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Donation Success Stories

Read how Shelters and Rescues have found success with Kuranda's Donate A Bed Program.

Wisconsin Humane Society's Recipe for a Successful Bed Drive

Wisconsin Humane Society was established in 1879, and they were the first humane society in the state, hence the name “Wisconsin Humane Society.” They now serve the Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Racine counties, and recently opened a spay neuter clinic, which specifically focuses on spay and neuter surgeries for the public. Wisconsin Humane Society is a very proud shelter and for good reason.

Three's Company

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Franklin County Humane Society receives 28 donated Kuranda beds in 3 days!

Karen Martin and her team at Franklin County Humane Society started in the early ‘90s in a very rural county in the Pan Handle of Florida. They have about 40 dogs at any given time at their facility. Recently she got together with her team and put on a Kuranda Bed Drive.

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Pima Animals celebrate new Kuranda beds!

PACC Partners, Tucson AZ assemble and deliver new Kuranda beds to the dogs during the Holidays!

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Dawson County Humane Society kitties have fun!

Both the dogs, and the cats have received bed donations for wonderful pet lovers.  The cats think their new tower is cool!   "Our first bed has arrived and our babes LOVE it!!! Thank you from all of us!"

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Manitoba dogs get new beds

Thompson Humane Society, Manitoba supporters donate beds for all of the dogs in just 2 days!  Now 24 dogs will have a comfortable place to relax.

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Animal Care Center of St John gets support for animals

Dogs and cats of the Animal Care Center of St John, US Virgin Islands will be relaxing on Kuranda beds, thanks to the generosity of supporters from Ohio, New Jesey, Missouri & Pennsylvania.  Nice job!

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Manitoba supporters surpass bed goal in TWO HOURS!

Two Women with a Garage Dog Rescue, Manitoba, Canada.  I can't even begin to thank each and every one of our donaters. Thank you. Witth your help, we exceeded our requested four beds...we got SIX BEDS!

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SPCA Flin Fon, Manitoba Canada dogs and cats start the year with new Kuranda beds!

Yahooooooooo ! We did it ! You guys are amazing ! Thank You so much ! Once the beds start to arrive I will let you know. Please come out to the shelter and see the beds that you have donated. What a difference it will make to our dogs and cats ! 

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Animal Rescue Project KALAMAZOO, MI get beds for Christmas

"Our dogs REALLY love these Kuranda beds. They are really comfortable beds that get the dogs up off the cold floor. We love the Kuranda beds because they are easy to keep clean and are virtually indestructible.  Thanks to all who have donated."

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Holmes County dogs soon to have their own beds!

Holmes County Humane Society, Inc. The beds complete the picture of comfort for the dogs.  Wow, we are gonna have some very happy dogs!

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