Wish we had bought this 5 dog beds ago!

A much more hygienic bed solution than pillow beds - and they can't chew it up!

Boise, Idaho

Great Quality Bed

I look forward to getting years of use from this product

Dugald, MB

Max & Ollie the Cat

This is my 3rd Kuranda dog bed. I've had my first 2 Kuranda beds for several years now and they are still going strong. They are the ONLY beds that have survived my 3 beagles...and cats love them too! Well worth the money.

Beagle Mom
Timonium, MD

Another great bed :)

This is my second Kuranda bed. The first looks like brand new after almost three years of use. But my dog is eleven and life just has a few more aches and pains. So we now have one upstairs and downstairs.

Turnip's Person
London, Ontario

The BEST dog bed I've had in 40 years!!

These beds are wonderful! I currently have four... one is new ...the others have been around for several years. All also have the double sheepskin pads for winter. The original canvas pads are still on them all, and in good condition. Three have gone though several Chows and one has been used for two years by a Sussex Spaniel. The only thing that has needed repair...and it was easy...is one whose dog thinks he's a mechanic and removed a couple of screws. I intend to buy more ...I have 10 dogs!

Elizabethtown, KY

They have all loved it!!!

We have had our bed for almost 6 years now and the 3 adult dogs that we have had during that time have loved, or love, this bed. We bought a large bed because our two pitbulls loved to snuggle together. It was big enough for both of them to be comfortable. When we lost one of our girls to cancer, we adopted a lab/pit mix who was much longer than our previous dog. He still loved to snuggle with the other dog and still fit really well. I have put it outside during the summer on the porch and they have loved sleeping on that better than the wood or concrete. It's super easy to clean...just hose it off or vacuum!!! 

Chicago, IL

Strong Stuff!


Love these beds. Make sure you read the info provided on this site about the different fabrics before buying. I have a work dog that lives in a kennel when she's not working.  Having this bed for her to sleep on helps a dogs longevity weather they live in a kennel or a home. I have these beds for my dogs at home too. I buy the slip covers for the beds in the house. I cut a piece of memory fome or egg crate the size of the bed and put the slip cover over the top. Now I have a theroputic bed for my old timers. They can not tear these beds up (40 oz covers). I just wish they had more colors to choose from.

Hopeless Dog Lover
Atlanta, GA

Great Bed, Great Look!

We got the Kuranda bed for our 16 mth old Catahoula who just had knee surgery & also has bad hips. we thought this bed would be good for his joints & help to alleviate some of the pain & discomfort that comes from sleeping on the floor. It looks great--very attractive yet sturdy product & color scheme we selected plus the slip cover make it look like a little ottoman which matches the decor! Jasper Bleu loves to use the bed as his "stage" & sit on it looking so regal for us all to admire him. Plus it elevates him just enough to see over the kitchen counter so he gets to watch what's cookin' :)


Jasper Bleu the Cow Dog
Sarasota, FL

Excellent Choice!


We use this bed in the crate for our golden retriever. It is attractive, easy to clean (she can get very wet and muddy) and does not hold any doggie smells. Our dog appears to enjoy her bed and because of the construction and material, she dries quickly when she is wet. During the colder months, we are able to slide a heated pet bed under the crate bed and as the heat rises it warms the bed nicely. Highly recommend any Kuranda bed.

Mocha Me Crazy
Arlington, VT

Great bed! Dogs are very happy....

I ordered one bed to make sure my dogs liked it and it took them a few days to warm up to it but now they love it and so we had to order another one. Now they each have their own and everyone is happy! I got one bed with the 40 oz. vinyl and the other with the ballistic nylon and they seem to strongly prefer the latter fabric but that might just be them. The smooth vinyl seems to make them a little nervous and the ballistic nylon has a little more 'give.'  I would also recommend these beds to humans with allergies (which was one of the main attractions for me). They are much easier to clean, wash, vacuum under, and don't collect hair the way tradition soft beds do. The Springer is on a medium bed and the lab mix is on a large bed, both with the deluxe fleece pad.

Boston, MA

We love this bed!

While the price at first seemed prohibitive, we spent a LOT less on a Kuranda bed that lasted for three years than we were spending on regular store-bought beds that we were generally having to replace each month for her first year. We look forward to having this new purchase for just as long, if not longer.


A HAPPY customer!!

Dear Kuranda, I don't know what took me so long to discover this but your beds are the best there is!  I volunteer for Philly PAWS and the PSPCA here in Philadelphia, PA so you were always right under my nose (the shelter uses your beds). I have spent hundreds of dollars on beds only to have to launder them constantly and come home to a huge mess when one of my three dogs decided to have a destructive chewing day. This week I came home to yet another bed destroyed and I said "NO MORE!" I asked the shelter for the name of the company that supplies their beds and they said "Kuranda." I saw on your website how you partner with shelters and I was all the more eager to make my purchase. I placed my order during the holiday season [...] I'm also a 29 year old -- very not handy -- woman and I put it together in about twenty minutes. Your directions were perfect. My dogs love the bed and I am thrilled that I can just wipe it clean! No more laundering and no more animal smell!! Also, my dogs are uninterested in chewing it and there is a 1-year warranty. I have no idea why I didn't make this purchase a long time ago. I will be recommending you to the masses. Thank you for making such an outstanding quality product. Also, usually this type of quality means that you have to sacrifice appearance! Not the case with this bed. The almond finish on the legs and the forest green vinyl look fantastic in my home.   I can't say enough about how happy I am that I made this purchase!

Cynthia & her rescued brood
Philadelphia, PA

A Life Saver... literally!

I was so worried about my new rescue dog's separation anxiety. He would chew and ingest every type of bed or blanket I left him with. I spent hundreds of dollars on so-called chew resistant beds. We had several blockage scares- thank goodness none required surgery, but it was only a matter of time. I had to leave him home on nothing but the hardwood floor which made me worry about his joint health and comfort. Finally, I found Kuranda beds while searching the internet for answers. He has not put one mark on this bed and it has been a month! He is able to rest comfortably and safely while I am at work and I can relax knowing that I'll come home to a happy, healthy dog!

Finn’s Mom
Tolland County, CT

Great for a dog with allergies

I bought a Kuranda bed for my 9 year old golden retriever. He is allergic to dust mites so dog beds and rugs are not good for him. He likes to sleep on my bed, which is also not good for him. The Kuranda bed gives him a comfortable spot to sleep that can be cleaned easily and will help him to scratch less.

Judy the Volunteer
Augusta, GA

We cant get him out of it!!!!


A dog owner must have!!

Irving, TX

High Quality and Low Maintenance!

I have German Shorthairs that compete in a variety of competitive venues, and when finished for the day/weekend they immediately go to their medium sized Kuranda bed and curl up. They are easy to clean, very durable, and look great in my kennel.

Tournament Hunter
Medina, Minnesota

On the road to recovery with his Kuranda bed

I just wanted to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for so quickly making a special mesh bed for my dachshund, Rojito, who is recovering from back surgery. Ro suddenly became paralyzed and incontinent due to a disk rupture in his back. I was at my wits end trying to keep him clean and dry during his recovery period. I tried to order a orthopedic pet bed made especially for incontinent pets, but it was on back order and the company couldn't tell me when the bed would become available. It literally felt like they were adding insult to Ro's injury. The mesh bed you made for Ro has been a Godsend! You will be happy to know that Ro is recovering from back surgery. He is getting control of his bladder back and starting to learn how to walk again. Accidents are still common, but I don't worry one bit - the wetness goes right through the bed onto the puppy pad and a quick wipe puts the bed back to good as new condition!
Because any kind of steps are off limits, we left the legs off and simply set the bed frame on top of the puppy pad to hold it in place. He's confined to the bed within a small section of an exercise pen; a few easy to wash fleece blankies make Ro's confinement safe and comfortable. After two weeks we have had absolutely no problem keeping him clean and dry, with no signs of bed sores or infection! Hooray!
Thank you again for making this most difficult time just a wee bit easier to take. Not only are your beds wonderful, but your company is as well! You guys ROCK!

Chris Willis and Ro

Best dog bed ever

This is the bed dog bed I have every owned! I love it and my dog loves it! My German Shepherd has torn up every bed we put in her crate until this bed arrived. Some mornings she is so comfy she does not want to come out! Thank goodness for this bed!

German Shepherd owner
Covington, KY

I have several Kuranda Beds…

I have several Kuranda beds (upwards of 25) around my home, kennel, dog yard, and puppy playpen. The beds are used primarily by my retrievers, who also enjoy frequent car trips, so I recently replaced the mats in my car crates with mesh fabric Kuranda crate beds….. I was a bit worried that my biggest, 80 lb dog would then cause the bed to sag low enough to hit the bottom of the crate, but the bed continues to rest comfortably above the crate floor, even with his weight concentrated in one place. ..The mesh fabric is great for dripping wet and muddy retrievers since the water and dirt falls through the bed to the crate pan below, so the dogs aren't sitting in a muddy puddle. Cleaning is a breeze - just hose the beds off and wash the crate pan. The quality of materials are consistent with Kuranda's high standards. The new and improved feet caps are great because they no longer slip off when moving the bed. 

Crazy Dog Lady
Davis, CA