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Provide a Cozy Raised Perch for Cats in Cages!

Our new Cat Bed provides the same raised, orthopedic comfort as our dog beds, but the size was especially designed to fit into cat cages.

This easy-to-clean perch increases floor space in the cage giving your cats the opportunity to jump up and view their surroundings from an elevated, private spot they’ll crave. The long legs of the bed accommodate a litter pan underneath or a cozy place for a shy cat to feel secure.

As with our dog beds, the PVC frame and solid vinyl fabric is non porous and can be fully sanitized with bleach or disinfectant making them a good choice for community cat rooms as well.

The size of the Cat Bed is 20" long, 15" wide and 14" high- suitable for use in standard 24" x 24" or larger size stainless steel cages.

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Cat Bed Photo

Cat Bed Photo

Try our easy-cleaning Cat Tower in your Community Area

Climbing and chasing thru the multiple levels of the Kuranda Cat Tower is a great way to provide exercise and stress relief for shelter cats in community areas.

The staggered levels provide cozy nooks that help provide privacy and reduce conflict between cats.

Potential adopters will enjoy watching the cats show off their personality's playing on the Tower.

Towers come in heights from 2 to 9 perch levels to fit your area and maximize floor space. The tower is designed with more weight at the bottom to keep it secure from tipping. The 30" width can fit thru standard doorways.

The PVC frame and solid vinyl fabric is non-porous and can be fully sanitized with bleach or disinfectant solution.