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Dog of the Month

July 2004 - Chinese Crested enjoys his bed!

Wizzer is a Hope's Haven foster dog, enjoying his Kuranda Bed!! He is a terrier coated Chinese Crested powderpuff. Hope's Haven-Chinese Crested & Hairless Dog Rescue Tampa, Florida

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June 2004 - Your beds have made a major difference...

I should have sent this note long ago. Your beds have made a major difference in our boarding business. Every dog loves them, no dog can destroy them. I can't tell you how many of our customers see the beds and say "Rover" will trash it. I say, " Don't worry." When they come back a week later "Rover's" bed is as good as new and Rover is a happy comfortable puppy.

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May 2004 - A Cool California Collie!

My bearded collie, Heather, loves to lie on her Kuranda bed while keeping an eye on back-yard activity. Her favorite soccer ball makes a perfect chin rest. Bobbie S. Walnut Creek, CA

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April 2004 - 300 pounds of Irish Wolfhounds enjoy their bed!

300 pounds of Irish Wolfhounds enjoy their bed. Alana and Nuala have enjoyed sleeping together since they were puppies. They still do! Bill and Deborah Drescher The Hounds of Heaven Located near Lansing, Michigan

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February 2004 - You're looking at about 170+ lbs of black lab!

You can see that whether sleeping or awake, Indy and Hannah LOVE their Kuranda bed. Sleeping, as usual, on their X-Large Kuranda bed. You're looking at about 170+ lbs of black lab! We LOVE their beds (we own 3--this huge one in the family room and 2 large ones in our bedroom!) and you can see, so do they! Matt, Therese & Meagan

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January 2004 - For all of you who are having the winter blues...some of us have it pretty good!

Summer? That was taken in January. Sunny San Diego I guess is all I can say. Our little (big) girl is 10 months old and is our very spoiled child. I held out on the bed for a while but am glad I finally got it since she actually uses it daily. She is a Yellow Lab Jamie M.

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December 2003

At BritishLabradors.com we use the Kuranda dog beds for both our adult labrador retrievers and for the puppies. This photo is of our two most recent litters of 11 black puppies and 10 yellow puppies. We recommend these beds to all of our customers because of the comfort, durability, and ease of cleaning. Janice and Dennis Owners of BritishLabradors.com

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November 2003

Hi, My name is Indigo (Indy). I'm a longhaired weimaraner. This is me on my new Kuranda bed. I knew immediately that this was MY bed! All I need is that pad and I'll be set!!!! I know I'm really cute! Thanks for looking at me in my Kuranda! Just wanted you to see that our Indy still loves her Kuranda bed! Ken

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October 2003

Hi, Just wanted to share my Kuranda bed experience with you. I've attached a photo to show how much the beds are loved at my house. Not only do my two great danes love them but my 1 year old can't seem to stay out of them either! Thanks for the beds! Cathy McLaen Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue Virginia Beach, VA

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