Beds are great!

We purchased these beds due to heavy chewing by both of our dogs, they are dalmations, and because they shed quite a bit. The dogs now stay off of the other furniture and use their own beds. Beds are small enough to get through doorways and are light and easy to carry. Strong enough to hold both dogs on one bed, younger dog sleeps with older dog when she gets scolded or when she is scared of the weather. Love these beds.

Skippy tree
Lancaster, Ohio

Best dog bed purchase at a great value

My Doberman ate at least 15 - 20 beds in the last 7 years. I finally found an indestructible bed she CANNOT dig up, eat or destroy. I am able to vacuum and wipe down with ease and kick myself for not getting this before. We absolutely love it! I am a highly satisfied customer and will recommend it to everyone I know.

Syracuse, NY

This bed is perfect for our dog!

Our Doberman puppy is a serious chewer - she chewed half the floor of her soft crate. The bed set up quickly, fits inside the crate perfectly - very easy to get in and out, easy to clean and use anywhere - we ALL love it!

Happy in Humboldt
Eureka, CA

Love the simplicity and quality!!!

Our springer spaniels, Jake and Bentley, love their new beds. I wish I had purchased the beds when I first found out about them. I love how easily they clean. Thanks for a quality product, made in the USA!!

Northeastern Ohio


My chihuahua loves to lay on it in the sun. We use this bed both outside and inside. It is lightweight enough to be able to put it wherever.

Mom of 3 loving 4 legged children.
Snellville, GA

My Dogs say "Thank You Very Much"

Great for Dobermans and Chihuahuas, light weight, durable and easy to clean. I tried many other options before finding Kuranda beds on the internet. I would not trust my dogs comfort to anything else.
Thank you for such a wonderful pet product. I can see the appreciation in my dogs eyes.

PWR "doberman lover"
Lebanon, OH

Best Dog Beds

We have two large dogs (redbone coonhound and wirehair pointer) and the younger would destroy dog pillows so I bought one of these beds. The dogs loved it so much they would scrabble in from outside to get to it first. Then the dog that didn't get the bed would stand there and bark at the one that did. I bought this second bed and now both dogs are very comfortable. The beds are so easy to clean up and are very sturdy.


Chew-proof for sure!!!!

I promised that this was the last bed I would buy my Coonhound/Ridgeback mix Leo. He has eaten every chew-proof bed and toy that exists....no exaggeration....except the Kuranda crate bed. I can't believe it. It's been several days and not even one tooth mark; plus he's sleeping later into the morning!!! He loves his new bed and I have less guilt about him sleeping on a hard crate floor.

Douglaston, NY

Great product great price

Our three dachsunds dogs love this bed. They all can be on it together and it holds up great. We also purchased the fleece pad cover and it washes up like new. It had been the best bed we have every had. It stores easy and you can take it with you on trips if need to..or to the puppy hotel.

Animals are like family
Lincoln ne

Won't buy any other brand!!!

Won't buy any other brand! My Chesapeakes (especially my puppies) would chew the corners and suddenly I would have to replace the whole fabric portion of the bed with other brands.
I REALLY like these beds and so do my dogs!

Whiskey Creek Chesapeakes
Pisgah Forest, NC

The Only Dog Bed You'll Need to Buy

The only dog bed you'll need to buy. We have two Chesapeake Bay Retrievers who love to chew. After they quickly destroyed three "cheap" dog beds, we invested in a bed that was supposed to be "chew proof." That bed lasted 15 minutes. Then we discovered the Kuranda bed. We opted to buy two aluminum frame beds with heavy duty vinyl. Almost three years later, the beds are still good as new!

Stephanie the Chessie Lover
Seattle, WA

My dog loves this bed!

I purchased one of these beds for my Chihuahuas; the bed still looks like new, and I've had it for over 3yrs now. The best for cleaning, and very hard wearing.

Alyson C.
Knoxville, TN

2nd Purchase

We had one bed but when we got our second Bernese Mountain Dog we needed another one. Two Berners on one bed didn't fit. That is over 140 pounds on one bed!  Love the beds. Very sturdy and easy to keep clean. Dogs love them too!

Rotterdam, NY

Amazing Bed! Perfect for Bulldogs!

I was at the end of my rope with my chewing, digging Bulldog puppy. We went with the Aluminum bed for durability and the Vinyl for easy cleaning and dig resistance. I have been amazed with this bed; our little girl has barely put a scratch on legs even though she tried quite hard the first few weeks. It's super easy to clean up all her shedding hair and slobber.

Mrs. Weber
Canton, GA

my bulldog loves his bed

I am very happy with this bed. It was incredibly easy to assemble. My Bulldog has gone through numerous bed and on the first day he tried to destroy it. The dog was worn out, but the bed remained practically new.


Bombproof design!!

Originally bought for my large American Bulldog, now my older boxer sleeps with him all day which exceeds the beds weight rating but it hasn't budged. It's built to last and built very well with bombproof materials. You can also lift it with one finger.

Dr. Michelle
Mentor, OH

Love it

For the past year, my 2 year old, 74 lb. Am. Bulldog/Pit Mix had instantly destroyed every bed I put in his crate (only took him 2 hours to shred another well known "chew proof" bed), but I think he finally met his match. I purchased the aluminum bed with ballistic nylon sling and have been using it for about 2 weeks. Jake loves it. He has not tried to chew or destroy any part of it. I even find him in the crate laying down on it with the door open. The bed may be a little expensive, but I think it is worth it. Overall I am VERY happy with this bed.

Sunrise, FL

Favorite Pet Beds!!! Durable too!

We are a dog hotel/kennel and have used Kuranda Pet Beds since we opened 7 yrs ago. They are the best in the industry, I recommend to everyone (especially if they have a chewer). If by chance a pet does manage to chew thru something, you don't replace the whole bed just the one piece they chewed or broke. Extremely hard to chew thru the metal, but you never know with a Marley! :) Great investment for your pet.

Happy Dog Hotel
Lafayette, LA

This is the best dog bed ever!

This bed is perfect for my 10 yr old boxer.  She has many allergys & this seems to be so much better for her.  My daughter also has allergys so this was also to help her feel better.   I was tired of washing the dogs bed, I don't want people to come over & know that I have dogs just by smelling!   LOVE THIS BED!

Jack Daniels mom
New Jersey

Wonderful bed!

We use our bed in our dogs crate. Our pit mix was diagnosed with spay incontinence and while meds are helping she pees in her crate from time to time.  I needed a product that would allow urine to drain easily into the pan of her crate so she was not laying in it. This product is amazing for our needs and an added bonus is she seems more comfortable in her crate and she is more willing to sleep in her crate at night.

Dawn the dog mom
Ladson, SC