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February 2016

Fawning Over Kuranda! Liberty, a rescued mutt who was adopted and returned 3 times, becomes a temporary surrogate, calming, comforting, life saving mother to rescued fawns who eventually once stable go through rehab for release back into the wild.

As the winner with 1844 votes, 5 beds will be donated to Wakan Tanka Refuge Center, Inc. In Pacolet SC on behalf of the winner.

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Stopping Your Dog’s Destructive Behavior While You Are Away

Inevitably, your dog will need to be left alone sometimes. (After all, someone has to buy the dog food!) Unsupervised puppies and dogs can do quite a lot of damage, especially if they are anxious, bored, or teething. You certainly hope that your dog won’t destroy the house while you’re out, but as the saying goes, hope is not a strategy. Here are some tips to help keep your dog happy – and your house in one piece! – while you can’t keep an eye on her.

A Kuranda Crate Bed

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Dog Safety in Cold Weather

Compared to heat, cold might not seem like a big deal for dogs. After all, a dog’s normal body temperature is a few degrees warmer than ours, and many dogs have thick fur coats! But dogs can get frostbite and hypothermia just like we can, and it’s not safe for most dogs to spend long amounts of time outdoors in very cold climates. In addition, dogs’ tolerance to cold can vary widely according to breed, age, and health. For example, a sturdy husky won’t need a sweater or a coat, but a tiny Pomeranian might. (Sure, both dogs are fluffy, but the Pomeranian has a much lower body mass to help keep her warm.) Here are some important considerations to help keep your dog healthy and happy in the winter months.

A Dog enjoying the snow

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Preparing to Serve: WCC’s Service Dog Training Program

At Kuranda, we’re huge fans of Warrior Canine Connection, a Maryland-based military service dog organization. (Their dogs are big fans of our beds, too!) We spoke to the manager of their puppy training program to find out how they breed and train these amazing dogs.

Service dog Seidler

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Congrats to Warrior Canine Connection’s Class Of 2015!

Service Dog Graduates

At Kuranda, we’re huge fans of Warrior Canine Connection, a Maryland-based military service dog organization. (Their dogs are big fans of our beds, too!) So we wanted to share an update about WCC’s 2015 class, and help to spread the word about the great work this organization is doing every day.

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Town of Huntington Animal Shelter on How to Have a Successful Bed Drive on Facebook With Only 298 “Likes”

Michael Costa at Town of Huntington Animal Shelter says, the success of your Kuranda Bed Drive is directly related to “doing the right thing”.

January 2016

A Smile Fit for a Kuranda Nora found herself in a high kill shelter. I pulled her for "New Leash on Life." At Nora’s August '15 graduation, I realized our lives and hearts were too intertwined to go separate ways. Nora's now a smiling family member.

As the winner with 3623 votes, 5 beds will be donated to Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, in Asheville NC. on behalf of the winner.

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Dog Beds For Large Dogs

Great Danes on a Large Dog Bed

If you have a large- or giant-breed dog, you’ve probably come across lots of dog products that are, well, dainty. “Yeah, right,” you think as you see yet another flimsy little dog bed. “My dog could maybe fit a paw in that thing, and it would be shredded in a minute!” Whether it’s a chew toy or a dog bed – not that there’s much of a difference to a Labrador! – you know it’s got to be big and rugged, or it’s a waste of your money.

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Holiday Guests and Your Dog

Holiday entertaining can be a little tricky when there’s a furry friend in the house, but it needn’t stress you out. Here are a few tips for keeping everyone happy and comfortable during your holiday celebrations.

Dog at the door
Source: www.mygreedypet.com

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Dog Safety Tips for the Holidays

If you already have a dog – or three or four! – in the house, you’ve probably dog-proofed your home to some degree. Maybe you moved some fragile antiques to the attic, or put up baby gates to keep curious paws out. During the holiday season, though, your home could contain an array of new pet hazards that you may not have realized. We’ve put together some tips to help make your celebrations safe for everyone, including the canine members of your family.

Dog Resting on a Kuranda Bed

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