Dog without a Kuranda Bed

Every shelter dog deserves a Kuranda Bed
Dog off the floor with a Kuranda Bed


Welcome to the Donate a Bed Program!

Join thousands of shelters and rescues getting FREE beds for all of their dogs and cats!

The Donate-a-Bed Program was created by the pet lovers at Kuranda as a means to help provide comfort to shelter and rescue dogs and cats. The program enables the public to easily send beds and cozy fleece pads directly to their favorite shelters and rescue organizations at discounted prices.

Once you have created a donation account, select the products for your wish list and tell us where to ship them. You will be notified by email every time a donation is made.


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A Recent Donation Success Story:

The only dry and clean place for these puppies to sleep at the shelter is piled high into their food bowl. If you would like to donate a Kuranda bed so the puppies at Robeson County Animal Shelter can have a soft and dry place to sleep, click here.

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