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Trick and Treat

Fido Files Case #59823


Inspector Bones here, filing this report over some delicious pumpkin-spice kibble. Today’s investigation concerns a phenomenon that seems to occur mainly in October: dogs in disguise.

Every fall, thousands of dogs dress up like cartoon characters, other animals, or even food. It’s obvious why any dog would want to be something cool like a ninja or a dragon for a day. But why would Man’s Best Friend debase himself by pretending to be a hot dog or worse…a cat?


To get to the bottom of this autumn anomaly, we dressed up some actor-dogs in BatDog outfits. Hidden cameras filmed their interactions with humans before and after the costume change.

Our footage revealed a startling fact: When the dogs were in disguise, they were several times more likely to get a treat! People just could not resist petting BatDog and handing over snacks.

These fall disguises are just one more way that dogs have found to scam humans out of treats. Case closed!

Why the humans keep falling for it, though, remains a mystery. They must be even dumber than we thought.

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