Kuranda Beds vs. pillow-style beds

Elevated beds are a great relief for dogs’ joints. The cot-style design evenly distributes their weight so that there are no pressure points such as hips, shoulders or elbows that would get sore like they would have when lying on the ground. Pillow beds harbor allergens. Kuranda beds have no stuffing to collect dirt, bugs and dander so dogs that have sensitive skin or allergies often benefit greatly from this clean, foam-free design. Not only will your dog feel better, he won’t be able to “chew the stuffing out of it!” Our beds have a patented chew proof design that keeps even the most determined dogs up off the ground, on their Kuranda bed for years. See our guarantee page for details on our chew proof warranty.

    Stuffed Beds are hard to clean, offer little support for your dog and are very easy to chew.
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