Wellness Care


The Kuranda dog bed is vet recommend to help prevent joint-related difficulties and eliminate ugly elbow calluses. It is beneficial for arthritic, geriatric and special needs pets. The Kuranda Dog Bed with vinyl weave fabric is the perfect choice for incontinent and dogs recovering from surgery.

What our Customers Say:

“Our dog, Brita Mae is recovering from her surgery and I can’t tell you how great it was for her to lie out in the sunshine on her new bed - elevated from undesirable elements!”

Andrea, OR

“My boy just had surgery on his knee and I wouldn’t have him sleeping on anything else. I even asked the hospital if I could bring his bed with him. It is really great to know just where to go to get what you want. Once I had one, I will never need to shop around.”

Esther & Kid Kane

“My wife and I adopted him (Harry, a 6 month old purebred St. Bernard) and had both hip and pelvic surgeries (triple pelvic osteotomy) performed. We have put extensive time and money into the rehabilitation of Harry and feel that we owe it to him to provide a comfortable place to relax in his crate. He loved being able to spread out on his Kuranda therefore that is why we are purchasing this one (Crate Bed) for him.”

Mark and Barbara McCauley

On the road to recovery with his Kuranda bed

I just wanted to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for so quickly making a special mesh bed for my dachshund, Rojito, who is recovering from back surgery. Ro suddenly became paralyzed and incontinent due to a disk rupture in his back. I was at my wits end trying to keep him clean and dry during his recovery period. I tried to order a orthopedic pet bed made especially for incontinent pets, but it was on back order and the company couldn't tell me when the bed would become available. It literally felt like they were adding insult to Ro's injury. The mesh bed you made for Ro has been a Godsend! You will be happy to know that Ro is recovering from back surgery. He is getting control of his bladder back and starting to learn how to walk again. Accidents are still common, but I don't worry one bit - the wetness goes right through the bed onto the puppy pad and a quick wipe puts the bed back to good as new condition!

Because any kind of steps are off limits, we left the legs off and simply set the bed frame on top of the puppy pad to hold it in place. He's confined to the bed within a small section of an exercise pen; a few easy to wash fleece blankies make Ro's confinement safe and comfortable. After two weeks we have had absolutely no problem keeping him clean and dry, with no signs of bed sores or infection! Hooray!

Thank you again for making this most difficult time just a wee bit easier to take. Not only are your beds wonderful, but your company is as well! You guys ROCK!

Sincerely, Chris Willis and Ro