Kuranda Donation Program Press Kit

How the Program Works

Thousands of animal shelters and rescue groups are receiving free Kuranda beds for their dogs and cats through the Kuranda Donation Program. There is no cost to the non-profit at all. They simply create an online account for the organization, select the items that they would like on their wish list and then share that wish list with their support community using the links we will provide that are specific to your Kuranda Donation Account.

 A donor would then visit the shelter or rescue’s wish list of Kuranda Beds, select the product(s) they would like to donate and pay a discounted price for it. Kuranda does the rest! We ship the product directly to the designated shelter or rescue.

A donation can even be made as a gift or in memory of a loved one and we will mail a FREE Personalized Gift Acknowledgement Card from you!

The non-profit will be notified any time a donation is made and they can log into their Donation account and edit their wish list items at any time.

The best way for a shelter or rescue to receive Kuranda Bed donations is to spread the word! Frequent, enthusiastic posts on Facebook are the best way to keep reminding supporters of their need to get pets up off the ground.

The History of the Program

The Donate-a-Bed Program was created by the pet lovers at Kuranda as a means to help provide comfort to shelter and rescue dogs and cats. It began with a partnership with Petfinder.com in 2003 and was developed into functionality by 2004. The program enables the public to easily send beds and cozy fleece pads directly to their favorite shelters and rescue organizations at discounted prices. Since 2004 thousands of beds have been donated to give homeless dogs and cats a warm place to sleep. We are constantly evolving this program to better cater to the needs of all the different types of animal shelters and rescues that are in need of Kuranda Dog and Cat Beds.


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Cat photo 1 / Cat photo 2 / Cat photo 3 / Cat photo 4

Find a Wish List Link

When trying to help a local shelter or rescue get donations, the best way to do it is to share a direct link to their wishlist. You can get that direct link by searching here:

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