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The Right Bed For Your Breed

Welcome to the Kuranda Blog! My name is Justin Klein. Several months ago, Kuranda asked me if I would be interested in doing some research to help customers select the most appropriate Kuranda dog bed components (frame, fabric, etc.) to meet the needs of their particular breed of dog. As you already know, dogs come in a variety of weights and sizes, differ in their degree of shedding depending on their type of coat, and possess a host of different temperaments and health problems. So, one breed at a time, I have accepted the task of providing you with the information you’ll need to make an informed decision regarding the health and happiness of your dog when it comes to the place they spend the majority of their down time – their dog bed. Here we go...!

German Shepherd

Known for their intelligence, vigilance and protective nature, German Shepherds could be considered the renaissance men of the K-9 world. German Shepherds can be seen in a variety of roles including narcotics detective, herding dog, helper of the disabled, search and rescue and… movie star (anybody remember Rin Tin Tin?!). When properly trained, this reliable and even-tempered dog makes quite the family pet as well. So what type of bed makes a good resting place for such a “celebrity” of a dog? Perhaps this information will help.          

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Great Danes (German Mastiffs)

Originally developed in Central Europe to hunt wild boar, the energetic and rather large Great Dane is typically well-mannered and gentle when properly trained. As their heritage and size would suggest, Great Danes require a great deal of exercise and can consume massive amounts of food. But do these aristocratic dogs ever attempt to consume their own beds? Read on to find out what items to consider when selecting a dog bed for your (truly GREAT) Great Dane.

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Golden Retrievers

Is there a better dog to begin our informational journey with than the Golden Retriever? I think not! The intelligent and loving Golden Retriever makes the perfect family dog – they are easy to train, well-mannered, and gentle with children. It is no wonder that that the Golden Retriever is among America’s most popular dog breeds. But what attributes should you take into consideration when choosing a bed for your Golden Retriever? Let’s find out…

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