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Kuranda Beds and the Doodle Invasion

Posted by Christian Akerley & Caroline Aro on 08/31/2023

Anyone on social media over the last few years will notice an influx of curly-haired, teddy bear-looking dogs with big personalities flooding their timelines. In the 90s, crossbreeding different breeds with Poodles was originally meant to give people with dog allergies the opportunity to experience the joy that comes with having a pup. Recently Doodle breeds have become extremely popular with individuals looking for low shedding, high personality dogs.

While there are now endless combinations of Doodles, Kuranda has plenty of bed options that your Doodle with love!

Miniature Australian Labradoodle sleeping on a Kuranda dog bed


While there are so many Doodle mixes, it’s impossible to give a general bed size recommendation for the Doodles as a whole. The best way to ensure the perfect size for your pup is to get their measurements. Measure from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail (as best you can!) and add 4”. Then refer to the chart below for bed sizing. If your pup is between sizes or if you’re not sure, we’d recommend sizing up - your dog will thank you for the extra space to sprawl!

Maximum Dog Length Bed Size
21" 25” x 18” (X-Small)
26" 30” x 20” (Small)
31" 35” x 23” (Medium)
36" 40” x 25” (Large)
40" 44” x 27” (X-Large)
46" 50” x 36” (XX-Large)
Brown labradoodle laying on a Kuranda Crate Dog Bed


Many individuals with Doodles will know that while they might be hypoallergenic for us humans, they come with a laundry list of their own allergies (quite the trade-off!). So now the question is… which fabric option should you choose for your Kuranda bed?

Our Cordura (Textured Nylon) fabric option is great for Doodles as well as other dogs with skin allergies. This Nylon fabric does not have a vinyl coating as some of our other fabrics do, which is great for pups with sensitive skin. While the vinyl coating provides some water repellence and makes the fabrics a bit easier to clean, it can sometimes irritate dogs with allergies. The Cordura fabric does tend to attract and catch hair, but as low/no-shed dogs, this shouldn’t be a problem for your Doodle.


Charlie, a light-colored Cockapoo, lounges on his Kuranda dog bed and Bolster pad.

One of our own advisors has a 6-year-old Cockapoo named Charlie. Charlie’s been loving his Kuranda bed for almost 2 years now! As much as he’s tried to scratch his way through the bed to the other side of the world, the fabric and bed have held up wonderfully! While Charlie’s stubbornness (a common trait among Doodles) had him wary of the bed at first, he has absolutely warmed up to the bed over time. Now, he spends most of the day lounging on his elevated Kuranda bed, enjoying his pampered, “best Dood life”.