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Kuranda Sightings

Vicktory pitbulls relax on Kuranda beds at Best Friends Sanctuary

National Geographic profiles the dogs at Best Friend's "Dogtown" each week on television including the former Michael Vick dogs now living there. Each can be seen relaxing on their very own Kuranda dog bed!

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Kuranda beds seen on Oprah TV puppymill expose


Many of the puppymill dogs rescued by Main Line Rescue in PA where included in the story, each with their own Kuranda dog bed sleeping in comfort for the first time in their lives.

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Kuranda Dog Beds, the Answer to the Chewing Dog Owner's Prayers?

Got a precious doggie who loves to gnaw on his bed to the point of no recognition -- and then look at you with these big eyes asking "where do I sleep now?" Kuranda USA offers a patented solution for your rambunctious pooch!

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Outdoor bed for Mattie

I finally broke down and ordered a raised outdoor dog bed for Mr. Mattie. It’s called a Kuranda bed - they use them a lot in kennels as they’re very durable and easy to clean. Of course, I had to order the XXL as the 85lb one just wasn’t going to cut it for a Great Dane! One thing we learned on this past weekend’s camping trip was that Mattie doesn’t like to lay down in dirt.

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Puppy fun on their Kuranda bed

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A Kuranda Bed Time Story

I had heard of the Kuranda dog beds some time ago...I had heard of the Kuranda dog beds some time ago but had tucked the info away in the back of my mind listed under things to investigate later. Then last month Sadie was diagnosed with joint problems and the Kuranda beds popped up front and center. These beds with their off the floor construction are both durable and comfortable and are ideal for dogs with arthritic aliments. I checked out the website at kuranda.com and ordered a bed that very day.

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Make a kenneled dog happy, Donate a Bed

GALLUP — It’s not easy being a dog. It’s not easy being a stray dog.

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