but I insist on that point. This bed elevates him off the slate patio for a nice comfy warm sleep! I find him curled up on his bed a lot of times when i can't see him playing in the yard. He even refuses to come inside sometimes, preferring his bed!

kirby's mom
ocean, nj

Awesome Bed for My Dog

Niko, my Siberian Husky absolutely loves to sun in his new bed....its large enough for him, very ergonomically sound for his body and he's enjoying it. I know it's going to be cool for him during the spring/summer months with air flow underneath the bed. It's awesome and I'm satisfied!!

Willies Style
Bentonville, AR
Photo of My Older Dogs Love It!!

My Older Dogs Love It!!

My older shar peis love this bed! I have a fleece cover that provides extra padding for their joints.

Los Alamos, NM

Love My 5 Kuranda beds

I use outdoors for Chow, GSD, Lab, St. Bernard and Golden Retriever. Will hold up for years outdoors in weather and can easily get replacement material.
Use for foster dogs for rescue group


Saint Bernard Strong!!

My Saint Bernard loves her bed. I highly recommend this bed to anyone who lives in a hot climate like Florida. It keeps the dog cool with air flow under the bed.

Jacksonville Florida