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The Case of the Dog Who Thinks He’s a Person

Fido Files Case #562186

Today’s report concerns an epidemic sweeping the nation. The first time I encountered this phenomenon, it was at the home of a great dane named Pete. The humans of the household had entered the living room and discovered Pete curled up on their couch. He was sound asleep and could not be interviewed.

As I dug into the evidence, I learned that Pete is sometimes invited onto the couch for snuggle time, but lately he had taken to snoozing on the couch whenever he felt like it… just like a human.

The truth hit me like a ton of biscuits: Pete was having an identity crisis. He had come to believe he was human. No other explanation made sense.

Luckily, Pete was able to sleep it off, and was back to fetching sticks and stealing socks within hours.

Child laying on a Kuranda Bed

Since this incident, hundreds more cross-species identity crises have been reported. Most cases are mild and temporary. To help combat this epidemic, vets recommend that dogs sleep on an orthopedic bed of their own.

Recently, experts have been concerned that the condition may be spreading to young humans. Further research is needed on this puzzling new development.

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