February 2015

c79431a074b811e4941785359f913bf6-teddy-kTeddy Teddy was adopted from Cuba Mo Animal Shelter and proof that shelter dogs are the best. He has been a great little brother to his aging yellow lab mix sister and a joy to our family. Teddy is a great addition in our lives.

As the winner with 11613 votes, 5 beds will be donated to Cuba MO Animal Control in Cuba, Missouri on behalf of the winner.

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January 2015

65d5dc203f5211e49f5c6b6bdfdf2e5f-image.jPebbles As soon as I flipped her new Kuranda bed right side up, Pebbles couldn't wait to get on and make herself comfortable.

As the winner with 2464 votes, 5 beds will be donated to Geauga Humane Society's Rescue Village Novelty, OH on behalf of the winner.

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December 2014

39aefdb027de11e4810efb83a31a4c49-Prince.Prince Prince is a prince of a guy. He's usually moving so getting this pic was quite the catch.

As the winner with 1057 votes, 5 beds will be donated to Lancaster Animal Shelter, Lancaster, TX on behalf of the winner.

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Warrior Canine Connection

“Warrior Canine Connection is a pioneering organization that utilizes clinically based Canine Connection Therapy to help wounded Warriors reconnect with life, their families, their communities, and each other.”

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November 2014

74307a6011e311e4a18f1999f86220ff-image.jKuchi resting in style Patches is our foster dog we are fostering for a soldier currently deployed in Afghanistan and The Puppy Rescue Mission. We got her mid May and she will be with us until early fall. Patches mom rescued her in Afghanistan.

As the winner with 1535 votes, 5 beds will be donated to The Puppy Rescue Mission - Des Planes Illinois on behalf of the winner.

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October 2014

ea7e9b30f18f11e380249915a4736cfa-KurandaMurphy loves his bed Murphy loves his Kuranda bed. Great for the giant breeds as it's not to high and evenly distributes their weight. Not to mention - it's puppy proof!

As the winner with 1721 votes, 5 beds will be donated to Fresh Start Dane Rescue, Atlantic Canada on behalf of the winner.

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September 2014

1813f4b0d47511e3b484b7080cb1905f-Rocco.jRocco and his new bed :) We rescued Rocco in July 2013, and he is a Bulldog/Austrailian Shepherd mix supposedly. All we know is he a giant goof ball, and loves "bouncing" on his Kuranda when he goes in his house. Rocco approved!

As the winner with 3063 votes, 5 beds will be donated to Northeast Animal Shelter, Salem, MA on behalf of the winner.

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August 2014

6d4c3ec0dc4e11e3a84f77c79ff6bc23-hutch-bHutch waiting for Dinner Hutch was rescue at 7 weeks old from shelter. He just turned 1 year. He was drop off to be put to sleep because he could not make a profit. Saving Paws Rescue AZ rescue him. I can't Thank SPR enough for him. We love him.

As the winner with 2115 votes, 5 beds will be donated to Saving Paws Rescue - Located in AZ on behalf of the winner.

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July 2014

2f333550d71f11e3a2b6c7f00491dacf-IMG-366Great Dane Puppers 8 Great Dane Puppies hoping to fill up their own bed one day!

As the winner with 6491 votes, 5 beds will be donated to Great Dane Love - A Central Florida Rescue, Inc. on behalf of the winner.

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Carlene White of the Service Dog Project

carlene-white-service-dog-project.jpgCarlene White is an amazing lady. She has been breeding, raising, and training Great Danes to donate to service veterans and the mobility impaired for many years and her compassion, love, care and intelligence truly shows through in her work. She’s worked with just about every breed of dog because she used to provide dogs for commercials, movies, and television.

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June 2014

4ddb2dc0a8ba11e3bf1d21fc5c7eac2a-photo-1Roo, the Bully Mix Roo was found in a ditch, almost dead. She had to have a blood transfusion, is full of buckshot, has crippled legs and feet from Rickets, and is incontinent. But she is happy, she is loved, and she LOVES her Kuranda bed!

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Dog Trainer Vince Rambala

vince-rambala-thumb.jpgVince Rambala is a hardworking, diligent dog trainer and great friend of Kuranda. He has been working with us since about 2004, and since then, he has sold about a thousand of our beds through his website, and his training program.

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May 2014

b201fa30a08711e38481b16803f47578-walkerkWalker LOVES his Kuranda! Walker is a blind Coonhound that we saved from the pound. He was in rough shape with scars and frostbite from living outside. He now lives the high life as an indoor dog and he loves having his very own comfy Kuranda bed!

As the winner with 2972 votes, 5 beds will be donated to A Labor of Love Dog Rescue, Defiance Ohio on behalf of the winner.

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April 2014

593e4a00741011e38133b75f80858311-BruiserBruiser Loves His Bed Bruiser is a yellow Lab who LOVES to play ball and snuggle. We live in Blackwood NJ and hope some day I can be a puppy raiser for a service dog so I can be a big brother.

As the winner with 4576 votes, 5 beds will be donated to Bergin University of Canine Studies, Rohnert Park, CA on behalf of the winner.

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Canine Hope for Diabetics

Crystal Cockroft has been running Canine Hope for Diabetics for almost 5 years.  She and her team train diabetic alert dogs for type one diabetics.  The dogs are trained to alert high and low blood sugar.  Whether their owners are asleep or awake, they can alert their owners about an increase or decrease in blood sugar.  Crystal and her team have made their organization to be as community oriented as possible, so that families can all get together and feel comfortable because they all have something very important in common.  They can all get together to learn and gain knowledge of other diabetics, and the diabetic alert community.  They put together outings, there’s a place where families can talk to other families that are just like them.  As Crystal says; “It’s just become a fun, safe place where families can get together that have something in common.” 

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March 2014

1c47f7106b9e11e39dbed1e2b6c3f100-jazz-26Scooby Doo & Scrappy??? This is our rescue Jazzmin the Great Dane and her Little Chihuahua buddy Bailey. They love to snuggle on their Kuranda Bed! And its the only bed Jazzmin doesn't chewed up! Yay for Kuranda!

As the winner with 1200 votes, 5 beds will be donated to Paws New England on behalf of the winner.

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February 2014

Breakfast in Bed Coby is a black lab who has good self control. He will leave anything you ask him to until you tell him it is OK to eat it. He loves his bed and hangs out there all the time :)

As the winner with 2274 votes, 5 beds will be donated to San Jose Animal Care and Services in San Jose, CA on behalf of the winner.

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Pima Animals celebrate new Kuranda beds!

PACC Partners, Tucson AZ assemble and deliver new Kuranda beds to the dogs during the Holidays!

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Dawson County Humane Society kitties have fun!

Both the dogs, and the cats have received bed donations for wonderful pet lovers.  The cats think their new tower is cool!   "Our first bed has arrived and our babes LOVE it!!! Thank you from all of us!"

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Manitoba dogs get new beds

Thompson Humane Society, Manitoba supporters donate beds for all of the dogs in just 2 days!  Now 24 dogs will have a comfortable place to relax.

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