Earn money referring sales to Kuranda

Many of the Pet Professionals like yourself who use Kuranda beds are helping to spread the word to your customers. If you refer your customers to Kuranda, we'd like to reward you for that effort.

How it works


Refer people to the Kuranda dog beds website


Earn 10% Commission on all referrals


Kuranda donates 5% to Warrior Canine Connection Read about WCC on our blog

Earn 10% as a Partner

The surest way to get sales is through your Partner Link.

  • Post your Kuranda Partner Link on your website or on your Facebook Page.

  • Email advice to your customer

    Before they adopt their new pet or come to you for training class , email your customers advice on what Dog/Cat Bed (Using your Kuranda Partner Link, of course), dog/cat food, etc. you think is best for their pet. Here is your unique Partner Link that you can use in emails to your customers

    Tell them that 5% of their order will be a donation! In addition to your commission, we will also donate 5% to Warrior Canine Connection. (Let us know if you’d prefer we donate to another Non-Profit on your behalf.)

Already have an account with us? Just log in and look for the "Kuranda Partner Program" tab. If you don't see it, contact us and we'll get you set up.

If you don't have an account, you can sign up as a Shelter or Rescue or Kennel.