Donate a Kuranda Bed to a Homeless Pet


Donate a Kuranda Bed directly to a shelter or rescue organization!

We offer discounted prices on donations and all donated beds ship directly to the organization of your choice. We offer Free Shipping on all orders of $50 or more.

The Kuranda Bed Donation Program is FREE and easy for shelters & rescues to participate in. Non-profit organizations create an account with our Donation Website where a Kuranda staff member helps them select the items that they would like on their wish list and then share that wish list with their support community. The links we provide are specific to each Kuranda wish list.

Sharing the wish list link on Facebook, on the organization's website and via broadcast e-mails are crucial to getting all the Kuranda Bed donations that an organization needs. We can give you a shareable link to support your favorite non-profit.

Recipients are notified any time a donation is made with order details. Donors also have the option to remain anonymous.

If you are a shelter or rescue and would like help from a Kuranda staff member to organize and promote a bed drive, send an email to


Dogs love sleeping on furniture. Kuranda Beds give dogs their own comfy, off-the-ground bed that relieves stress on joints. Sleeping on an elevated surface evenly distributes a dog’s weight, eliminating pressure points like hips, elbows and shoulders. Dogs wake up feeling healthy and happy.


Cats love perches, platforms and shelves. That’s why we’ve created cat beds and cat towers that give them plenty of perch options so that they can find a safe place to hide or keep an eye out from above.

Kuranda Cat Beds and Towers are designed to give your kitties peace of mind. The Cat Beds are created to be used in smaller spaces, giving nervous cats a safe space underneath the bed and a great vantage point from on top of the bed. The same is true with our Cat Towers. Cats feel safe in the lower perches and can keep a good look out from the top levels. Happier Cats make happier Cat lovers.

For Dogs

People love Kuranda Beds because of our innovative chew proof design that encases the fabric edges in the frame. We stand behind the durability of our beds with a full 1-year warranty.

Kuranda Beds are easy to clean and won’t harbor dirt, dust and allergens so your dog will stay clean and healthy. Dogs are safer because the design of our beds makes them almost impossible to tear apart and ingest. They minimize stress when you have to board your dog. Kuranda Beds are easy to bring to the kennel with you so your dog has the comfort of home while you’re away.

For Cats

People love our Cat Beds and Towers because they are easy to clean. There is no carpeting or other absorbent materials that collect dirt and hair and therefore nothing that’s going to get stinky. A huge variety of cleaners, including diluted bleach, are completely safe to use to clean.

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