Diabetic Alert Dogs warn their partners to low or high blood sugar levels

Frank WisneskiFrank Wisneski is a devoted father, volunteer and passionate photographer who was inspired by the animals and friends he works with. Frank’s 10 year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 7. Because of this, he looked into diabetic alert dogs, which brought him to his Black Lab, Major. Major is his daughter’s service dog who was adopted from a very abusive life. Major was just 35lbs when he was rescued and has made a 100% recovery thanks to his trainer at Canine Hope for Diabetics, and the love and compassion from Frank and his family. As Frank says “Major pays it forward every day” by being an inspiration, and amazing companion to Frank and his family.

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Manitoba supporters surpass bed goal in TWO HOURS!

Two Women with a Garage Dog Rescue, Manitoba, Canada.  I can't even begin to thank each and every one of our donaters. Thank you. Witth your help, we exceeded our requested four beds...we got SIX BEDS!

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SPCA Flin Fon, Manitoba Canada dogs and cats start the year with new Kuranda beds!

Yahooooooooo ! We did it ! You guys are amazing ! Thank You so much ! Once the beds start to arrive I will let you know. Please come out to the shelter and see the beds that you have donated. What a difference it will make to our dogs and cats ! 

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Animal Rescue Project KALAMAZOO, MI get beds for Christmas

"Our dogs REALLY love these Kuranda beds. They are really comfortable beds that get the dogs up off the cold floor. We love the Kuranda beds because they are easy to keep clean and are virtually indestructible.  Thanks to all who have donated."

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Holmes County dogs soon to have their own beds!

Holmes County Humane Society, Inc. The beds complete the picture of comfort for the dogs.  Wow, we are gonna have some very happy dogs!

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County of Santa Clara Animal Care & Control will sleep better on new Kuranda beds

The wonderful supporters of Santa Clara Animal Care & Control donated dog beds and 32 cat beds for the Holidays -- Happy New Year guys!!


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Pawsibilities Humane Society of Greater Akron

Congratulations to Pawsibilities for wonderful donations of 30 dog beds and 9 cat beds during the Holidays!

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January 2014

photo-2FPWt6G5bjRwiEcvOaAJ1P-Hobie-KuranHobie-Wan Kenobi How is 3.5 months old and his Kuranda was purchased before he arrived. He has loved it since the day we brought him home!

As the winner with 3755 votes, 5 beds will be donated to Warrior Canine Connection, Brookeville, MD on behalf of the winner.

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Cascades Humane Society MI dogs and cats getting Kuranda beds for Christmas

Yesterday we posted a link to our wish list on the Kuranda Dog Beds website. In less than 24 hours, 10 dog beds and 4 cat beds have been purchased! AMAZING! 12/12/13.



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Friday's Rescue Foundation reaches goal of 46 beds!

Dogs at Friday's Rescue Foundation will sleep comfortably with an outpouring of bed donations requested this week on thier Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/FridaysRescueFoundation?hc_location=stream

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Dogs at Orphans of the Storm No Kill Animal Shelter comfortable for Christmas

Orphans of the Storm (No Kill Animal Shelter) WOW...what a response. You all are AWESOME! As of now, 7 large beds have been donated...no more large needed at this time. 4 medium have been donated.....14 more mediums and ALL of our dogs will have a new bed for Christmas!!! Wish list has been revised and in addition to the medium beds, we are in need of a cat tower, fleece pads for cats and some replacement bed covers. THANK YOU ALL SO VERY, VERY MUCH!

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Fairfax County Animal Shelter receives 35 bed donations in 24 hours!

We are celebrating today! Our Facebook followers donated 35 Kuranda beds to the shelter in the past 24 hours! Thank you for providing a soft place to lay for a homeless pet. Today is Giving Tuesday, and we're hoping to reach our goal of 60 beds. We only have 25 more to go - we're almost there!

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Big Fluffy Dog Rescued gives 40 beds to TN shelters!

In less than 48  hours supporters of Big Fluffy Dog Rescue in TN donated beds for two local shelters and lots of other needed supplies.  GREAT JOB GUYS! 12/14/13

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SAFE Sanctuary MN enjoys 17 new beds



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19 dogs at Sean Casey Animal Rescue have new Kuranda beds

Thanks to NY pet lovers, 19 dogs at Sean Casey Animal Rescue have new Kuranda beds this winter.....hurray!


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Black Canyon Animal Sanctuary surpasses goal for beds

In just 2 days, donations of 18 dogs beds surpassed the Black Canyon Animal Sanctuary's goal of 15 beds -- nice job!




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Louisa Shelter reaches goal for Kuranda beds for small dogs and and cats!

In just TWO DAYS, supporters of Louisa Shelter in Louisa, Virginia donated 24 dog beds for all the small dogs/puppies and 10 cat beds for all of their cats thru their Facebook campaign!

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December 2013

1014280_10151654938798077_1373549540_n.jEagle Eye Lestat, our 7-year old GSD enjoying his first Kuranda bed. He LOVES it. :)

As the winner with 1357 votes, 5 beds will be donated to MSPCA of Nevins Farm, Methuen, MA on behalf of the winner.

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The Great Dane Lady

Recently we lost a great friend to the dog community. Linda Arndt was the first person I interviewed for the blog articles and was very patient and helpful. We never got around to publishing this article, so in respect to Linda, we would like for everyone to know how amazing Linda truly was. 5 Kuranda beds will be donated to Linda’s favorite shelter.

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November 2013

photo-2Fqtaw3kkSluXZh5Zn2IfI-rosco-and-bRosco & Bruno These guys love hanging out in their new bed and I love how they aren't able to destroy it!

As the winner with 4340 votes, 5 beds will be donated to Litters and Critters, Halifax, Nova Scotia on behalf of the winner.

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