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Our customers say it best!

“I went to pet stores and looked at similar type beds...
I like Kuranda the best, easy to buy replacement parts and materials should I ever need them. I mainly rescue dachshunds, so I love the beds with the crate-smaller legs. My dogs love to pee on everything. Typical dog beds do not survive the wash and dry cycles. I love your beds so much that I sent one of my large beds with a golden retriever that has severe hip problems that only get worse if he sleeps on the floor or ground. He loves his bed and his new home is also very impressed with the beds. There are many beds that look like Kuranda beds but there is only one Kuranda.

Kim, Hotdog Hill Sanctuary – VA

Watching the world from a Kuranda bed
When we first opened our kennel 6 years ago, we purchased Kuranda beds for each run. Those same beds are in use today! They have held up like nothing else! We have now expanded & also breed German Shepherd Dogs. Our dogs enjoy dog door access to a fenced yard. They love to lounge out there, watching our horses and overseeing the farm from a Kuranda bed. The beds have even been great outside! We now added an indoor playroom to our kennel, for bad weather, so we want to purchase a couple more beds for lounging in the "Dog Den".

Dogs Dream Inn
The beds are wonderful

We ordered our first Kuranda bed for our AmStaff, Tony in 1998. Prior to that purchase our strong jawed darling had eatin several dog beds as well as a dining room table and a chair. I was assured that he COULD NOT eat or get ahold of the fabric on this bed. Got to tell ya...we ordered a 2nd in 2000 so he'd have one & our Westie would have one. The beds are wonderful. I don't have to worry about them laying on cement or ingesting any fabric like they would have had they been using regular dog beds. I'm now ordering replacement fabric for the orginal bed. After 5 years of sun and weather it has finally started to wear. With a 75 pound AmStaff on it, it's needing replacement. So happy that we can order the fabric for the frame is perfect.

I recommened the product to everyone I know that has pets. Thank you.

Gail C.

These beds make a difference...
“Those beds have truly made a difference in the comfort of our dogs. We recently have had some severe abuse cases and these beds supported their weaken bodies.”

Laurie Dethloff,
Executive Director,
Central Nebraska Humane Society