Big Fluffy Dog Rescued gives 40 beds to TN shelters!

In less than 48  hours supporters of Big Fluffy Dog Rescue in TN donated beds for two local shelters and lots of other needed supplies.  GREAT JOB GUYS! 12/14/13

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SAFE Sanctuary MN enjoys 17 new beds



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19 dogs at Sean Casey Animal Rescue have new Kuranda beds

Thanks to NY pet lovers, 19 dogs at Sean Casey Animal Rescue have new Kuranda beds this winter.....hurray!

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Black Canyon Animal Sanctuary surpasses goal for beds

In just 2 days, donations of 18 dogs beds surpassed the Black Canyon Animal Sanctuary's goal of 15 beds -- nice job!



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Louisa Shelter reaches goal for Kuranda beds for small dogs and and cats!

In just TWO DAYS, supporters of Louisa Shelter in Louisa, Virginia donated 24 dog beds for all the small dogs/puppies and 10 cat beds for all of their cats thru their Facebook campaign!

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December 2013

1014280_10151654938798077_1373549540_n.jEagle Eye Lestat, our 7-year old GSD enjoying his first Kuranda bed. He LOVES it. :)

As the winner with 1357 votes, 5 beds will be donated to MSPCA of Nevins Farm, Methuen, MA on behalf of the winner.

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The Great Dane Lady

Recently we lost a great friend to the dog community. Linda Arndt was the first person I interviewed for the blog articles and was very patient and helpful. We never got around to publishing this article, so in respect to Linda, we would like for everyone to know how amazing Linda truly was. 5 Kuranda beds will be donated to Linda’s favorite shelter.

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November 2013

photo-2Fqtaw3kkSluXZh5Zn2IfI-rosco-and-bRosco & Bruno These guys love hanging out in their new bed and I love how they aren't able to destroy it!

As the winner with 4340 votes, 5 beds will be donated to Litters and Critters, Halifax, Nova Scotia on behalf of the winner.

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Sharon Harrell of the New River Rapids Flyball Club

Sharon Harrell is captain of the New River Rapids Flyball Club, based in Blacksburg, Virginia. New River Rapids has about 30 team dogs, in all stages of training for flyball. Each year the team competes in a dozen or so tournaments, mostly on the east coast. In 2012 they were the Division 4 Champions in the Can-Am Classic , the world’s largest flyball tournament, bringing teams from all over the US and Canada.

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October 2013

fergie_alfie_yawning.jpgA pittie and his kitty Alfie, the pit bull, loves nap time and soaking up the sun on his kuranda bed with his best friend Fergie. Fergie is a foster kitten. Alfie keeps Fergie happy, healthy & dog friendly :)

As the winner with 2412 votes, 5 beds will be donated to Delaware SPCA, New Castle County Shelter. on behalf of the winner.

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September 2013

232323232fp8_nu3235_687_36__wsnrcg35_497Sharing the throne! These two golden retrievers don't fight over who get the bed, they share it.

As the winner with 1991 votes, 5 beds will be donated to Kansas Specialty Dog Services, Washington, KS on behalf of the winner.

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August 2013

best-friends-dom-9.jpgBest Friends Our beautiful Husky Dango attracts attention wherever he goes and nothing is sweeter than Mya the mini Manx. They both love the Kuranda bed as you can see... And hurray because I finally found a bed that Dango can't chew up!

As the winner, 5 beds will be donated to Maple Ridge SPCA Maple Ridge, BC on behalf of the winner.

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Rachel Thorton on Diabetic Alert Dogs

Rachel Thornton is a loving Mother who has a daughter that was diagnosed with type one diabetes about 7 years ago. Friends, family, and community raised the large amount of money necessary for a diabetic alert dog for her daughter, but, regretfully, all was lost, due to an unscrupulous company that sells dogs that could not be trained for service. Consequently, she and her daughter began teaching themselves - through intense research and through the valuable assistance of many others - to train a diabetic alert dog themselves. The success of that dog led them to share information and help others via their website

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July 2013

kuranda_6storm.jpgStorm and King! My wife and I rescued Storm and King on November 12th, 2012. They're 4.5 year old sibling Great Danes who absolutely love their Kuranda beds! In this case they both decided it was time for a little brother/sister grooming!

As the winner, 5 beds will be donated to Great Dane Rescue of New England in Adams, MA on behalf of the winner.

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Leader of the Pack K9 Institute in Allentown, PA

Lisa McDonald, owner of Leader of the Pack Canine Institute, started her third year in business this January and says she will never go back to corporate America. Lisa spent twenty years as an assistant comptroller for a local business, but decided one day that pets were her passion, so she ventured off to become a very successful entrepreneur. Lisa started off by training under a local dog trainer, and then got her national certification for dog training. It started with just training, then quickly expanded to a kennel, day care, then grooming. Now she offers an all-in-one K9 facility, which is what she explains as part of the reason she has been so successful. An all-in-one K9 facility is just what her customers want, as they can bring their dog(s) to Leader of the Pack Canine Institute for a day, or overnight and get everything they want all in one place.  Another large factor in her success has a lot to do with her staff; Lisa is proud of her staff and says that they make the business with their customer service. Lisa says that 75% of her business comes from word of mouth and referrals, due to her staff’s loyalty and devotion to dogs.


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June 2013

emmaonkuranda.jpgEmma Hanging in comfort Fifteen month old greyhound hanging out on the porch in style.

As the winner, 5 beds will be donated to Texas Hearing and Service Dogs, Emerald Hills, California on behalf of the winner.

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Campbell Boarding Kennels in Mount Vernon, Ohio

Jeff Campbell, of Campbell Boarding Kennels, is a small kennel owner with just nine runs who clearly cares about his customers, both the people and their dogs. His devotion to his kennel and dogs, keeping them clean well exercised and healthy, goes a very long way. Each of his runs has a Kuranda bed in it. “Before I had Kuranda beds in the runs, I would go check up on them and they would hear me and get up to greet me, but not anymore," Jeff says "The dogs are sound asleep on the beds and love them.”

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May 2013

290602_10102340018536030_1725264320_o_coBest Friends By Terri Felske. Drew and Emerson love each other and love their kuranda beds.

As the winner, 5 beds will be donated to Watauga Humane Society on behalf of the winner.

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April 2013

roxanne_perry_lola_willow.jpgSDP Dogs By Mark Amirault. "4 future Service Dogs from SDP (Service Dog Project) “We love our kuranda bed! We fit now, but we’re still puppies!!”

As the winner, 5 beds will be donated to SDP - Service Dog Project on behalf of the winner.

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March 2013

bed_photo.jpgWCC Service Puppies by: Jessica Hoffman. Holly's Half Dozen - Warrior Canine Connection program puppies are raised with a very specific purpose: to help heal our veterans. This many puppies put Kuranda beds to the test, and pass with flying colors!

As the winner, 5 beds will be donated to Warrior Canine Connection in Brookeville, MD on behalf of the winner.

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