Heavy Duty Vinyl (40 oz. Vinyl)
The choice of animal shelters and kennels for dogs that need the most durable furnishings, it provides the best abrasion resistance of any fabric we’ve found. The smooth non-porous surface enables easy cleaning; just spray and wipe clean. It will puddle when wet.

Textured Nylon (Cordura)
Specially coated to resist staining, this abrasion resistant high-denier nylon has the feel and texture of traditional canvas. Cordura is usually found in outdoor backpacks and boots to provide the feel of canvas but with greater durability. It has a soft touch weave to provide excellent footing for dogs.

Outdoor Mesh (Vinyl Weave)
Great for outdoor use, the open, water proof weave allows air and water to flow through, helping dogs stay cool and dry. It is frequently used outside and in hot climates where air circulation is beneficial. Vinyl weave fabric is not recommended for dogs that dig as it is the most susceptible to damage from their nails. Vinyl weave is the only fabric not included in our 1 year warranty.

Smooth Nylon (Ballistic)
This high denier nylon has the same rich appearance and durability of Cordura but the smooth finish doesn’t catch hair, making it easier to clean. Many kennel owners who prefer a strong canvas type material choose Ballistic Nylon for this reason. Specially coated to resist staining.