Golden Retrievers

Posted by Kuranda on 01/19/2011

Is there a better dog to begin our informational journey with than the Golden Retriever? I think not! The intelligent and loving Golden Retriever makes the perfect family dog – they are easy to train, well-mannered, and gentle with children. It is no wonder that that the Golden Retriever is among America’s most popular dog breeds. But what attributes should you take into consideration when choosing a bed for your Golden Retriever? Let’s find out…


The Kuranda dog bed, utilizing a cot-style, off-the-ground frame, provides firm, even orthopedic support and will keep your Golden Retriever warm from cold floors in the winter while providing the airflow needed to keep cool in the summer. In addition, the elevated frame promotes healthy joints and helps arthritic dogs by allowing them to simply step down off the bed as opposed to having to pick themselves up off the floor – this is especially important with Golden Retrievers who are prone to hip dysplasia.




In terms of size, the average Golden Retriever will grow to weigh somewhere in the range of 60-85 lbs and require a large or x-large frame. Both the standard poly resin andaluminum frames are durable enough handle this energetic and enthusiastic dog; however, without proper exercise, Golden Retrievers may chew more aggressively than normal and require the extra durability of the aluminum frame



With regard to indoor use, the best fabric for the Golden Retriever is cordura nylon. Again, prone to hip dysplasia and being an average shedder, cordura nylon offers the perfect balance of durability and texture (in order to provide secure footing) and is easy to clean. For Golden Retrievers who are active swimmers, vinyl weave makes the perfect outdoor fabric allowing water to drip through and the dog to dry quickly and evenly. Keep in mind however, that if your dog has a tendency to dig, vinyl weave lacks the durability of Kuranda’s other fabric selections.


Pads and Slipcovers:

Some dogs are at first hesitant to use the Kuranda bed being that it feels different from the floor and/or pillow-style bed that they are accustomed to. Adding a fleece pad or slipcover will provide extra comfort and can help your dog transition to the new bed while still providing the same orthopedic support and other health benefits described above.


Crate Beds:

Kuranda offers crate beds – traditional Kuranda dog beds with supplemental 3 inch legs that provide adequate headroom when the dog bed is placed inside an existing crate. Crate beds give crate-trained dogs’ access to the same comfort and health benefits provided by the Kuranda dog bed inside their crate. Crate beds are frequently used in homes where dogs must be crated when their family is away and during travel. Owners of Golden Retrievers and other water breeds like that their dogs can drip dry in the contained space of their crate using a crate bed and vinyl weave fabric when returning home from water-based activities.