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Famous Dogs

What’s your favorite dog movie? Maybe it’s Marley and Me, if you like tearjerkers, or a feel-good 90’s comedy like Beethoven or Air Bud. While the dogs in these films were certainly popular, they would hardly be considered stars next to Terry and Pal, better known as Toto and Lassie. Here are the all-time biggest canine stars of the big screen:

Photo by Everett Collection / Rex Features

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Wisconsin Humane Society's Recipe for a Successful Bed Drive

Wisconsin Humane Society was established in 1879, and they were the first humane society in the state, hence the name “Wisconsin Humane Society.” They now serve the Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Racine counties, and recently opened a spay neuter clinic, which specifically focuses on spay and neuter surgeries for the public. Wisconsin Humane Society is a very proud shelter and for good reason.

Three's Company

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Dog Park Etiquette

A dog park can be a little patch of paradise for both you and your dog, especially if you don’t have a fenced yard or canine playmates at home. After all, a tired dog is a good dog! But as with everything else in life, a few bad apples can spoil things for everyone else. Out-of-control dogs and their oblivious owners can make a dog park no fun at all, and maybe even dangerous. Here are some tips to make sure your experience at the dog park is positive for everyone involved.

Two Dogs enjoying a day at the dog park

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September 2015

Jackson tough! Jackson comes to the Bowsers By The Bay day camp for regular exercise and play time. He's a hard player and the Kuranda beds are tough enough - even for him!

As the winner with 2322 votes, 5 beds will be donated to Silver Muzzle Cottage Rescue & Hospice, Elk Rapids, MI  on behalf of the winner.

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Franklin County Humane Society receives 28 donated Kuranda beds in 3 days!

Karen Martin and her team at Franklin County Humane Society started in the early ‘90s in a very rural county in the Pan Handle of Florida. They have about 40 dogs at any given time at their facility. Recently she got together with her team and put on a Kuranda Bed Drive.

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August 2015

Sit A Spell Two brothers, Ranger and Graham happy after being rescued and before being adopted.

As the winner with 8498 votes, 5 beds will be donated to Scott County Humane Society,Virginia on behalf of the winner.

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For the Posh Pet Hotel, Only the Best Will Do: Luxury Pet Facility Chooses Kuranda Beds

West Palm Beach’s newest hotel and spa is designed to delight those who appreciate the finer things in life. From the tranquil, beachy color scheme to the crystal chandeliers, this place is all about luxury. It has everything you’d expect from a five-star retreat: gourmet organic cuisine, chauffeur service (in a Lamborghini, if you want), flat-screen TVs, massage therapy, paw-dicures, the same brand of artificial grass that celebrity dog trainers use…

Posh Pet Hotel Embroidery on Kuranda Slipcover

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July 2015

Kallie the Dobie Being a natural guard dog, Kallie the Doberman was always on high alert in the yard chasing birds and squirrels away and barking at neighbors' voices...until she got a Kuranda and started chilling out and relaxing!

As the winner with 5028 votes, 5 beds will be donated to Doberman Rescue Ontario on behalf of the winner. Read more about Kallie the Dobie.

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June 2015

Tankerbell Loves Kuranda! Tankerbell is an 8 year old Saint Bernard who loves her Kuranda bed. Whether she is ready to take a nap or ease the pressure on her joints her Kuranda bed is her favorite thing in the house.

As the winner with 1952 votes, 5 beds will be donated to Whitman County Humane Society in Pullman, Washington on behalf of the winner.

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May 2015

Ummmm Bella...wrong way Bella is a Cane Corso pronounced("KAH-neh COR-soh") an ancient Italian Molosser. She is hoping to get votes for ECGGR to give to fosters whose dogs are undergoing heartworm treatment and seniors with arthritis. HELP US! VOTE!

As the winner with 2635 votes, 5 beds will be donated to East Coast Gentle Giants Rescue, Inc. - Hanover Virginia on behalf of the winner.

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