Helping Your Senior Dog Sleep Better

Caring for a senior dog can be challenging. Help your senior dog sleep better with these tips

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How to Introduce Your Dog to a New Dog Bed

Bought a new dog bed? Get your dog used to it in no time with these tips.

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Reducing Chaos in a Multi-Dog Household

Bring some peace and serenity to your multiple dog house with these tried-and-true tips.

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Best Places to Travel with Your Dog

Looking for a fantastic vacation spot that your dog will love, too? Check out our suggestions for dog-friendly destinations.

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Shedding: A Hairy Problem for Dog Owners

Some tips to keep dog hair from becoming a decorating motif in your home.

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Games Kids Can Play With Dogs

Ideas for safe, fun games for kids and dogs to play together.

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Stopping Your Dog’s Destructive Behavior While You Are Away

Leaving your dog home alone doesn't have to mean returning to a warzone! With a little preparation, you can keep your dog happy and your belongings intact.

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Dog Safety in Cold Weather

Wondering how to prepare your dog for snow and cold weather? Help ensure your dog stays healthy and warm with our winter safety tips.

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Preparing to Serve: WCC’s Service Dog Training Program

Kuranda is proud to support the Warrior Canine Connection (WCC), an organization that breeds and trains service dogs for wounded veterans.

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Your dog sleeps better with Kuranda's firm even support
Other beds are not supportive. Pressure points make joints sore.
Kuranda beds keep your dog cozy and comfy off the cold or hot floor.
Your dog will be healthy and happy with a Kuranda bed that’s easy for you to clean
Add a machine washable fleece pad for extra coziness
Patented Kuranda rails and corners keep your dog from chewing the fabric
Don't let this happen to you!