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Large Aluminum Kuranda Dog Bed

Large Dog Beds

Large dogs, including Giant breed dogs are our best customers! They recognize and enjoy the healthy comfort Kuranda beds provide for their dogs’ hips and joints.

We insert a galvanized steel rod into our XL & XX Large Poly Resin bed frames for even more support. We haven’t found a large dog that our aluminum bed couldn’t fit.

Aluminum Dog Bed

For dogs up to 200 lbs.
$89.95 - $159.95

Standard Dog Bed

For dogs up to 100 lbs.
$49.95 - $124.95

Crate Bed

$53.95 - $128.95

What our Customers Say:

Toro and Bella
Here is (a photo of Toro a Japanese mastiff and Bella a Neapolitan mastiff sunbathing together… We have purchased other beds in the past but none compare to the quality and durability of the Kuranda! Thanks for such a great product! By the way the dogs combined weight is 285 lbs!!”

Wish I had discovered Kuranda bed sooner
I purchased it for my large breed, senior dog to help relieve pressure on her joints and hips. We can leave her outside to dry after swimming with her bed (loves the sun)… This is a great product, very durable, easy to assemble and clean and most important my dog loves it.
West Porters Lae, Nova Scotia, Canada

Big Dog in Love
My St. Bernard gets great support and comfort from this bed. A big plus is that all slobber and dirty footprints wash right off.
Solo’s Mom
Buchanan, Mi

Canon, Duke, Zac, Marley, and Julie
… The first bed is two years old and survived not only my dogs, but I ran it over with my F250 truck and it lived to tell the tale. I have 1 Doberman, 1 rhodesian mix, 1 doberman mix, a hound dog and now a labrador/collie mix puppy. Occasionally three of them are trying to share the bed at the same time…I also plan to eventually try the slip covers and maybe alternate fabrics, thank you for allowing such options. So on behalf of my furkids, thank you very much.
Canon, Duke, Zac, Marley, and Julie's Mom
Antioch, CA