My terriers love their Bunk Be

My two terriers love the bunk bed. I often find both on the top watching the birds out the window, or curled up fast asleep. The raised level makes grooming easy for me too.


Holds up to tenacious chewers!

My border collie had chewed up everything I put in his crate to lay on. I finally gave up. I was worried he would choke or the material would get caught in his digestive tract. The only option was for him to sleep on the hard bottom of his crate. His elbows were getting crusty and sore. Then I found the Kuranda beds. I am happy to report that the bed still looks like brand new after a year of daily use. He sometimes scratches at it, as if trying to dig a hole to China, and it shows almost no wear. His elbows are healed! It's super easy to clean, I just take it outside and hose it off. It's well worth the money, especially when I consider the money I used to spend on all those replacement beds.

Anchorage, Alaska

Terrier Bliss

This bed is so durable and versatile! You should know it can also double as a Terrier trampoline and attack launching pad without any ill effects!!
I've had mine for at least a year and a half now and it looks like new! I have an Australian Terrier and a Cairn Terrier that would rip anything else to shreds. They have not even tried to chew this bed they love it too much!

Susan G.
Keller, Texas

Very Satisfied!

It is the nicest dog cot we've ever ordered. My husband loved how easily it went together and was impressed with the quality of the materials. We have Borzoi and an occasional Irish wolfhound...

Columbia, MO

Terrier proof!

This is the best pet bed ever! We have a German Shorthair and just got a Boston Terrier / Beagle mix. The new puppy tore (literally) through 6 beds. We wish we would have invested in this bed first. We got a bigger bed as the dogs like to snuggle with each other, and it is perfect. Thank you so much! The bed is not chew resistant. It is chew proof!

No longer cleaning up bed stuffing
Reno, NV

The best bed, in or out of the house

Sonni, my Boston Terrier likes to sleep and chew on a bone while he is on his bed outside. Inside he has a new Kuranda bed that he sleeps on instead of his fleece dog bed now that the weather is warmer. The beds are so easy to wipe clean.

Sonni's shopper
Bensalem, PA

My 3 Borzoi love their beds!

My 3 Borzoi love their beds! I love that they are so easy to clean and have stayed outdoors 5+ years, without showing any sign of falling apart. Rain goes right through mesh in the winter, and the beds don't hot in the summer. My dogs love spending time outdoors during the winter. These beds keep them off the ground, which is particularly nice during periods of rain or snow.

Zoi Lover
Seqium, WA

Our shelter dogs love these beds

We researched 'cots' for our city animal shelter and decided to try Kuranda and have been very satisfied with our decision. The dogs took to them immediately from St Bernards to Pit bulls to Bichon Frises. They are tough!...and easy to disinfect and hose down.
I was concerned about the poly capped corners, afraid the dogs would just chew them right off but after a phone call or two to Kuranda and being reassured this would be difficult for them to do, I placed the order for 15 assorted sized beds, so far, so good.
I like the fact that I can call, talk to the BOSS and get that kind of quick response to questions.
Thanks, Kuranda!

The Cat Whisperer
Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

My Berner Loves It

When I first got the Kuranda bed, I was so excited; my 9 month old Bernese Mountain Dog...not so much... she wouldn't go near it! I had to coax her on with liver treats. For the first few weeks, I had to put her old bed on top of the Kuranda, because I think it was the give of the cloth that she wasn't used to.Suddenly she couldn't get enough of it. Now it is the first place she goes. She chews her bones on it, takes her stuffed Kongs to it to eat, and just generally lazes about. I still have the old bed, but now she wants nothing to do with it. She's never even been tempted to chew on it, except during assembly when she stole one of the legs! :-D It's a great bed for her, and I'm glad she's finally off the hard tile floor.
I bought the XL crate bed, figuring that if she didn't like it in her crate, I could just move it out and swap out the legs..
The ballistic nylon is great. She just went through her second puppy shed, and it didn't have any hair clinging to it at all. It's super easy to clean.
The XL fits great in the LifeStages 1648, but I think if I decide to put it there and get another for the room, I might go one size larger. She fits just fine, but she's just pushing it.



We have 2 Danes & other than the couches, these are the only things they'll sleep on! The beds fit in their crates & when we travel, they always feel "at home"[...]We like the idea off the replacement parts & rather than having to buy new beds, saved $$.

Dane Mom
Sarasota FL

He Loves it!

Kaiser the Great Dane loves his new Kuranda bed. He can stretch out, roll over or curl himself up into a giant ball & make himself comfortable. This bed is the perfect thing for very large dogs. Another bonus: there's no foam or padded stuffing for him to chew on & demolish.


Best choice by far

Our house is all tile, and the loud noises from the hard plastic crate pan was driving us crazy. The only solution was putting a bed in the crate, but Joey destroyed anything that got in there. One morning I bought a gorilla "chew resistant" bed and it was full of holes by lunch. I got the kuranda crate bed and it worked perfectly! After almost a year it is still intact. Joey chews on the supports, but hasn't been able to do anything more than some cosmetic scratches. If he gets through the support, its replaced free! You can't beat that. He also loves the bed and seems to be very comfortable.

Clearwater, FL

Plenty of room for my Clyde to sleep

My Golden Retriever has extremely sensitive skin and I have purchased many different types of beds. The Kuranda Bed is the best. It never irritates his skin.

Niecy Hag
Abington, Massachusetts

This is a great bed. My dogs love it.

We have purchased 3 of these beds for our golden retriever and doberman. They are virtually indestructible. My golden is quite a chewer and she has destroyed all of her other outdoor beds except this one.

Molly's Mom
Huntington Beach, CA

Awesome product

This is an amazing product. My 8 year old Golden Retriever, with hip dysplasia, can easily maneuver on and off his bed with no pain or discomfort. I know by using these beds, I am helping prevent hip problems with all my dogs, and giving them the comfort they deserve. I also love how easily the bed cleans! Thanks for a great product!

Kristen the dog lover
San Diego, CA

So far, so good....

We adopted a 6 month old shih tzu/chihuahua mix with an obsession with digging, chewing, scratching, dragging, and peeing on dog beds (among other things). Our other dog's comfy beds were all in the trash within a month. We tried a Orvis tough chew bed and it didn't even last 24 hours before the puppy ripped a huge hole in it. The Kuranda bed was our last chance before our poor old Beagle would be stuck sleeping on the floor. It's been over a month and the Kuranda bed is still going strong. He still tries to dig a little at it, but doesn't get anywhere. If your dog loves to ruin dog beds, this is a good bet.

Boston, MA

very pleased with quality of this bed

We bought the kuranda bed for my six month old Shih-Tzu, Abi. She loves the bed though has to share it with my 9 year old 23pound very large maine coon cat named Scotter. Abi does enjoy it very much though has to wait her turn after Scooter.

Margie in Canada
Strathroy, Ontario

Kuranda bed a hit!

I love that it doesn't scratch my floors and Kayla appreciates the cool air from the vent flowing through the mesh!

Reston, VA

The best pet bed, period.

Kuranda makes the best dog beds. They are worth every penny.  I first heard about Kuranda when I was a vet tech. We bought one for every kennel in the hospital and in all the years that I worked there, we never had to replace even one. They are the most durable beds available and held up to hundreds and hundreds of dogs using them. They are also 100% washable, with a rag or a hose and soap, so they never smell, and never stay dirty. They are great for indoors or out. The dogs love them. The new slip covers are great too, I use those at home and they are easy to get on and off to wash. Forget about those plushy dog beds from the pet store! They get stinky and STAY stinky, no matter now much febreeze you spray on them! Get a Kuranda bed, you'll thank yourself later!

Plymouth, MA

Best access for arthritic dog

My poodle just walks right on and off this bed effortlessly. In a regular filled dog bed she would struggle to get up from a lying position because of her arthritis and rear leg problems. We ordered a larger bed than suggested and the roominess is a plus since she can easily maneuver herself around the bed. I saw this bed at a hydrotherapy for dogs in SoHo where dogs were resting comfortably with a variety of joint and bone issues. I did have to remove the attached legs to get my dog to use the bed. In the future I may try to reattach the legs because I like the height. I suggest ordering the soft cover to make the bed cozier. I will buy another one for the office.

Jersey City, New Jersey