May 2011

Casey is an 8 year old German Shepherd cross palliative care dog adopted from a Shelter. When he gets on his Kuranda bed it is considered "homefree" and the other canines in the house know not to bother him. He excels at lounging!!!

As the winner, 5 beds will be donated to Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary, Lancaster, New Hampshire on behalf of Casey

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German Shepherd

Known for their intelligence, vigilance and protective nature, German Shepherds could be considered the renaissance men of the K-9 world. German Shepherds can be seen in a variety of roles including narcotics detective, herding dog, helper of the disabled, search and rescue and… movie star (anybody remember Rin Tin Tin?!). When properly trained, this reliable and even-tempered dog makes quite the family pet as well. So what type of bed makes a good resting place for such a “celebrity” of a dog? Perhaps this information will help.          

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Great Danes (German Mastiffs)

Originally developed in Central Europe to hunt wild boar, the energetic and rather large Great Dane is typically well-mannered and gentle when properly trained. As their heritage and size would suggest, Great Danes require a great deal of exercise and can consume massive amounts of food. But do these aristocratic dogs ever attempt to consume their own beds? Read on to find out what items to consider when selecting a dog bed for your (truly GREAT) Great Dane.

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Adopt the Internet All-Stars


Grady needs a home.  He is in the Monroe County Animal League, Union, WV.  He was pulled from a kill facility with his mother and brought into foster care as a young pup. In the time that they’ve had him, he's had both hips operated on (FHO surgery). He walks a little funny, but it doesn't slow him down! Grady is ready for his own forever family!

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Help Petfinder Adopt the Internet March 15

Celebrate’s 15th Birthday by adopting a homeless pet. More than 320,000 pets are waiting for homes on Help our friends at Petfinder Adopt the Internet today and find forever homes for as many as possible!

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April 2011

My name is Moose. I am a big Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy. I love curling up on my new Kuranda bed with my family sitting close to me. I’m about to turn 1 in March so wish me a Happy Birthday by voting for me.

As the winner, 5 beds will be donated to Austin Humane Society, Austin, TX on behalf of Moose

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March 2011

100_0269.JPG"Firecracker" litter
Two golden retriever pups who are part of the Leader Dogs for the Blind Puppy Program. They LOVED their Kuranda bed, whether it was by playing "King of the Hill" and ready to pounce on a littermate, or sleeping UNDER the bed!

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February 2011

kuranda_beds.jpgKuranda lovers x10!
Our litter of Yellow English Labrador Retrievers, just woken up from a nap on their Kuranda bed. They love to play king of the mountain on it when they aren't snuggling!

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January 2011

Summer (Great Pyrenees) and Ollie (a blind Pekingese) are sharing their Kuranda bed for a nap.

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November 2010

Kuranda_MIDIW3.jpgThe Most Interesing Dog
Fire refuses to play with him for fear of getting burned. He is what Willis was talking about. “I don’t always sleep in a bed, but when I do, I prefer Kurandas.”

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October 2010

luna_n_molly.jpgNeed a New Pad!!
My name is Luke I am 8 years old I have two females roomates (Luna&Molly) who take my bed and sleep in it They have their own Kuranda bed but these two HOG MY DANG BED Three of us sleeping on it daily have worn out my fleece pad. I need a new one

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Piled into a food bowl is no place for puppies to sleep.

RobesonPuppiesMed-300x197.jpgThe only dry and clean place for these puppies to sleep at the shelter is piled high into their food bowl. If you would like to donate a Kuranda bed so the puppies at Robeson County Animal Shelter can have a soft and dry place to sleep, click here.

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Dr. Marty Becker challenges viewers to donate beds

By next Friday, January 29, I challenge my Pet Connection readers and my friends, followers, family and fans — real life and social media alike — to dig deep and help the animals of the OCAS (Orange County Animal Services, Orlando Florida) get those beds.  Click here to read more: My challenge: Let’s get these pets some beds!  

To help OCAS reach their goal of beds for 150 dogs Click Here 

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Arizona shelter to receive beds for Christmas

jessica-150x150.jpgIt was the dream of Jessica Jessica Masiello who volunteers with the dogs at the Maricopa County Animal Care & Control facility in Mesa Arizona to see each dog sleep off the floor on a cozy Kuranda bed by Christmas eve.  This was not a small dream since there are over 324 dogs at that shelter.   Thanks to the support of dog lovers as far away as Iowa, her dream is coming true! 

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Elevated beds keep the animals dry and cozy

We want to make the surroundings and accommodations for the animals at Metro Animal Services the best they can be, and the Kuranda beds play a big part in that goal,” said Jackie Gulbe, director of community relations for Metro Animal Services, Louisville, KY.

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Groomer raises money for beds for Humane Society of Clarksville-Montgomery County dogs

montgomery-150x150.jpgOur clients have really opened up to help out. We have enough right now to buy about 15,” he said of the $580 they have collected from clients since Nov. 7.

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Taylor Animal Shelter taking donations of Kuranda-brand dog beds to help keep dogs off the concrete floors.

TaylorTx-199x300.jpg“The dogs have to stay in their kennels,” Voytek said. “They sleep there and poop there and pee there and eat there — all in the same spot. With the beds, it’s a little more comfy for them. One dog has been in the shelter so long, she has little sores on her elbows from the concrete, like bedsores.”

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Dog wash cleans up for new beds for Arizona shelter!

Congratulations to Jessica and her team who spent Saturday afternoon washing dogs from tiny to giant sizes and raised almost $700 for Kuranda beds for the Maricopa County Animal Care & Control!

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Golden Retrievers

Is there a better dog to begin our informational journey with than the Golden Retriever? I think not! The intelligent and loving Golden Retriever makes the perfect family dog – they are easy to train, well-mannered, and gentle with children. It is no wonder that that the Golden Retriever is among America’s most popular dog breeds. But what attributes should you take into consideration when choosing a bed for your Golden Retriever? Let’s find out…

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Australian Shepherds & Border Collies

A few months ago, I was visiting a shelter in Norfolk, Virginia when I saw this most beautiful Australian Shepherd. When I first saw it, it was outside in the visitor playground. A couple of young girls were sitting on a park bench throwing a ball to the dog. He ran off, fetched the ball and then immediately lay down under the bench that the girls were sitting on. The girls would then throw the ball again…. I waited until they brought the dog back to it’s stall and went home. I immediately called my wife. I wanted it! My wife, Rita calmed me down and talked some sense to me so I went home dejected, without the dog. I have thought about this dog ever since. This led me to a conversation with Kathy Givens. I asked her to tell me more about these beautiful dogs.

Kathy Givens grew up in San Fransisco and moved to Tahoe, in an area surrounded by ranches to get out into the wilderness. "The Basque people developed the Australian Shepherd from the Border collie years ago in Spain. They settled this area and when I moved here, I thought Oh my God, I'm in heaven, with all these Australian Shepherds everywhere." She's got 7 dogs of her own plus as many as 15 rescues at a time, getting about 2 adoptions a week. "I won't give a dog to someone who works 8 hours a day because if you don't give them a job, they'll find one." Kathy really encourages her adopters to teach their dogs to compete with sanctioned events. Agility training can be dangerous for dogs if you push them too far so these sanctioned events have set safety standards for dogs to prevent injuries. They have several venues for competing with dogs. These categories include Herding, Obedience, Agility, Tracking and Conformation. You can choose any one of these areas to compete.

PhotoThere are several types of herding dogs, for instance Corgi's and Australian Cattle dogs usually do "pen work" while they use Border Collies and Australian Shepherds to go out to the great beyond to bring the cattle and sheep back to the ranch. While Australian Shepherds perform with amazing success in Agility Training, Border Collies are even better. "When I started competing in Agility Training, I found that the Border Collies were acing the competition." That's when Kathy began to take in Border Collies. You see, Kathy's a competitor herself.

Kathy owns sheep that she keeps at a local horse training facility. She can't keep the sheep on her own property because the dogs would be too determined to get to the sheep. This facility backs up to an open range managed by the Bureau of land Management. Often times, she'll take her sheep and let them loose on the open range and then set her more advanced dogs out to find them. "You should have seen me learn how to ride a horse to do this." You can't do all this on foot so Kathy follows her cows on horseback. Kathy encourages the people who adopt her rescues to train their new dogs with her. "You can't place a dog that has an instinct to do a certain job and not give the people a resource to do that."

Interview of Kathy Givens
Director, Australian Shepherd and Border Collie Rescue of Northern Nevada
2735 Clapham Ln
Minden, NV 89423
Photo of Kathy Givens

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